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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monroe Correctional Complex's growing theatre program

From left, Michael McMahill-Dearmond, Chris A. Lindholm, Jonathan Jones-Thomas, and Allen Jung harmonize in the opening segment of the play, "To Destinations Unknown: Takin' a Left Turn at Reality," stories compiled from their writings. "We thought the bus was a pretty good metaphor for life, or anything, really," said teaching artist Carter Rodriquez. "We started focusing the theme in the writing on any possible way you could have a bus, be on a bus, what kind of bus rides there are, you could be on a cross-country Greyhound or a city bus, and the driver misses your stop, or you could fall asleep on a bus..." The bus also brings a diverse amount of people together, as does the program. The inmates involved said that one of the things they liked about the program is that it introduced them to other inmates they would have never associated with.