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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Native American School Murals

Mural artist Andrew Morrison, 31 of Mountlake Terrace, said that he will not work with Seattle Public Schools to digitize his iconic Native American murals, like this one of Chief Joseph, at Wilson Pacific school in North Seattle. Morrison initially agreed to help preserve several large scale murals of his on the site, which housed the Indian Heritage School, and will be torn down and totally rebuilt as a result of the passage of the Proposition 2 Capital levy. He said lack of communication from Seattle Public Schools and being passed off from contact-to-contact in the system soured his desire to volunteer any more of his time with them. "At this point, I do not trust Seattle Public Schools," said Morrison. "It was all a labor of love," he said about the murals, which he painted between 2001-2007, as he volunteered time with the Indian Heritage School and its various Native American cultural programs. "At this point, I cannot be emotionally involved."