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Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Pictures of the Year from Seattle Times photographers

SWEPT UP IN VICTORY Lindsey Benoit sweeps the intersection of 10th Avenue and Pike Street on Capitol Hill after an election-night street party. Benoit, a bartender at the Rock Box, just came down to help. "This is my community," she said. "We had an amazing night, an amazing election, and I don't want everyone to wake up and see just a dirty street."

The election-night celebration on Capitol Hill was euphoric, fueled by cheap Champagne, drunk straight from the bottle, and the sense of a turning point in history. Early counts showed the probable approval of same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana. The celebration lasted for hours, until the mobile DJ with speakers tied to his Jeep finally drove away, bars began to close and police officers started suggesting people go home. The streets reflected the aftermath, a sort of visual hangover in trash. The glow of the streetlights made it an otherworldly scene. After talking to Benoit, it struck me how she understood the importance of it all, and the need for the morning to bring a positive sight.
-- Bettina Hansen