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Originally published Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:29 PM

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Emerald Downs results and entries

Racing results for Saturday, Aug. 16; handicaps for Sunday, Aug. 17

Seattle Times handicapper



(Track fast)

1 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,400, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Colton's First/Sanguinetti2-21/21-51-13/43.30
Snooper Dauper/Camacho-Flores73-22-414.60
Brother Greg/Kubinova3-1/22-13-11/41.50*
Dead Eye/Richard5-hd5-44-nk2.30
Lean Cozzene/Enriquez1-hd6-56-58.90
Mr Mahal/Rosales6-1/27749.00
2Colton's First 8.604.603.00
3Snooper Dauper 8.804.20
1Brother Greg 2.60
Exacta (2-3) $27.80; Superfecta (2-3-1-6) $95.20; Trifecta (2-3-1) $116.10
Off—2:15 p.m. Time—:22.12 :44.70 1:09.16 1:15.86 Winner—Ch Gelding 2011, by Wilko - Affluent Appeal by Kelly Kip Owner—Saratoga West. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz.
2 51/2 furlongs, purse $5,700, claiming $3,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Storming Kentucky/Lopez1-1/21-31-31/41.00*
Whiskey Prince/Enriquez3-hd3-42-3/46.60
Strong Move/Richard2-11/2447.50
2Storming Kentucky 4.002.80
3Whiskey Prince 4.20
Daily Double (2-2) $18.80; Exacta (2-3) $10.70; Superfecta (2-3-4-6) $5.55; Trifecta (2-3-4) $12.70; Consolation Double (2-1) $7.00
Claimed—Belt Off—2:47 p.m. Time—:22.14 :45.12 :56.68 1:02.72 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2009, by America's Storm - Born in Kentucky by Runaway Groom Owner—Abella Racing. Trainer—Neil Knapp. Scratched—The Bien's Gift, Premium Quality.
3 5 furlongs, purse $8,925, maiden claiming $12,500, 2-year-olds.
Horse /Jockey3/16StrFinOdds
Oscar's America/J Matias2-hd1-11/21-31.60*
Relatively Fast/Richard1-hd2-11/23-1/25.10
The Search Is Over/J Gutierrez3-hd4-14-31/22.90
Another Seeker/Bowen8-46-hd5-1/27.60
Cash N Dash/Lopez4-21/25-46-3/433.90
Storm to the Top/Sanguinetti6-21/27-27-11/227.00
Never Everever/Zunino7-hd8-48-51/217.70
DH-Get Goin Matty/Gonzalez9-110936.80
2Oscar's America 5.203.603.00
8Gavinator 8.205.00
10Relatively Fast 3.80
Daily Double (2-2) $20.20; Exacta (2-8) $23.00; Superfecta (2-8-10-9) $73.80; Trifecta (2-8-10) $83.80; Pick 3 (2-1/2-2) $29.40
Off—3:18 p.m. Time—:22.13 :45.79 :58.57 Winner—B Gelding 2012, by Nationhood - America's Girl by American Chance Owner—Swag Stables. Trainer—David Martinez.
4 6 furlongs, purse $12,700, claiming $15,000, 3-year-olds.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Spit and Shine/Zunino3-21-51-91/43.30
Birdsone/J Gutierrez552-11/47.70
He's Zuberrific/Mitchell1-1/22-11/23-32.80
Harbor Design/Rosales4-21/24-1/24-3/44.20
Charlie's Gold/J Matias2-33-21/251.50*
3Spit and Shine 8.604.002.20
4Birdsone 5.403.00
1He's Zuberrific 3.00
Daily Double (2-3) $30.80; Exacta (3-4) $22.80; Superfecta (3-4-1-5) $72.75; Trifecta (3-4-1) $78.60; Pick 3 (1/2-2-3) $29.90; Pick 4 (2-1/2/5-2-3) $66.40
Off—3:50 p.m. Time—:21.82 :44.75 :56.77 1:09.35 Winner—Dk B/ Br Colt 2011, by Nacheezmo - Only Mine by Barbaric Spirit Owner—Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Munger. Trainer—Don Munger. Scratched—Joel N Jill.
5 1 mile, purse $5,300, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/2StrFinOdds
Hey Lil Missy/Mitchell2-22-11/21-11/44.20
Crush On You/Kubinova1-31-22-21/41.50*
DH-American Council/J Gutierrez4-13-13-nk9.40
DH-Parker's Pearl/Lopez6-hd4-43-nk5.30
Lumen Took It/Bowen85-25-71/45.10
Sydney On My Mind/Coddington7-46-11/26-234.00
Parker's Prospect/Richard3-17-hd7-hd24.70
Merry Sherry/Zunino5-1/2887.00
5Hey Lil Missy 10.404.403.60
2Crush On You 3.202.40
6American Council 2.80
3Parker's Pearl 2.40
Daily Double (3-5) $78.20; Exacta (5-2) $15.10; Superfecta (5-2-3-6) $41.90; Superfecta (5-2-6-3) $75.85; Trifecta (5-2-3) $33.30; Trifecta (5-2-6) $46.60; Pick 3 (2-3-5) $142.70
Claimed—Lumen Took It Off—4:21 p.m. Time—:23.35 :46.73 1:11.64 1:24.64 1:38.09 Winner—Dk B/ Br filly 2011, by Grindstone - Miss Count by Crimson Slew Owner—Kenneth W. Marshall and Sierra Shannon. Trainer—Alan Bozell.
6 1 mile, purse $7,200, WCL $5,000-$4,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/2StrFinOdds
Big Bad Brown/Kubinova5-1/21-11/21-22.50
He's All Heart/Mitchell2-11/22-21/22-21/41.60*
Carl Command/Bowen4-34-54-74.10
Havin a Good Day/Rosales1-1/26612.70
7Big Bad Brown
3He's All Heart 3.002.20
1Janero 3.00
Daily Double (5-7) $51.80; Exacta (7-3) $8.70; Superfecta (7-3-1-2) $17.30; Trifecta (7-3-1) $22.70; Pick 3 (3-5-7) $131.20
Claimed—Carl Command Off—4:52 p.m. Time—:22.88 :45.77 1:10.36 1:22.93 1:36.36 Winner—B Gelding 2008, by Tribunal - Brown by Demons Begone Owner—B, B, and B. Trainer—Jim Penney. Scratched—Secret Harbor.
7 6 furlongs, purse $14,800, claiming $20,000-$18,000, 3-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Lake Piru/Sanguinetti2-11/21-21-23/414.80
I Absolutely Will/Zunino52-11/22-51/2.80*
See My Tail Lites/Kubinova3-11/24-11/23-1/25.60
Point Da Harbor/Mitchell4-1/254-nk2.60
Ms. Parker/Lopez1-1/23-354.80
4Lake Piru 31.608.003.40
2I Absolutely Will 2.602.20
1See My Tail Lites 2.80
Daily Double (7-4) $93.20; Exacta (4-2) $32.00; Superfecta (4-2-1-6) $94.00; Trifecta (4-2-1) $84.60; Pick 3 (5-7-4) $263.70
Off—5:23 p.m. Time—:22.07 :45.12 :57.46 1:10.30 Winner—Ch filly 2011, by Salt Lake - Red Neck Gal by More Than Ready Owner—Paul K. Girdner. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz. Scratched—Five Alarm Charm.
8 61/2 furlongs, purse $50,000, WTBOA Lads Stakes, 2-year-olds, colts and geldings.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Private Boss/Kubinova3-1/23-11/23-3/414.70
Bolshoi's Bluff/J Matias554-3/423.50
1Moby 3.602.60
3Private Boss 2.60
Daily Double (4-2) $32.00; Exacta (2-1) $3.20; Superfecta (2-1-3-4) $6.45; Trifecta (2-1-3) $11.60; Pick 3 (7-4-2) $92.00
Off—5:54 p.m. Time—:22.08 :44.61 1:09.37 1:16.19 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2012, by Harbor the Gold - Eclatante by In Excess (IRE) Owner—R.E.V. Racing LLC. Trainer—Frank Lucarelli.
9 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,500, maiden claiming $5,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Brilliant Thought/Richard1-21-51-61/41.80
Grand Destination/Enriquez2-12-21/22-23/41.10*
Regazze Cat/Lopez65-54-hd13.00
Shadow Code/Bowen3-1/24-11/25-81/24.20
Sorry Pal/Camacho-Flores4-16622.00
7Brilliant Thought 5.602.402.20
1Grand Destination 2.402.40
4Lamparo 4.80
(1ST-86.90) $436.20; (3RD-81.00) $98.00; Daily Double (2-7) $4.00; Exacta (7-1) $4.60; Superfecta (7-1-4-2) $28.15; Trifecta (7-1-4) $26.40; Pick 3 (4-2-7) $65.30; Pick 4 (7-4-2-7) $77.65; Pick 5 (5-7-4-2-7) $668.75
Off—6:24 p.m. Time—:22.84 :46.07 1:10.13 1:16.49 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2011, by Cahill Road - Lost Thought by Lost Code Owner—Halvorson Bloodstock III. Trainer—Charles Essex. Scratched—The Prime Mover.Total handle—N/A

First three horses listed in each race in order of predicted finish.


First race: 2 p.m.

1 440 yards, purse $4,000, 3-year-olds and up, Trials
5Chicks Special Angel E Aceves6/5124
2Eagle B Gone L Gonzalez6122
4Rf Pistol Pete J Madrigal9/2124
1Alota Action J Zunino4124
3One Famous Secret N Marin3124

Chicks Special Angel has won 13 of 20 career starts. Eagle B Gone was fourth in a $36,000 stakes in Boise in his last start. Rf Pistol Pete has won five of 10 starts at Emerald Downs.

2 440 yards, purse $4,000, 3-year-olds and up, Trials
4Ambush Alley R Arvizu5/2124
6Rogue County J Zunino8/5124
5Lil Bitts a Dash N Marin4124
1Flyin Lion C Doll9/2124
2Hyho Travio K Guglielmino12122
3Veyron L Gonzalez6124

Ambush Alley doesn’t win a lot, but this is softer competition than he is used to. Rogue County almost never runs a bad race. Lil Bitts a Dash also has a decent chance as the top three picks seem a step above the other three.

3 350 yards, purse $4,400, 3-year-olds and up, Allowance
7Cm Got Overserved L Gonzalez8/5125
5El Laberinto J Zunino3125
3Bh Country Chrome R Richard7/2123
1Long Hollow C Doll15125
2La Jackye J Matias9/2123
4Jess Be Hawkin C DeAlba10125
6Sissis Little Nipper L Camacho-Flores8125

Cm Got Overserved lost by a nose in a $17,000 stakes race in his last start. El Laberinto was a good second in his Emerald Downs debut last month. Bh Country Chrome has been in the money in 11 of 12 career starts.

4 1 mile, purse $5,900, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $2,500
1Hip Hop City R Bowen9/2121
2Free Beer L Camacho-Flores7/2124
3Mr Shane the Pain E Kubinova5/2124
4Showmethemoneyjim R Richard4124
5He's a Goblin D Lopez3124
6Twentyten J Matias6118

Hip Hop City had to alter his course in his last start when getting into traffic trouble. He stretches out to a mile but he been in the money in four of five starts at this distance. Free Beer should improve with the drop in class. Mr Shane the Pain rallied from last to win his last race.

5 11/16 miles, purse $5,900, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $2,500
3Sharp Focus R Bowen5/2121
6Moment of Weakness D Lopez2 121
5Corner Office E Kubinova3121
1Joel N Jill J Matias8115
2Givajunior Mint L Camacho-Flores12121
4Who's Laughing J Whitaker8124
7Doctor Pav R Richard12121

Sharp Focus could get an easy lead. Moment of Weakness returns in just two weeks after being vanned off after his last race. Corner Office is better than his last race indicates.

6 61/2 furlongs, purse $17,950, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $32,000/$25,000
2Dare Me Devil D Lopez8/5124
6Carving E Kubinova5120
5Country Rules L Mawing5/2120
1Perfect Night J Whitaker4120
3Calculated Chaos A Sanguinetti8120
4Botch I Enriquez10120

Dare Me Devil just beat a very tough horse and will likely be heavily favored to win his third straight race. Carving can take a step forward in second race back at Emerald after running in the Midwest. Country Rules is usually in the money.

7 61/2 furlongs, purse $18,900, 3-year-old, AOC $40,000
2Stikine Slough R Bowen4122
7Smart Copy J Gutierrez3122
4Dark Brago R Richard6122
1Trick Or Retreat D Lopez9/2122
3Italian Warrior L Mawing8118
5Grinder Sparksaglo E Kubinova12118
6Owner's Choice A Sanguinetti12122
8Hoody I Enriquez7/2122

Stikine Slough can rebound with the cutback in distance. Smart Copy was claimed for $15,000 out of his last race, but he can handle the class jump. Dark Brago has been dominant in Boise.

8 61/2 furlongs, purse $50,000, 2-year-old, fillies, Barbara Shinpoch Stakes
3Seeking the Light L Mawing5/2115
1Pippa Bou Peep E Kubinova7/2113
7Sneaking a Kiss J Whitaker15113
2Jazz Queen A Sanguinetti5113
4Seattles Best Copy R Bowen9/2113
5Bella Colomba J Zunino6113
6Val de Saire G Mitchell6113
8Boss Lori D Lopez10113

Seeking the Light can rebound after regressing in her last start, when she was third in a stakes race. Pippa Bou Peep finished ahead of the top pick in that stakes race. Sneaking a Kiss could get into the trifecta at a decent price.

9 61/2 furlongs, purse $18,900, 3-year-old, fillies, AOC $50,000
3Chu and You J Gutierrez8/5116
5Bee Dees Bid R Bowen2118
2Charismata L Mawing5/2116
1Jude Rocks D Lopez8121
4Reigning J Matias8116

Chu and You, a multiple stakes winner, returns to a distance she can handle. Bee Dees Bid was an easy maiden race winner in her last start. Charismata has been in the money in six of seven starts.

10 6 furlongs, purse $5,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, maiden claiming $5,000
5Harborella L Mawing5/2117
1Benatar R Bowen3123
7Indagreenandbeyond A Sanguinetti4117
2Papa's Grandkids E Kubinova9/2117
3On Line Sweetie C Doll12123
4Ashley's Lexus R Richard7/2117
6Secluded Rio J Zunino12117

Harborella drops in class and picks up the leading jockey. Benatar was second the past two times she raced at this level. Indagreenandbeyond has crossed the finish in third in each of her three starts.

BEST BET: Seeking the Light.

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