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Originally published June 20, 2014 at 9:52 PM | Page modified June 20, 2014 at 10:02 PM

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Emerald Downs results and entries

Racing results for Friday, June 20; handicaps for Saturday, June 21

Seattle Times handicapper



(Track fast)

1 41/2 furlongs, purse $8,925, maiden claiming $12,500, 2-year-olds.
Horse /JockeyStStrFinOdds
Quack of Lightning/Richard11-11-11.50*
Gavinator/J Matias32-31/22-31/21.70
Trygve's Besst/Mawing23-33-31/212.80
Badrock Canyon/J Gutierrez44-54-83/46.40
Market's Trickey/Lopez565-hd4.60
Boss Talk/Rosales65-1621.50
4Quack of Lightning
1Gavinator 2.802.20
3Trygve's Besst 3.40
Exacta (4-1) $4.90; Superfecta (4-1-3-5) $24.35; Trifecta (4-1-3) $22.00
Off—6:45 p.m. Time—:22.53 :46 :52.24 Winner—Ch Gelding 2012, by Tropic Lightning - Light My Ducks by Basket Weave Owner—Dean and Judy Anne Essex. Trainer—Charles Essex. Scratched—Trick Silver, Recon Patrol.
2 5 furlongs, purse $5,500, maiden claiming $5,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey3/16StrFinOdds
Stealth Fighter/Sanguinetti4-hd2-21-11.30*
Sociable Gold/Kubinova1-11/21-32-31/222.40
One Cheezy Dude/Zunino75-13-13/412.90
Red Rainier/Enriquez2-hd3-hd4-1/22.70
The Prime Mover/Lopez3-11/24-11/25-nk2.30
Passion Cat/Rosales5-26-66-93/427.70
Killian's Red/Gonzalez6-37718.30
2Stealth Fighter 4.603.202.60
5Sociable Gold 10.807.00
1One Cheezy Dude 7.00
Daily Double (4-2) $9.60; Exacta (2-5) $19.10; Superfecta (2-5-1-7) $371.85; Trifecta (2-5-1) $154.40
Off—7:12 p.m. Time—:22.34 :45.63 :58.08 Winner—Ch Gelding 2009, by Cyclotron - Marrakech Gold by Native Regent Owner—Saratoga West. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz. Scratched—Shadow Code, Sir Riley.
3 11/16 miles, purse $5,600, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/2StrFinOdds
Duke Street King/Enriquez3-11-hd1-13.60
Bird Colonel/Zunino2-42-42-31/43.30
Play Hard to Win/Rosales73-hd3-17.70
Gold Tie Please/Mawing6-16-24-ns1.70*
Joel N Jill/J Matias4-1/25-hd5-11/48.30
Salsa Boy/Richard5-1/276-47.40
Niccolo's Dancer/Lopez1-1/24-1/2724.10
1Duke Street King
7Bird Colonel 4.403.40
4Play Hard to Win 4.20
Daily Double (2-1) $19.60; Exacta (1-7) $29.30; Superfecta (1-7-4-2) $229.70; Trifecta (1-7-4) $161.30; Pick 3 (4-2-1) $33.80
Claimed—Duke Street King Off—7:38 p.m. Time—:23.98 :47.57 1:12.25 1:37.05 1:43.65 Winner—Ch Gelding 2010, by Silver Train - In High Form by High Brite Owner—Mark Dedomenico, LLC. Trainer—Michael Puhich.
4 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,800, claiming $4,000, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Promiscuous Harbor/Bowen3-11-21/21-61/2.80*
Miss Fast Eddie/Lopez7-14-1/23-13/48.90
Crush On You/Kubinova6-1/25-14-16.00
Silly Streak/Doll4-17-15-21/452.30
Tribal Valentine/Richard2-hd6-26-nk8.90
Claudia's Cahill/Enriquez1-1/23-11/27-51/25.80
7Promiscuous Harbor 3.602.802.60
6Kandra 6.005.00
5Miss Fast Eddie 4.00
Daily Double (1-7) $40.40; Exacta (7-6) $12.50; Superfecta (7-6-5-4) $214.60; Trifecta (7-6-5) $112.90; Pick 3 (2-1-7) $42.20; Pick 4 (2/4/7-2/4/9-1-7) $43.00
Off—8:04 p.m. Time—:22.78 :45.62 1:09.97 1:16.50 Winner—Ch filly 2010, by Harbor the Gold - Seven Affairs by Super Seven Owner—De Jesus Racing and Valentin Garcia. Trainer—Pablo De Jesus.
5 61/2 furlongs, purse $9,300, claiming $7,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Rainier Ice/Mitchell4-41-41-63/41.60*
Chu and I/Lopez63-12-111.40
Surprise Sale/Enriquez2-12-23-12.40
Carl Command/Camacho-Flores3-1/24-hd4-11/44.90
Whiskeyonthehouse/J Gutierrez5-hd65-21/217.70
War Wizard/Gonzalez1-1/25-163.50
3Rainier Ice 5.203.802.10
2Chu and I 10.603.60
4Surprise Sale 2.40
Daily Double (7-3) $8.20; Exacta (3-2) $13.80; Superfecta (3-2-4-6) $108.40; Trifecta (3-2-4) $40.70; Pick 3 (1-7-3) $36.90
Off—8:30 p.m. Time—:21.98 :44.20 1:08.01 1:14.36 Winner—B Gelding 2008, by Forestry - Clear in the West by Gone West Owner—Santa Maria Stable. Trainer—Doris Harwood.
6 6 furlongs, purse $14,800, claiming $20,000-$18,000, 3-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Point Da Harbor/Mitchell4-1/21-21-51/42.80
See My Tail Lites/Kubinova1-1/22-42-23/42.20
Forever a Fan/Mawing64-33-11/21.60*
K K's Wonderwoman/J Gutierrez3-1/23-hd4-28.70
Knight Club/Enriquez5-21/25-11/25-3/410.20
2Point Da Harbor 7.604.202.60
1See My Tail Lites 3.602.20
4Forever a Fan 2.40
Daily Double (3-2) $17.40; Exacta (2-1) $13.10; Superfecta (2-1-4-5) $32.10; Trifecta (2-1-4) $20.40; Pick 3 (7-3-2) $17.80
Off—8:56 p.m. Time—:22.24 :45.20 :57.19 1:09.73 Winner—B filly 2011, by Harbor the Gold - Point Proven by Point Given Owner—Seamist Racing LLC. Trainer—Blaine Wright.
7 6 furlongs, purse $5,300, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Premium Quality/Sanguinetti3-11-hd1-11/21.00*
Decisive Fact/Gonzalez2-11/22-11/22-1/226.80
Expenses Paid/Richard6-23-hd3-3/45.50
Cat Mon Blue/Bowen4-hd4-44-33/46.20
State Capital/Mawing75-11/25-13/45.50
Sam Jam/Enriquez5-1/26-26-91/410.40
Lots of Prayers/J Matias1-hd775.80
8Premium Quality 4.003.803.00
4Decisive Fact 15.605.40
3Expenses Paid 3.60
(1ST-70.20) $286.60; (2ND-56.40) $144.00; (3RD-55.90) $49.00; Daily Double (2-8) $19.40; Exacta (8-4) $41.20; Superfecta (8-4-3-1) $282.80; Trifecta (8-4-3) $173.30; Pick 3 (3-2-8) $31.90; Pick 4 (7-3-2-6/8) $46.15; Pick 5 (1-7-3-2-6/8) $247.95
Off—9:22 p.m. Time—:22.25 :44.98 :57.29 1:10.04 Winner—Ch Gelding 2005, by Elusive Quality - Up an Eighth by Ferdinand Owner—J. C. Racing Stable. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz. Scratched—Epic Electorate.Total handle—$719,745

First three horses listed in each race in order of predicted finish.


First race: 2 p.m.

1 1 mile, purse $10,500, 3-year-old, claiming $10,000/$8,000
1Nosetodagrindstone G Mitchell3122
2Can't Get Enough L Mawing5/2122
3Bluegrass Fox Trot I Enriquez8/5122
4Money Cat E Kubinova6122
5Bart the Barrister D Lopez9/2122

Nosetodagrindstone has run two consecutive good races at this distance. Can’t Get Enough runs in a route race for the first time while dropping to a career-low class level. Bluegrass Fox Trot might be the favorite after blitzing maidens in his last race.

2 6 furlongs, purse $8,925, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, maiden claiming $12,500
6Carolina South L Mawing3117
3Harborella L Camacho-Flores5/2117
4Pickherormiss G Mitchell7/2117
1Articulate J Gutierrez5117
2Twilight Harbor I Enriquez4117
5River Call J Zunino10123

Carolina South, a $25,000 yearling purchase, makes her debut at the $12,500 claiming level. She has been working out fairly well. Harborella was second in her last start. Pickherormiss drops in class after finishing last in her first two races.

3 51/2 furlongs, purse $7,450, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $7,500
2Mz Dyno D Lopez3114
7Sometimes a Lady I Enriquez8/5117
4Magic Molly L Camacho-Flores9/2123
1Alta's Forever G Mitchell12114
3Chrissy's Wedding J Matias6117
5Niftys Tee Time F Valdez4123
6Midnitesruntoglory C Doll20120

Mz Dyno seems primed for her best race. Sometimes a Lady will likely be favored after winning easily against a weaker group. Magic Molly tries hard each time.

4 11/16 miles, purse $9,800, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $7,500
1Double Shuffle R Bowen5/2124
3Tobiah's Journey D Lopez7/2122
2Improviso I Enriquez5120
4Won Won Oh Five F Valdez3120
5Legal Victory E Kubinova4120
6High Silence C Doll15120

Double Shuffle goes for his third consecutive victory. Tobiah’s Journey takes a slight jump up in class after a nice win. Improviso drops in class.

5 6 furlongs, purse $5,300, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $2,500
8House of Hope J Gutierrez2123
7Brats Brat L Camacho-Flores3119
5Cool Toddy R Bowen4119
1Kiss Em E Kubinova20119
2Special Buttons C Doll8119
3Goin Out Tonite R Richard6119
4Lorna From Belize J Zunino15119
6Valid Vixen Queen D Lopez15119

SCRATCHED: Chips Indy Salsa, Come On Cozzene.

House of Hope is tough at this level. Brats Brat is in good form. Cool Toddy could improve with the slight drop in class.

6 6 furlongs, purse $9,350, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $7,500
6Perfect Pie J Whitaker3119
1Once Upon a Song E Kubinova4123
3Anelina L Mawing7/2119
2Agoodlawyer Willdo J Gutierrez6123
4Strange Luck R Richard8119
5Anitewithyou G Mitchell10119
7Run Sophia Run I Enriquez5/2123

Perfect Pie should rebound in a big way with the big drop in class. Once Upon a Song also is dropping in class. Anelina, owned by the 128 members of the Emerald Racing Club, should be competitive.

7 6 furlongs, purse $10,300, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $12,500
6Financial Officer J Whitaker7/2121
4Mister Breeze R Bowen5/2118
7Colton's First D Lopez3118
1Happy Childhood J Zunino6121
2Square Jimmer J Gutierrez4115
3Add Some Alcohol R Richard8121
5Wild Again Shamus L Gonzalez15121

Financial Officer meets a weak field for this level and seems ready to win. Mister Breeze would have a good chance with a race similar to the one he had two starts ago. Colton’s First makes his Emerald Downs debut for leading trainer Jeff Metz.

8 6 furlongs, purse $12,700, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $15,000
2He's a Cruiser L Mawing5/2124
1Assessment G Mitchell4124
4Leadership J Matias5120
3Hard Slider J Gutierrez3120
5Freedomofthehills R Bowen12114
6Doctor Bruce S. I Enriquez5120
7Ryans Argument J Zunino6120

He’s a Cruiser tries for his fifth consecutive win. Assessment returns to the level he won at three races ago. Leadership has been in the money in 20 of 29 starts.

9 6 furlongs, purse $5,500, 3-year-olds and up, maiden claiming $5,000
2Shadow Code R Bowen5118
8Grand Destination J Matias4124
4Park That Truck R Richard5/2124
1Akutan D Lopez12118
3Regazze Cat L Gonzalez10118
5Stoneman I Enriquez10118
6Jelly Bean Jam L Mawing8124
7Everydayimhustlin J Whitaker6124
9Cowboy Cocktail J Gutierrez20124
10Sir Riley L Camacho-Flores12118

Shadow Code was scratched out of a race Friday to run in this one and could take a big step forward with a clean break from the gate. Grand Destination returns in eight days after finishing third as the even-money favorite. Park That Truck was second in his debut and nearly four lengths ahead of the third-place horse.

BEST BET: Perfect Pie.

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