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Originally published Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 6:55 PM

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Emerald Downs results and entries

Racing results for Saturday, June 14; handicaps for Sunday, June 15

Seattle Times handicapper


(Track fast)

1 61/2 furlongs, purse $12,075, maiden claiming $20,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
St Nicholas Becky/Enriquez1-1/22-11/22-1/21.80*
On the Turn/Camacho-Flores5-1/23-33-51/47.60
Grindster/J Gutierrez4-hd5-35-13/49.40
Right Idea/Mawing6664.30
1Zoomzoomania 7.603.202.60
4St Nicholas Becky 2.802.40
6On the Turn 4.60
Exacta (1-4) $9.90; Superfecta (1-4-6-5) $112.50; Trifecta (1-4-6) $72.30
Off—2:15 p.m. Time—:22.56 :44.89 1:08.77 1:15.15 Winner—Dk B/ Br Colt 2011, by Offlee Wild - Rah Rah Girl by Coronado's Quest Owner—Mike Pattison, John Charlton, Jed and Urdene Rickard. Trainer—Charles Essex.
2 6 furlongs, purse $10,500, claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3-year-olds.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Stormin Parker/Lopez2-11-21-33/410.10
Moony Moony/Richard3-hd3-1/22-nk10.20
Wedgey Time/J Gutierrez5-44-23-43.40
Mizzo's Gold/Enriquez1-1/22-1/24-hd4.70
Tribal Mystic/Mawing4-hd5-11/25-21/2.70*
Galvin Jack/Mitchell66627.40
6Stormin Parker 22.2010.405.40
3Moony Moony 7.604.40
5Wedgey Time 3.00
Daily Double (1-6) $262.20; Exacta (6-3) $137.70; Superfecta (6-3-5-1) $3,430.00; Trifecta (6-3-5) $720.50
Claimed—Tribal Mystic Off—2:46 p.m. Time—:22.21 :44.79 :56.56 1:08.82 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2011, by Parker's Storm Cat - Sarah's Game Plan by Game Plan Owner—Lucky K Racing, Tommy Boyer and Halfway House Stables. Trainer—Rosie Simkins. Scratched—Colton's First.
3 41/2 furlongs, purse $17,850, maiden special weight, 2-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /JockeyStStrFinOdds
Seeking the Light/Valdez21-11/21-33/410.70
Dance With Effie/Kubinova12-32-ns4.80
Nicole Michelle/Mawing64-11/23-hd2.40
Andiamo Deb/J Matias75-64-21/46.30
Perhaps a Pie/Bowen476-320.50
Luck Out/Mitchell36-1/271.60*
6Seeking the Light 23.408.005.40
1Dance With Effie 6.203.80
7Nicole Michelle 3.00
Daily Double (6-6) $360.20; Exacta (6-1) $51.50; Superfecta (6-1-7-4) $213.55; Trifecta (6-1-7) $216.30; Pick 3 (1-6-6) $1,440.50
Off—3:18 p.m. Time—:21.57 :44.31 :50.88 Winner—Ch filly 2012, by Heatseeker (IRE) - Brightest by Beau Genius Owner—John and Janene Maryanski. Trainer—Blaine Wright.
4 61/2 furlongs, purse $18,900, AOC $25,000, 3-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Find Your Spot/J Gutierrez3-11/21-hd1-11/41.00*
Lexie Arleen/Valdez2-1/23-44-3/44.80
Timeless Pleasure/Bowen5558.70
4Find Your Spot 4.002.602.10
3Charismata 4.402.40
1Avadiva 2.60
Daily Double (6-4) $34.00; Exacta (4-3) $8.60; Superfecta (4-3-1-5) $22.55; Trifecta (4-3-1) $36.20; Pick 3 (6-6-4) $598.80; Pick 4 (1-6-6-4) $1,573.70
Off—3:51 p.m. Time—:22.44 :44.22 1:08.48 1:14.93 Winner—Dk B/ Br filly 2011, by Nationhood - Sudden Departure by Demons Begone Owner—Where We At. Trainer—Jim Penney.
5 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,400, WCL $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Da Ruler/Bowen5-1/24-32-11/22.10
Honour Family/Kubinova3-13-13-24.90
Sharp Focus/Mitchell1-1/22-hd4-3/47.40
Royal Shrine/Lopez4-35-21/25-1/218.10
Mr Shane the Pain/Rosales76-1/26-13/422.30
Only Be Cause/Doll6-57727.80
5Rezar 4.202.602.40
2Da Ruler 3.202.60
7Honour Family 3.20
Daily Double (4-5) $11.20; Exacta (5-2) $5.70; Superfecta (5-2-7-6) $17.10; Trifecta (5-2-7) $18.80; Pick 3 (6-4-5) $29.40
Claimed—Rezar Off—4:23 p.m. Time—:22.41 :44.78 1:09.16 1:15.67 Winner—B Gelding 2008, by Songandaprayer - Sweet Monarch by Wavering Monarch Owner—Mediocre Racing. Trainer—Blaine Wright. Scratched—Charming Budha.
6 6 furlongs, purse $5,700, WCL $3,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Mo's Flashy Date/Lopez2-hd1-11/21-11/41.40*
Brudda Clyde/Doll4-1/23-32-1/210.90
Our Marshal Cahill/Camacho-Flores3-22-11/23-1/211.50
Buddy Dave/Rosales75-24-41/23.40
Snooper Dauper/Zunino5-1/26-35-hd4.30
Camp Pendleton/J Gutierrez6-57717.90
3Mo's Flashy Date 4.803.202.80
5Brudda Clyde 11.206.80
4Our Marshal Cahill 5.00
Daily Double (5-3) $7.60; Exacta (3-5) $20.20; Superfecta (3-5-4-1) $146.75; Trifecta (3-5-4) $146.80; Pick 3 (4-5-3) $8.30
Off—4:57 p.m. Time—:21.97 :44.36 :56.25 1:09.14 Winner—Ch Gelding 2008, by Nacheezmo - Crimson Date by Encino Owner—Rancho Viejo and Lisa Baze. Trainer—Rigoberto Velasquez. Scratched—Timeonurhands.
7 6 furlongs, purse $18,900, AOC $40,000, 3-year-olds.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Stikine Slough/Bowen1-1/21-31-23/44.40
Troop Ship/Camacho-Flores4-hd4-1/24-21/422.70
City Shadows/Mitchell2-11/25-55-21/29.90
Oldtimers Vision/Enriquez5-1/26625.50
4Stikine Slough 10.803.602.60
2Cantcatchme 2.402.10
5Orito 2.40
Daily Double (3-4) $25.40; Exacta (4-2) $9.60; Superfecta (4-2-5-1) $39.45; Trifecta (4-2-5) $21.80; Pick 3 (5-3-4) $24.60
Off—5:29 p.m. Time—:21.94 :44.06 :55.91 1:08.74 Winner—Gr/ro Gelding 2011, by Harbor the Gold - Bluledo by Slewdledo Owner—One Horse Will Do Corporation, Scott and Tina Saxwold and Chris Stenslie. Trainer—Chris Stenslie.
8 61/2 furlongs, purse $21,000, AOC $40,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
I Keep Saying/J Gutierrez2-1/22-11/22-11.10*
Country Rules/Zunino4-1/23-33-23/42.40
Winning Machine/Lopez54-24-31/23.80
My Chief/Zacherle3-11/2559.40
4Disruption 14.804.203.20
3I Keep Saying 2.602.20
8Country Rules 2.80
Daily Double (4-4) $62.00; Exacta (4-3) $17.00; Superfecta (4-3-8-6) $48.10; Trifecta (4-3-8) $38.40; Pick 3 (3-4-4) $82.20
Off—5:55 p.m. Time—:21.54 :43.36 1:07.58 1:14.14 Winner—Ch Gelding 2010, by Street Boss - Disrupt by Deputy Minister Owner—Nelson Family Racing. Trainer—Monique Snowden. Scratched—Somewhere With You, Dogleg Left, Rocky's Quest.
9 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,500, maiden claiming $5,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Miners Night/Valdez1-11-31/21-51/22.90
Drop Volley/Mawing4-1/22-52-43/41.70*
Dakota Firefly/Camacho-Flores2-14-33-1/27.60
Sorry Pal/Bowen5-23-1/24-31/426.80
Nacho Macho/J Matias6-hd5-45-71/27.40
Freedom House/J Gutierrez3-1/26-31/26-13/436.50
Something Magic/Zunino87-1840.80
5Miners Night 7.804.003.40
8Drop Volley 3.402.80
7Dakota Firefly 4.00
(1ST-73.90) $997.00; (2ND-73.60) $499.20; (3RD-72.30) $84.40; Daily Double (4-5) $117.60; Exacta (5-8) $9.40; Superfecta (5-8-7-6) $174.40; Trifecta (5-8-7) $31.40; Pick 3 (4-4-5) $239.40; Pick 4 (3/8-4-4-5) $1,077.00; Pick 5 (1/5-3/8-4-4-5) $727.95
Claimed—Alaazwho Off—6:21 p.m. Time—:22.48 :45.13 1:09.33 1:15.90 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2011, by Harbor the Gold - Nevercomesagain by Ascot Knight Owner—Alan Bozell and Jack Stecker. Trainer—Alan Bozell. Total handle—N/A

First three horses listed in each race in order of predicted finish.


First race: 2 p.m.

1 6 furlongs, purse $5,800, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $4,000
3Popular Pick J Gutierrez4121
4Tax Enough R Bowen7/2118
2Soul Intent I Enriquez9/2124
1Doc Duffy D Lopez8115
5Mister Messenger J Zunino3124
6Sunshine in Rio L Mawing5/2118

Popular Pick, a 5-year-old, is facing several 3-year-olds. His typical speed figure is good enough to likely win, but don’t bet the house on him to win. He hasn’t won in two years, with one win, six seconds and six thirds in 17 career starts. Tax Enough shortens up to a sprint after fading in a route race. Soul Intent will be rallying late.

2 6 furlongs, purse $7,200, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $5,000/$4,000
2Buds a Flyin L Camacho-Flores5/2124
3Mr. Top Kat G Mitchell3117
1Hip Hop City I Enriquez7/2120
4Always the Same R Bowen9/2117
5Southfork Pegasus J Gutierrez8120
6Dancing Yodeler F Valdez4120

Buds a Flyin drops in class to a winning level. He has won 11 of 29 starts at Emerald Downs. Mr. Top Kat and Hip Hop City are in great form.

3 41/2 furlongs, purse $17,850, 2-year-old, maiden special weight
6Monster Wave R Bowen5118
4The Search Is Over J Matias10118
3Moby G Mitchell3118
1O B Harbor J Zunino8118
2Moonee Beach I Enriquez4118
5Manny's Red Ty J Gutierrez6118
7Forte Feroce A Sanguinetti10118
8Hedgewood Gold L Mawing6118
9Take Revenge D Lopez8118

Monster Wave, an $80,000 yearling purchase, had a tough trip in his debut, finishing fifth as the 2-1 favorite. The Search Is Over has been working out well for his debut. Moby was second in his last race, but was 9 lengths behind the winner.

4 61/2 furlongs, purse $17,850, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, maiden optional claiming $30,000
1Quiet Wisdom R Bowen3117
4Sanibel Harbor L Mawing2117
5Wedding Kake R Richard9/2117
2Ms. Parker G Mitchell12117
3Ee Da How L Camacho-Flores5123
6Thats What It Is I Enriquez5/2120

SCRATCHED: Reigning.

Quiet Wisdom is ready to take a step forward in his fourth career start. Sanibel Harbor has finished second three times in five starts. Wedding Kake, a $90,000 yearling purchase, has finished second twice in three starts.

5 51/2 furlongs, purse $10,500, 3-year-old, fillies, claiming $10,000/$8,000
3Mini Candy R Bowen5/2114
5Tricky Person E Kubinova9/5117
6Nancy Wake L Mawing3117
1Zafari Nation R Richard12117
2Cherokee Chelsea J Gutierrez10114
4Simba's Sis I Enriquez4117

Mini Candy shortens up after fading at a mile. She can return to her good form at this distance. Tricky Person is on a roll and will likely be favored. Nancy Wake is a solid fit at this level

6 6 furlongs, purse $5,400, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $2,500
6Pete's Glory Girl E Kubinova8123
5Ruler of the Tribe R Bowen9/5123
8Premo Jewel L Camacho-Flores3123
1She'sontopyodeling J Gutierrez6123
2Virginia Way P Fernandez20123
3Bartab J Whitaker15123
4La Pearla I Enriquez10123
7Opening Buzz L Mawing4123

Pete’s Glory Girl made a big move in the turn in her last race and it looked like she was going to win, then suddenly faded. Think she can improve off that effort and she should go off at a good price. Ruler of the Tribe, making her Emerald Downs debut, has a great chance if she is ready after a long layoff. Premo Jewel is in good form.

7 6 furlongs, purse $18,900, 3-year-olds and up, AOC $25,000
5Polish Dollar L Mawing9/5121
2Edge Forward D Lopez3121
1Belt R Bowen7/2121
3Prayer for Da Bric I Enriquez6121
4More Strawberries F Valdez8121
6Perfect Night J Whitaker5121

Polish Dollar, an 8-year-old, should improve in his second start after a long layoff. Edge Forward seldom wins but is usually in the money. Belt might be able to handle the jump up in class.

8 1 mile, purse $18,900, 3-year-olds and up, AOC $25,000
3Rocky's Quest R Bowen8/5121
2Dare Me Devil D Lopez7/2121
6Fist Full of Green E Kubinova3121
1Somewhere With You J Matias8121
4Surfliner R Richard9/2121
5Dogleg Left L Mawing12121

Rocky’s Quest had a poor first start of the year, but he faces a much easier field and this is a good distance for him. Dare Me Devil is rounding into form. Fist Full of Green won a similar race three weeks ago.

9 1 mile, purse $50,000, 3-year-olds and up, Budweiser Handicap
6Mr. Bowling D Lopez5118
1Why Not Be Perfect A Sanguinetti5119
3Jebrica J Gutierrez9/2118
2Dontmesswithkitten R Bowen15115
4Mike Man's Gold J Matias20115
5Hudson Landing G Mitchell7/2120
7Twistgrips F Valdez12116
8Shooting Jacket E Kubinova20116
9Stryker Phd L Mawing4118
10Pepnic I Enriquez6117

Mr. Bowling, a Grade III stakes winner, seems primed for his best effort. Why Not Be Perfect looked great winning the Governor’s Handicap last month, but you won’t get 28-1 this time. Jebrica finished second to the No. 2 pick in the Governor’s.

10 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, maiden claiming $5,000
8Suddenly Adele I Enriquez5/2117
6Trinistar L Mawing7/2117
3Angel of Harlan J Rosales9/2123
1Free Entertainment D Lopez6117
2Fire in My Heart J Matias10117
4Oh Glorious Day J Zunino10117
5Indagreenandbeyond R Bowen4117
7Corla E Kubinova12123

Suddenly Adele seems the best in a weak group, with three in-the-money finishes in six starts. Trinistar and Angel of Harlan figure to be well bet but they are winless in nine and 11 starts, respectively.

BEST BET: Mr. Bowling.

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