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Originally published Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 6:40 PM

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Emerald Downs results and entries

Racing results for Saturday, May 17; handicaps for Sunday, May 18

Seattle Times handicapper



(Track fast)

1 300 Yards, purse $3,600, claiming $3,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /JockeyStStr2FinOdds
Mr Speedygonzalez/Zunino32-hd1-nk3.60
Mr Easy Okie/Camacho-Flores41-1/22-hd1.30*
Cloudy Dasher/Gonzalez13-1/23-hd1.60
One Hot Cop/Fernandez2445.10
5Mr Speedygonzalez 9.204.00
6Mr Easy Okie 3.20
Exacta (5-6) $8.80; Superfecta (5-6-1-3) $9.95; Trifecta (5-6-1) $19.20
Off—2:00 p.m. Time—:16.11 Winner—Br Gelding 2010, by Fastnfierce - Tough and Speedy by Petersburg Owner—John Olmos. Trainer—Robert Baze. Scratched—Midway Monster, Rf Pistol Pete.
2 6 furlongs, purse $5,300, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Opening Buzz/Valdez3-11/21-11/21-12.10*
Brats Brat/Camacho-Flores5-hd3-11/22-41/23.80
Goin Out Tonite/Rosales1-22-33-3/413.70
Special Buttons/J Gutierrez65-44-11/42.20
Valid Vixen Queen/Enriquez2-1/24-35-74.10
Kiss Em/Richard4-1668.70
4Opening Buzz 6.202.802.40
3Brats Brat 3.803.00
6Goin Out Tonite 5.60
Daily Double (5-4) $46.80; Exacta (4-3) $7.80; Superfecta (4-3-6-2) $41.50; Trifecta (4-3-6) $44.50
Off—2:27 p.m. Time—:21.98 :44.92 :57.44 1:11 Winner—B Mare 2009, by Polish Miner - Repletions Victory by Repletion Owner—W. Quinn Chin. Trainer—Robert Meeking.
3 6 furlongs, purse $7,200, WCL $5,000-$4,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Buds a Flyin/Camacho-Flores1-11/21-31-41/21.60*
Buddy Dave/Rosales64-43-11/44.20
Jade Road/J Gutierrez3-11/23-1/24-11/24.10
Givajunior Mint/Lopez5-hd5-45-101/411.20
Our Eagle Boy/Sanguinetti4-1/2667.50
6Buds a Flyin 5.203.402.60
3Rezar 3.602.60
2Buddy Dave 2.80
Daily Double (4-6) $26.40; Exacta (6-3) $7.30; Superfecta (6-3-2-4) $22.05; Trifecta (6-3-2) $19.70; Pick 3 (5-4-6) $80.10
Off—2:56 p.m. Time—:22.58 :45 :56.92 1:09.21 Winner—Ch Gelding 2007, by Waiting Game - Flying Patsy by Peterhof Owner—Barbara M. Schmid. Trainer—Vince Gibson.
4 1 mile, purse $5,400, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/2StrFinOdds
Sharp Focus/Bowen2-1/22-12-hd6.40
Da Ruler/Sanguinetti1-1/23-43-61/4.80*
White River Pirate/Camacho-Flores5-1/24-1/24-hd48.10
Priceless Keith/Zunino4-1/25-11/25-3/415.00
Mr Shane the Pain/Rosales87-86-31/414.80
Only Be Cause/Gonzalez3-1/26-hd7-71/443.00
Jo B With Thee/Whitaker7-88820.50
2Showmethemoneyjim 6.803.602.60
5Sharp Focus 5.003.00
1Da Ruler 2.20
Daily Double (6-2) $33.20; Exacta (2-5) $18.90; Superfecta (2-5-1-3) $150.00; Trifecta (2-5-1) $31.20; Pick 3 (4-6-2) $36.60; Pick 4 (5-4-6-2) $119.10
Claimed—Showmethemoneyjim Off—3:43 p.m. Time—:23.74 :46.88 1:11.30 1:23.96 1:37.20 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2009, by Ministers Wild Cat - Moonstone Bay by Skywalker Owner—Tail Gate Racing and Ellen Moore. Trainer—Gregory Moore.
5 51/2 furlongs, purse $9,975, maiden claiming $15,000, 3-year-olds.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Troop Ship/Camacho-Flores2-11-31-31/43.10
Grindster/J Gutierrez4-24-1/24-33/411.60
Brilliant Thought/Mitchell6-66-45-220.80
Sociable Gold/Mawing3-25-hd7-115.60
Inviting Roman/Enriquez8888.40
5Troop Ship
1Sthenios 2.602.40
7Nosetodagrindstone 3.60
Daily Double (2-5) $20.80; Exacta (5-1) $8.90; Superfecta (5-1-7-4) $74.70; Trifecta (5-1-7) $50.30; Pick 3 (6-2-5) $70.20
Off—4:11 p.m. Time—:21.97 :45.04 :57.22 1:03.68 Winner—B Colt 2011, by Nacheezmo - Barbs Last by Detox Owner—Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Munger. Trainer—Don Munger.
6 6 furlongs, purse $14,375, claiming $25,000-$22,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
So Legit/Bowen4-43-42-2.80*
Dogleg Left/Mawing2-11/22-1/23-51/29.30
Bound to Win/Richard554-210.40
Freedomofthehills/J Gutierrez3-hd4-153.10
4Orito 8.803.402.60
5So Legit 2.202.10
3Dogleg Left 3.40
Daily Double (5-4) $32.40; Exacta (4-5) $9.40; Superfecta (4-5-3-2) $49.65; Trifecta (4-5-3) $46.60; Pick 3 (2-5-4) $49.30
Off—4:40 p.m. Time—:22.21 :44.74 :56.83 1:09.66 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2011, by Private Gold - Maryalice Indallas by Texas Glitter Owner—William and DiMitri Sandeman and T Gillihan. Trainer—Terry Gillihan.
7 6 furlongs, purse $14,800, claiming $20,000-$18,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Memphis Beach/Mawing1-11-31-33/42.90
Kenzie Carolina/Lopez4-11/253-hd7.60
Dare Me Devil/Richard54-1/24-3/43.60
Southern Solution/J Matias2-1/22-21/254.00
1Memphis Beach 7.804.003.00
4Assessment 3.002.40
3Kenzie Carolina 2.80
Daily Double (4-1) $44.20; Exacta (1-4) $11.20; Superfecta (1-4-3-5) $32.30; Trifecta (1-4-3) $33.50; Pick 3 (5-4-1) $71.90
Off—5:07 p.m. Time—:22.47 :45.02 :56.52 1:08.55 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2009, by Harbor the Gold - Chic Crossing by Valley Crossing Owner—Sue and Tim Spooner. Trainer—Dan Markle.
8 6 furlongs, purse $18,900, AOC $25,000, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Tabled With Gold/Mitchell3-11/21-11/21-15.70
Stephanie Plum/Camacho-Flores7-32-hd2-nk6.50
Grab Ahold/Enriquez6-hd3-hd3-13/414.00
Alert in Class/Mawing1-11/24-hd5-nk1.40*
River of Aces/Kubinova2-1/25-hd6-nk1.90
Havasu Falls/J Gutierrez4-1/27-11/27-327.30
Holy Dazzle/Bowen5-1/28826.00
4Tabled With Gold 13.407.403.80
6Stephanie Plum 6.403.80
3Grab Ahold 5.20
Daily Double (1-4) $44.80; Exacta (4-6) $27.70; Superfecta (4-6-3-7) $825.35; Trifecta (4-6-3) $189.80; Pick 3 (4-1-4) $126.50
Off—5:37 p.m. Time—:21.71 :44.65 :56.81 1:09.45 Winner—B filly 2010, by Formal Gold - Tabled With Saros by Never Tabled Owner—Patricia A. Zacker. Trainer—Roy Lumm.
9 6 furlongs, purse $5,700, claiming $3,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Marvin's Magic/Zacherle4-22-hd1-hd11.20
Vegas Burn/Bowen5-31-hd2-33/41.40*
Our Marshal Cahill/Camacho-Flores3-1/23-1/23-1/215.70
Fine and Rare/Sanguinetti664-21/211.10
Big Fat Storm/Lopez2-hd5-hd5-3/45.20
Brudda Clyde/Enriquez1-14-361.40
1Marvin's Magic 24.407.804.60
4Vegas Burn 3.002.80
3Our Marshal Cahill 5.00
(1ST-107.50) $172.60; (2ND-94.50) $87.00; (3RD-79.00) $30.00; Daily Double (4-1) $205.60; Exacta (1-4) $43.40; Superfecta (1-4-3-7) $192.50; Trifecta (1-4-3) $205.70; Pick 3 (1-4-1) $286.10; Pick 4 (4-1-4-1) $808.05; Pick 5 (5-4-1-4-1) $1,765.85
Off—6:04 p.m. Time—:21.75 :44.59 :57.16 1:10.21 Winner—B Gelding 2008, by Aptitude - Marva Jean by West by West Owner—Preston Boyd. Trainer—Preston Boyd. Scratched—Corner Office.Total handle—N/A

First three horses listed in each race in order of predicted finish.


First race: 2 p.m.

1 31/2 furlongs, purse $3,500, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $5,000
3Excessive Jubilation R Richard2123
2Dynasty Now P Madrigal3125
5Lookithatcavemango L Camacho-Flores5123
1Naknek L Gonzalez7/2125
4Twentybucksonahalter J Zunino6123


Excessive Jubilation ran well this winter at Portland Meadows. Dynasty Now was claimed for this price last summer. Lookithatcavemango runs for a trainer that has won four of eight races this year.

2 2 furlongs, purse $2,800, 3-year-olds and up, maidens.
2Who Told L Camacho-Flores5/2123
3Mikalo Gold C Doll12123
4Rock de Noche P Madrigal9/2123
1Fuzzy Peaches P Fernandez10125
5Kiliman Jaro Girl J Zunino7/2123
6Patty Okey L Gonzalez6123
7Blazin Begonias R Richard3125

Who Told seems overdue for a win. Mikalo Gold might contend if he can break the habit of poor starts. Rock de Noche can get into the trifecta.

3 1 mile, purse $5,800, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $4,000
1Just Like Uptown L Mawing8/5124
4Twentyten J Matias7/2115
5Attempt R Bowen2124
2Joel N Jill J Rosales9/2115
3Alta's Star F Valdez8115

Just Like Uptown just missed winning in two tries at this distance last summer at Emerald. Twentyten continues to drop down the class ladder and it seems like he should like this distance. Attempt hasn’t liked the sloppy track in his last two races. He is a contender if the track is fast.

4 6 furlongs, purse $5,400, 3-year-olds and up, WCL $2,500
6Corner Office E Kubinova9/2124
5Mo's Flashy Date I Enriquez8/5124
4Stroll for Us D Lopez4124
1Power Fleet L Mawing5/2124
2Dee Rain J Zunino10124
3Secret Element P Fernandez12124

Corner Office drops in class and he was scratched out of a race Friday to run in this one. Mo’s Flashy Call is a tough call. He was claimed for $7,500 out of his last start, in September, and returns for $2,500. He did have a nice workout Thursday. Stroll for Us is coming off a third-place finish in a similar race.

5 6 furlongs, purse $5,300, 3-year-olds and up, WCL $2,500
5Sam Jam L Mawing5/2124
4Snooper Dauper J Zunino2121
2Cat Mon Blue R Richard5121
1Foolish Chopper F Valdez6121
3Lean Cozzene I Enriquez3121
6Playsummusic D Lopez121

Sam Jam gets an extra half-furlong after two third-place finishes at 5 1/2 furlong. Snooper Dauper will be tough if he’s ready off a long layoff. Cat Mon Blu had a tough trip in his last race.

6 6 furlongs, purse $5,400, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $2,500
3Celestial Council L Mawing2123
7I. C. Rosie R Bowen7/2123
1Its Diva Time J Matias8123
2Snuffin D Lopez9/2123
4Way to Go Lo R Richard10123
5Cookies and Milk E Kubinova6123
6Premo Jewel L Camacho-Flores6123

Celestial Council has a good chance to lead from gate to wire as she could get an easy early lead. I. C. Rosie had a poor beginning in her first start and should improve for leading trainer Jeff Metz. Its Diva Time has been in the money in 10 of 15 starts at this distance.

7 6 furlongs, purse $9,350, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, claiming $7,500
2Sweet Sara Brown D Lopez5119
5Run Sophia Run I Enriquez5/2123
7Roarified R Bowen5119
1Call Me Cinderella J Matias8119
3Strange Luck G Mitchell6119
4Ducoti L Mawing7/2123
6Wind a Flyin J Rosales3119

Sweet Sara Brown led from gate to wire in her last start, but she might have to come from off the pace in this race, which has a lot of early speed in it. Run Sophia Run can improve with the drop in class in her second start at Emerald. Roarified has won all three of her races at this distance, and has won 10 times at Emerald, but her form wasn’t good late last summer before taking a long break.

8 51/2 furlongs, purse $18,900, 3-year-old, AOC $25,000
1Smart Copy I Enriquez7/2119
2Kenai King L Mawing2119
4He's Zuberrific D Lopez9/2122
3My Chief L Zacherle3122
5Charlie's Gold J Matias8122
6Oldtimers Vision R Richard4119

Smart Copy is an improving horse. Kenai King was second on a sloppy surface in his last race. He’s Zuberrific is in good form.

9 61/2 furlongs, purse $50,000, 3-year-olds and up, Governor’s Handicap
5Winning Machine J Matias10116
8Mr. Bowling I Enriquez3119
3Absolutely Cool R Bowen5/2122
1Dontmesswithkitten F Valdez12115
2Wheelhouse J Zunino15115
4Finallygotabentley L Mawing8117
6Jebrica J Gutierrez6118
7Disruption E Kubinova10115
9Mike Man's Gold D Lopez8116
10Why Not Be Perfect A Sanguinetti8117

This is a great race, and a case could be made for many of the horses in the field. Winning Machine spotted the field several lengths with a terrible break from the great, then made a nice field before fading. He could improve a lot with a good start. Mr. Bowling was a good second in a tough allowance race here as the favorite last month. Absolutely Cool won the Phoenix Gold Cup at Turf Paradise in February.

10 51/2 furlongs, purse $6,725, 3-year-old, fillies, maiden claiming $7,500
2Suddenly Adele I Enriquez9/5121
3Katsthoughts E Kubinova3121
6Papa's Grandkids R Richard7/2121
1Wemissstacy F Valdez15121
4Parker's Honey G Mitchell20121
5Free Entertainment J Rosales5121
7Lasting Smooch L Mawing9/2121

Suddenly Adele takes another drop in class in search of her first win. Katsthoughts has finished second in her past two races. Papa’s Grandkids makes his Emerald debut after 10 races at Golden Gate with just two in-the-money finishes.

BEST BET: Celestial Council.

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