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Originally published May 10, 2014 at 6:54 PM | Page modified May 10, 2014 at 7:01 PM

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Emerald Downs results and entries

Racing results for Saturday, May 10; handicaps for Sunday, May 11

Seattle Times handicapper



(Track wet fast)

1 6 furlongs, purse $6,725, maiden claiming weight for age $7,500, 3-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Crush On You/Kubinova5-1/22-11/22-hd1.80*
Pacific Dream/Valdez65-11/23-36.30
Make Some Noise/Richard3-hd3-1/24-21/23.80
Chrissy's Wedding/J Matias1-1/24-21/268.50
6Seadrifter 5.803.002.20
7Crush On You 3.002.40
5Pacific Dream 3.00
Exacta (6-7) $5.90; Superfecta (6-7-5-4) $33.05; Trifecta (6-7-5) $34.00
Off—2:15 p.m. Time—:22.84 :46.76 :58.97 1:11.70 Winner—Gr/ro filly 2011, by Rockport Harbor - Joyance by Pulpit Owner—Allen and Susan Branch. Trainer—Rosie Simkins. Scratched—Oh Glorious Day.
2 6 furlongs, purse $7,200, claiming $5,000-$4,000, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Cha Cha Latte/Bowen2-1/21-11-2.70*
Lizzy Lass/Mitchell3-13-11/22-11/26.90
Bella Angelina/Whitaker1-1/22-1/23-ns7.70
Touch of Elegance/J Matias4-11/2556.60
6Cha Cha Latte 3.402.802.10
1Lizzy Lass 5.402.80
5Bella Angelina 2.80
Daily Double (6-6) $8.00; Exacta (6-1) $11.00; Superfecta (6-1-5-2) $18.85; Trifecta (6-1-5) $36.40
Off—2:45 p.m. Time—:22.62 :45.82 :57.98 1:10.68 Winner—Ch Mare 2009, by After Market - Our Friend Terry by Cox's Ridge Owner—Woodway Stable, Ramsey Rutt and Mike Sterkel. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz. Scratched—La Pearla.
3 6 furlongs, purse $5,700, claiming $3,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Hip Hop City/Richard4-21/22-1/21-11/28.60
He's All Heart/Enriquez1-11/21-22-hd6.30
Mr. Top Kat/Camacho-Flores2-hd3-11/23-21.80*
War Wizard/Lopez3-hd4-24-3/42.70
He's a Goblin/J Gutierrez5-hd5-hd62.70
5Hip Hop City
7He's All Heart 6.803.40
4Mr. Top Kat 3.20
Daily Double (6-5) $47.60; Exacta (5-7) $54.70; Superfecta (5-7-4-6) $264.45; Trifecta (5-7-4) $189.10; Pick 3 (6-6-5) $53.50
Claimed—Hip Hop City Off—3:17 p.m. Time—:21.93 :44.88 :57.15 1:10.47 Winner—B Gelding 2008, by Waiting Game - Hip Hop Blue by Star de Naskra Owner—Howard F. Gibson. Trainer—Howard Gibson. Scratched—Atta Boy Lucky.
4 6 furlongs, purse $17,850, maiden special weight, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Just a Love/J Gutierrez1-hd1-1/21-3/43.20
Red Ran Back/Mitchell3-12-11/22-21/28.20
Quiet Wisdom/Bowen2-hd4-21/23-11/47.60
Sanibel Harbor/Enriquez4-11/23-24-13.20
Ee Da How/Camacho-Flores86-15-1/233.10
Timeless Pleasure/Mawing6-1/25-hd6-21/25.80
Wedding Kake/Whitaker7-27-157-161/22.30*
River Call/Lopez5-hd8844.60
4Just a Love 8.404.403.40
2Red Ran Back 7.804.40
3Quiet Wisdom 5.20
Daily Double (5-4) $124.20; Exacta (4-2) $34.00; Superfecta (4-2-3-8) $274.75; Trifecta (4-2-3) $181.00; Pick 3 (6-5-4) $92.50; Pick 4 (6-3/6-5-4) $223.95
Off—3:51 p.m. Time—:22.93 :46.10 :58.27 1:10.73 Winner—B filly 2011, by Nationhood - Just an Angel by Demons Begone Owner—Just Lovin Life. Trainer—Jim Penney.
5 51/2 furlongs, purse $5,400, claiming $2,500, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Jerry's Fever/Bowen2-11/22-21/21-1.70*
Fighting City Hall/Richard4-1/23-31/22-ns8.40
Harbor Wind/Whitaker1-1/21-hd3-11/27.30
Royal Shrine/Lopez74-11/24-31/217.00
Kinzie's King/Mawing6-15-1/25-11/23.60
Only Be Cause/Gonzalez3-hd6-56-223/429.90
4Jerry's Fever 3.402.602.10
1Fighting City Hall 6.604.00
6Harbor Wind 4.00
Daily Double (4-4) $14.40; Exacta (4-1) $9.90; Superfecta (4-1-6-5) $130.20; Trifecta (4-1-6) $47.20; Pick 3 (5-4-4) $139.40
Off—4:24 p.m. Time—:22.17 :45.36 :57.82 1:04.56 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2008, by Stormin Fever - Jerry Bomb by Explosive Bid Owner—Donna M. Davis. Trainer—Jeffrey Metz. Scratched—Mo's Flashy Date.
6 6 furlongs, purse $10,300, WCL $12,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Ms P K Blue/Enriquez3-1/22-41-11/41.40*
Sweet Jenny/Zunino4-33-32-hd4.60
Lumen Took It/J Gutierrez64-11/23-11/49.00
Starlight Gem/Mawing1-21-hd4-61/42.50
Inquiry Miss/Valdez2-hd5-65-61/26.60
Music and Me/Bowen5-21/2669.10
7Ms P K Blue 4.802.802.40
2Sweet Jenny 4.203.00
4Lumen Took It 3.40
Daily Double (4-7) $7.20; Exacta (7-2) $8.70; Superfecta (7-2-4-3) $28.15; Trifecta (7-2-4) $29.10; Consolation Double (4-1) $2.80; Pick 3 (4-4-1/7) $20.90
Off—4:56 p.m. Time—:22.26 :45.25 :57.65 1:11.03 Winner—Dk B/ Br Mare 2009, by Decarchy - Bluledo by Slewdledo Owner—Remmah Racing, Inc.. Trainer—Frank Lucarelli. Scratched—Point Da Harbor.
7 6 furlongs, purse $10,500, claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Leadership/J Matias5-12-11/22-33/46.00
Memphis Mobster/Lopez2-1/25-hd3-nk4.60
DQ-Camp Granada/Enriquez1-1/21-1/24-11/21.40*
Storming Kentucky/Bowen4-14-hd5-3/42.10
Bleu Tarp/Kubinova3-1/2669.10
8Surfliner 49.6015.404.20
7Leadership 6.603.60
3Memphis Mobster 3.60
Daily Double (7-8) $302.80; Exacta (8-7) $99.60; Superfecta (8-7-3-2) $471.05; Trifecta (8-7-3) $1,203.90; Pick 3 (4-1/7-8) $132.00
Off—5:29 p.m. Time—:22.74 :45.67 :57.78 1:10.05 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2009, by Silver Train - See Alice by Distorted Humor Owner—Jack M. Zaborac. Trainer—Steve Koler. Scratched—Come Away Home, Ugottabcatty.
8 51/2 furlongs, purse $18,900, AOC $25,000, 3-year-olds, fillies.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Lotta Attitude/J Gutierrez1-1/22-31/21-11/4.40*
Lexie Arleen/Valdez4-11/23-24-11/219.80
K K's Wonderwoman/Lopez2-16-11/26-11/421.50
Knight Club/Sanguinetti5-17731.50
1Lotta Attitude 2.802.202.10
2Belladiva 5.203.20
5Sunpenny 3.20
Daily Double (8-1) $155.80; Exacta (1-2) $3.70; Superfecta (1-2-5-3) $27.10; Trifecta (1-2-5) $15.90; Pick 3 (7-8-1) $705.90
Off—5:56 p.m. Time—:22.21 :45.09 :57.24 1:03.61 Winner—B filly 2011, by Sharp Humor - Kickin' the Clouds by Dixieland Band Owner—John and Janene Maryanski and Riverbend Farm. Trainer—Blaine Wright.
9 6 furlongs, purse $5,500, maiden claiming $5,000, 3-year-olds and up.
Horse /Jockey1/4StrFinOdds
Nacho Macho/J Matias3-23-33-11/46.20
Plan A/Richard4-15-55-33/422.30
The Stolen Way/Gonzalez6-27731.30
6Medicinegoin'down 4.603.202.60
5Everydayimhustlin 11.007.40
1Nacho Macho 3.60
(1ST-100.70) $153.80; (2ND-96.90) $77.60; (3RD-88.50) $26.80; Daily Double (1-6) $6.00; Exacta (6-5) $34.00; Superfecta (6-5-1-7) $83.00; Trifecta (6-5-1) $104.10; Pick 3 (8-1-6) $156.50; Pick 4 (1/7-8-1-6) $179.95; Pick 5 (2/4-1/7-8-1-6) $319.90
Off—6:23 p.m. Time—:22.78 :46.39 :58.93 1:12.05 Winner—Dk B/ Br Gelding 2011, by Delineator - Marquet Poppin by Marquetry Owner—Dan McCanna. Trainer—Tim McCanna. Total handle—N/A

First three horses listed in each race in order of predicted finish.


First race: 2 p.m.

1 6 furlongs, purse $5,500, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, maiden claiming weight for age $5,000
6Sunshine Candy J Gutierrez5/2123
2Angel of Harlan L Mawing6/5123
4That's a Bingo R Bowen6123
1Midnitesruntoglory R Richard20123
3Gold Trick D Lopez12117
5She's My Favorite E Kubinova7/2123

In a very weak field, Sunshine Candy could be tough if she can get the early lead. Angel of Harlan will be rallying late. That’s a Bingo has leading trainer Jeff Metz on her side.

2 6 furlongs, purse $6,725, 3-year-old, maiden claiming $7,500
1Drop Volley F Valdez2122
5Spit and Shine J Zunino3122
2Tactical Strike R Richard4122
3Miners Night R Bowen6122
4Money Cat E Kubinova5/2122
6Freedom House D Lopez12122

Drop Volley finished second two weeks ago, finishing well ahead of three others in this field, including Spit and Shine, who was third as the 7-5 favorite. Tactical Strike seems to be improving.

3 6 furlongs, purse $7,450, 3-year-old, claiming $7,500
3Tax Enough A Sanguinetti3119
6Sunshine in Rio I Enriquez9/5122
8Twentyten J Matias8119
1Air Grinder F Valdez8119
2Galvin Jack J Gutierrez6119
4Stormin Parker G Mitchell15119
5Kowboy Doc R Bowen5122
7Mister Breeze R Richard10119

Tax Enough was facing better at Turf Paradise in Phoenix for red-hot trainer Jeff Metz (19 wins in 45 starts entering the weekend). Sunshine in Rio loved the slop in winning easily two weeks ago, and will be tough if the track is sloppy Sunday. Twentyten drops to career-low class level.

4 6 furlongs, purse $17,850, 3-year-olds and up, maiden special weight
1More Strawberries D Lopez3124
2Trick Or Retreat L Mawing7/2118
7Hillside Select G Mitchell6118
3Kamaaina Blue J Gutierrez5118
4Hearts Harbor E Kubinova15118
5St Nicholas Becky R Richard12118
6Owner's Choice R Bowen8118
8Calculated Chaos A Sanguinetti12124
9Italian Warrior I Enriquez4118

More Strawberries has been working out great for his first start in a year. Trick or Retreat lost by a neck in a similar race two weeks ago. Hillside Select has been racing at Golden Gate in Northern California and might like the real dirt surface at Emerald.

5 61/2 furlongs, purse $5,100, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $2,500
4Whiskey Prince D Lopez10121
5Expenses Paid E Kubinova2121
6Maximatic R Richard15121
1Last Defense F Valdez20115
2Bird Colonel J Zunino9/2121
3Niccolo's Dancer J Rosales8121
7Alta's Star J Gutierrez12115
8Goodlookinggeorge L Gonzalez10121
9B G's Alley Cat L Camacho-Flores15121
10Our Sella A Sanguinetti3118

Whiskey Prince ran a decent race in his last start despite dueling for the lead four-wide. He could surprise. Expenses Paid has been in the money in 10 of 21 starts, but has just one win. Maximatic should get the early lead.

6 1 mile, purse $9,300, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $7,500
2He's a Cruiser L Mawing3120
3Chu and I F Valdez5/2120
7Always the Same R Bowen7/2120
1Cane Seeker D Lopez4120
4Neil Healy J Rosales8122
5Ontheshadyside I Enriquez8120
6Whiskeyonthehouse J Gutierrez10120

He’s a Cruiser stretches out to a mile after a nice win, but he can handle the extra distance. Chu and I gets a much better distance for him after falling too far behind early at 6 furlongs in his last start. Always the Same has won races at the meet, but jumps up in class and tries this distance for the first time.

7 51/2 furlongs, purse $12,700, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $15,000
2Rainier Ice L Mawing4120
3Edge Forward I Enriquez5/2120
6Come Away Home J Gutierrez2120
1Credit Line E Kubinova15120
4Star of the Dia G Mitchell3122
5Yes He's Trouble R Bowen5120

Rainier Ice has had great success at Emerald and this is a good distance for him. Edge Forward is usually close but hasn’t won in a couple of years. Come Away Home won twice here at this level last year, and he scratched out of a race Saturday to run in this one.

8 61/2 furlongs, purse $17,950, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $32,000/$25,000
6Mike Man's Gold J Matias3124
2Saddleranch I Enriquez5/2120
4Fist Full of Green E Kubinova6120
1I Keep Saying J Gutierrez7/2120
3Germany Bay L Mawing7/2120
5Southern Solution G Mitchell6116

Mike Man’s Gold is a multiple stakes winner, and won a similar race two weeks ago. Saddle­ranch could win if he’s ready after a long layoff. Fist Full of Green is usually in the money (10 times in 14 starts).

9 6 furlongs, purse $50,000, 3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares, Stakes
8Stopshoppingdebbie R Bowen8/5122
6Goin to the Window J Gutierrez9/2118
7Quizzical I Enriquez4117
1Blueberry Smoothie J Matias8118
2She's Stella Marie A Sanguinetti12116
3Madame Pele G Mitchell10119
4Finding More E Kubinova7/2117
5Ms. Sutherland J Zunino20114

Stopshoppingdebbie is unbeaten in five starts, and though this is not an easy field, think she takes a step forward in her first start as a 4-year-old. Her stablemate, Goin to the Window, has given the top pick her biggest challenges in the past. Quizzical has had success in Southern California.

10 6 furlongs, purse $5,900, 3-year-olds and up, claiming $4,000
4Doctor Bruce S. J Zunino3120
6Epic Electorate L Mawing5/2120
3My Lawyer George A Sanguinetti4124
1Decisive Fact L Gonzalez12120
2Atta Boy Lucky R Bowen2122
5Strong Move J Rosales10120

Doctor Bruce S. was a strong second in his first race of the year two weeks ago. A similar effort could win this. Epic Electorate was right behind the top pick in his last race. My Lawyer George takes a small jump up in class after a nice win.

BEST BET: Doctor Bruce S.

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