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Nicole Brodeur

Friday, January 23

Kevin Cole: ‘Seattle is different. So KEXP is different.’ | Nicole & Co.

A planned new home at Seattle Center and a new vision have the local institution on the city’s new wavelength.

Monday, January 19

Tom Douglas’ Lion’s Den looks for next great Seattle entrepreneur | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Ambitious locals make their pitch to a panel of business bigs.

Friday, January 16

Marysville man: ‘We were all scared’ during historic Selma march | Nicole & Co.

Fifty years ago, the Marysville man walked with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil-rights protesters from Selma to Montgomery, Ala.

Tuesday, January 13

Seattle Opera hits high note before it even starts | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Conductor Julian Kovatchev makes an appearance in the lobby as “Tosca” becomes the toast of the town. Injured comedian Dylan Avila to make a comeback appearance Saturday with the help of Craig Gass.

Friday, January 9

Burlesque impresario Jimmy Berg keeps Seattle bawdy | Nicole & Co.

“Burlesque audiences are open to new experiences. They are there to be surprised and shocked and turned on a little bit.”

Monday, January 5

Dry January: Why I’m taking a month off the booze | Nicole Brodeur

Dry January tradition a chance to reset and reflect.

Monday, December 22

Artist Howe is an NYC holiday hit; homeless hero remembered | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Local artist is a hit on New York’s Fifth Avenue; friends remember Lou Lou Couch, a hero to homeless kids; and Gene Juarez makes a funny.

Sunday, December 21

At 95, Ruby Bishop is still singing her own tune | Nicole & Co.

With a standing gig at Vito’s, the pianist says the music keeps her going.

Monday, December 15

Going ‘Wild” at film-premiere; JJ McKay’s party packs them in | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Author Cheryl Strayed and actors Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern celebrate the new movie’s recent release. JJ McKay’s annual Christmas party packs them in.