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Nicole Brodeur

Monday, August 18
Kids win big thanks to annual Auction of Washington Wines | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Nicole Brodeur drops in on the Auction of Washington Wines Weekend and the Soiree Blanc.

Sunday, August 17

Matt Lerner: Walking the walk on urban livability | Nicole & Co.

For Walk Score founder Matt Lerner, the key to urban sanity is affordable housing and nonmotorized transport. As co-chair of this year’s Seattle Design Festival, he’s hoping to showcase both.

Monday, August 11

A spate of accolades as Jenkins departs Seattle Opera | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

After 31 years, Speight Jenkins is honored as he departs Seattle Opera; Brooks honors inspiring running coaches from around the country; and the Obliteride returns with its annual effort to roll over cancer.

Monday, August 4

Butch Blum store’s well-dressed birthday party; saluting the USO | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

The Butch Blum store turns 40 — fashionably. And the Seafair Ball raises money for the USO.

Sunday, August 3

Molly Moon’s grown-up glamping supports Girl Scouts camping | Nicole & Co.

Seattle ice-cream queen and proud former Girl Scout Molly Moon Neitzel is heading a fundraising glamping trip to support her childhood haven.

Monday, July 28

Rain helps grow big cash crop at Feast on the Farm | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Stewardship Partners’ Feast on the Farm gets rained on, but raises $75,000 for aquatic habitats; and punker-turned-music business guru Martin Atkins stops by the Tractor Tavern for a lecture.

Sunday, July 27

Mary Ellen Mark revisits ‘Streetwise’ 30 years later | Nicole & Co.

Thirty years after photographer Mary Ellen Mark and her husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, made the landmark documentary “Streetwise” about homeless Seattle teens, the pair returns to revisit the subjects of the film.

Monday, July 21

Style maven on Aisle 3: Ted Kennedy Watson signs at the Met Market | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Ted Kennedy Watson classes up the Met Market; the fashionably repurposed jackboots you’ve been waiting for; Bremerton’s Swiffer celebs; and Lena Dunham is coming.

Monday, July 14

Radio days at Seattle Center; a fun fundraiser at the zoo | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

KEXP begins its public fundraising push for its planned new home at Seattle Center, and the Woodland Park Zoo throws its annual fundraiser.

Sunday, July 6

Kate Becker thinks Seattle is ready for its close-up | Nicole & Co.

Five months into her tenure, Kate Becker, longtime booster of the local arts and music scene, reflects on her new post as head of Seattle’s Office of Film and Music. And of course, we asked her about James Keblas.

Monday, June 30

KUOW’s Steve Scher steps away from the mike | Nicole & Co.

After 28 years at KUOW, popular “Weekday” host Steve Scher abruptly quit on June 6. Nicole Brodeur sits down to find out what drove him away and what’s up next.