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Tuesday, February 7, 2006 - Page updated at 12:57 PM


Today's developments in the cartoon controversy

By The Associated Press

Developments today in the prophet drawings controversy

The Associated Press

Developments today in the controversy over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad:

— NATO peacekeepers exchange fire with protesters who attacked their base in a second straight day of deadly demonstrations in Afghanistan over publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Three demonstrators are killed and dozens wounded.

— An Iranian newspaper announces a contest for cartoons satirizing the Holocaust in response to the caricatures of Islam's prophet. The country's commerce minister announces Iran is cutting all trade ties with Denmark, where the drawings were first published.

— Police fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of Muslim protesters in Srinagar, India, wounding at least six demonstrators and two policemen.

— Chanting and burning effigies, about 5,000 people gather in Peshawar, Pakistan, to protest the caricatures.

— Masked Palestinian gunmen riddle a picture of the Danish prime minister with bullets and set fire to a mock Danish flag in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah.

— Thousands of Egyptians demonstrate peacefully in Cairo, demanding a boycott of Danish products and the expulsion of the Danish ambassador.

— About 50 protesters in Tehran hurled firebombs at the Norwegian Embassy; a small fire outside the embassy was quickly contained.

— Lawmakers in northern Nigeria burn Danish and Norwegian flags and bar Danish companies from bidding on a major construction project.

— Hundreds of Muslims burn a Danish flag in the Philippines in protest and urge a boycott of Denmark's products.

— Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen calls the protests a "global crisis" and appeals for calm.

— Denmark advises its citizens to leave Indonesia as a precaution.

— Australia temporarily closes its diplomatic missions in the Palestinian territories.

— An aid group that provides food to tens of thousands of people in Chechnya suspends operations after officials ban all Danish organizations.

— President Bush calls the Danish prime minister to express "solidarity and support" in the wake of violence over the drawings.

— China's government criticizes Western newspapers for publishing the drawings and appeals for calm.

— Japan expresses concern about mounting violence linked to the drawings and urges protesters not to further inflame tensions.

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