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Originally published Sunday, December 30, 2012 at 5:06 AM

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A year of movies is sweeter in meter

Seattle Times movie critic Moira Macdonald offers a new year’s gift: a poem recapping the 2012 movie year.

Seattle Times movie critic

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Not too bad Moira, not too bad. (I liked Skyfall too) MORE


Dear readers, look — a year’s flown past

With scores and scores of movies massed.

Twelve months of film, from great to worse

So let’s revisit them — in verse!

First off, some cheers and greetings nifty

To Bond in “Skyfall,” suave at 50,

And Daniel Craig, that cool-eyed mensch

Who looks so swell with Judi Dench.

Let’s say bye-bye to “Twilight” fun:

Yes, “Dawn” has broke — at last, it’s done.

(More sequels? No! I’ve no more time

To spend in making “vampire” rhyme.)

For showbiz fans: quick, here’s a quiz:

How many close-ups in “Les Mis”?

How many notes, from low to high,

Are sung by those about to die?

Did Crowe and Jackman, in their rages,

Out-sing Cruise in “Rock of Ages”?

And don’t you wish, if dreams had wings,

That Streep and Jones had sung “Hope Springs”?

Meanwhile, superheroes rumbled:

“The Avengers” never fumbled.

Spider-Man went back to youth;

Snow White showed a lot of tooth.

Neeson fought wolves in “The Grey”

Knightley whirled through “Anna K.”

Buns were shook in “Magic Mike”

“Dark Shadows” no one seemed to like.

“Looper” took a time-trip journey

Jack Black shot MacLaine in “Bernie”

Denzel manned a plane in “Flight”

“Cloud Atlas” — well, it took all night.

At year’s end, an unlikely tango:

“The Hobbit” faces off with “Django”

“Jack Reacher” comes to film from page

And Apatow greets middle age.

Now, if it’s Oscar that you’re thinkin’

Day-Lewis should win gold for “Lincoln.”

Best Actress prize, if you ask me?

Rachel Weisz, in “Deep Blue Sea.”

For Best Pic, hmm — a few surprises?

“Argo”? Or “The Dark Knight Rises”?

“The Master”? “Moonrise”? “Southern Wild”?

(And please — some praise for that flick’s child.)

A movie year of pain and pleasure —

But I hope you found some to treasure.

One last wish, and ’12 is done:

Happy New Year, everyone!

Moira Macdonald: or 206-464-2725. Apologies to Roger Angell, whose annual “Greetings, Friends!” poem in The New Yorker inspired my annual foray into verse.

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