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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - Page updated at 05:32 PM


What readers are saying about the gay rights bill and opposition

Thank you State of Washington and Governor Gregiore for doing what should have been done many years ago! Tim Eyman get a legimate job.

Karen Burns, , Seattle

Basic human rights are the issue, not preferential treatment, Eyman would deny both What a chump!

Eric Stefik, , Las Vegas, Nev.

Eyman has crossed a dangerous line where he is now attempting to line his pockets with cash while stripping basic civil rights from hard-working, law-abiding fellow Washingtonians. Shame on you, Mr. Eyman and everyone who stands behind you!

Gregg Gallo, , Shoreline

Civil rights should not be decided by referendum. Period!

Ted Gibbons, Seattle

First I would like to thank Christine for signing the Gay Civil Rights Bill into law, 30 years is a long time to wait. As for Mr. Eyman, I say shame on you. What law will you try and repeal next? Civil Rights for Blacks? Religious Freedoms? Or how about the Right for Women's Votes? You should stick with what you know best. Over Taxation by the State of Washington. — Michael Kenmir, Seattle


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Governor Christine Gregoire today signed the state's gay rights law. Tim Eyman says he will launch an initiative and referendum campaign to repeal the legislation. What do you think about it?

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I'm under 13.

As a Christian I am opposed to gay marriage and certainly don't understand or agree with homosexuality and don't associate it as the same thing as racism or sexism. However, homosexuals are human beings and deserve to be treated with the same basic human rights as anyone else. Trying to deny them equal treatment in employment, housing, etc. is not only wrong and immoral, but inexcusable.

David Wallace, Olympia

Get a life, Tim Eyman and stop wrecking havoc with the residents of Washington state. A law that protects people from discrimination should be upheld, not put back up for discussion and debate. Your efforts to discredit what is a wise and just law is reprehensible and sad in a society that needs us to treat all of our residents with respect and dignity, irrespective of their minority status.

Leah D. Hunkins, , Seattle

Of all the things Washington should be worried about, we're talking about a Gay Rights bill. Instead of trying to repeal some of the taxes, that make us the most heavily taxed state, we're worried about Gay Rights. If it's illegal for them to get married, then why are we supporting legislation that allows them to benefit as a married couple would?

Matt Tippin, , Kirkland

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