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Larry Stone

Larry Stone

Tuesday, November 25
Theater of the absurd: Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin stand up for Marshawn Lynch | Larry Stone

Seahawks Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin held a mock news conference Tuesday to rage against the machine — in particular, the NFL and the $100,000 fine of teammate Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media.

Monday, November 24

Seattle sports fans get to enjoy a trifecta feast of big games this weekend | Larry Stone

It starts with Seahawks at 49ers, then the Apple Cup and then the deciding match on the MLS Western Conference

Sunday, November 23

Seahawks’ defense feels the love, and the intensity | Larry Stone

Safety Earl Thomas, in particular, was waxing lyrical about trust and love and togetherness. It was as if the Seahawks had just held a consciousness-raising session, not crushed the will of an Arizona Cardinals team that came into CenturyLink as the NFL’s best.

Huskies show resiliency in satisfying 37-13 victory vs. Oregon State | Larry Stone

Angst turned into bliss. Second-guessing was replaced by first-praising. And the only issues of clock management for the Huskies involved the need to contain their celebration until it hit zero.

Wednesday, November 19

Roster turnover taking a toll on Seahawks | Larry Stone

With injuries to almost every unit, Seahawks dealing with different circumstances, depth than they enjoyed in 2013

Monday, November 17

Seahawks Morning After: Marshawn Lynch drama takes center stage, but where will it end?

As the Seahawks’ will-they-make-the-playoffs drama plays out, the riveting backstory is Marshawn Lynch’s future in Seattle.

Chris Petersen must prove to Husky fans he’s OKC - ‘Our Kinda Coach’ | Larry Stone

Washington coach Chris Petersen’s poor clock management in a devastating loss at Arizona on Saturday was bad, but his stubborn refusal to admit his mistake compounds the error.

Sunday, November 16

For 2014 Seahawks, the margin of error is gone | Larry Stone

For the Seahawks, it is now a season on the brink. The track is unforgiving, as grueling as a treadmill at warp speed. The Seahawks have squandered their margin for error, and face an increasingly uphill road to even get a chance to defend their title in the playoffs.

Wednesday, November 12

Mariners ace Felix Hernandez not winning Cy Young Award is a stunner | Larry Stone

Baseball writers who voted against Felix Hernandez explain why. “I thought Kluber was better in September,” wrote Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star. “I thought Kluber had to overcome more to reach comparable numbers,” explained Dan Hayes of Chicago.

Monday, November 10

Sounders do enough to inch closer to ultimate goal: MLS Cup | Larry Stone

Another heartbreaking ouster would have been the most painful yet for a team that has broken hearts in the postseason throughout its otherwise mostly exemplary existence. But it is all still out there for the Sounders, who continue to prove that the past is not necessary prologue.

Marshawn Lynch’s beastly effort shows Seahawks they have a tough decision to make | Larry Stone

Seahawks Marshawn Lynch ran for 140 yards and a career-best 4 touchdowns, willing his team to victory and showing his teammates again how important he is to Seattle’s hopes to repeat.