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Larry Stone

Larry Stone

Cornerback Richard Sherman, left, and safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are the mainstays of the Legion of Boom, but  even former Hawks are part of the LOB.
BETTINA HANSEN / The Seattle Times
Saturday, January 24
How Legion of Boom’s message of brotherhood helped save the Seahawks’ season | Larry Stone

The Seahawks’ Legion of Boom secondary has movie nights, cookouts and group trips to Lake Chelan to bring them closer together. Earlier this season, a speech by Kam Chancellor brought home that “all for one” message to a team losing its way.

Wednesday, January 21

No lack of hot air about underinflated footballs | Larry Stone

Whether Patriots did or did not intentionally deflate footballs, they are guilty because of past transgressions and could use it as motivation against Seahawks, who are disinterested in controversy.

Monday, January 19

Is the Seahawks’ epic comeback the greatest game in Seattle sports history? | Larry Stone

The Seahawks’ victory over the Packers has all the elements of another Seattle sports classic 20 years ago — the Mariners’ 1995 11-inning ALDS victory over the Yankees marked by Edgar Martinez’s double. Which was better? Why choose?

Sunday, January 18

Russell Wilson struggles, but ultimately shows he’s reaching a Super place | Larry Stone

The struggles and tribulations merely acted to elevate the Russell Wilson legend to another level. They were the prelude to another round of heroics that helped put the Seahawks back in the Super Bowl, and Wilson higher up in the quarterback hierarchy.

Saturday, January 17

Seahawks are 2 wins from proving they’re better than last year | Larry Stone

The Seahawks have overcome more and are on a better roll than they were a year ago. Don’t mention this to Pete Carroll, but only two big games stand between them exceeding their 2013 success.

Thursday, January 15

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have an award- winning relationship | Larry Stone

Seahawks coach and general manager have worked together to transform franchise into a consistent powerhouse

Will Aaron Rodgers avoid Richard Sherman again? Don’t bet on it | Larry Stone

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman never had a pass thrown his way when Seahawks easily beat Green Bay in the season opener. Will it happen again Sunday? No one really knows.

Monday, January 12

Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are all winners / Larry Stone | Larry Stone

The four remaining NFL quarterbacks can be divided into two convenient categories: The old-guard titans (Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers) trying to hold off the new wave of young contenders to the throne (Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck). But they all are winners, too.

Saturday, January 10

Kam Chancellor’s eye-catching leaps symbolize Seahawks’ desire | Larry Stone

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, in a desperate effort to thwart a Carolina field-goal attempt in the waning moments of the first half, leapt over Seattle’s defensive line and the Panthers’ offensive line – not once, but twice.

Wednesday, January 7

Seahawks’ ‘pedestrian’ receivers make big plays, blocks | Larry Stone

The trading of stats for blocks isn’t always the easiest sell, and it can take time for receivers to hop aboard. But it’s also hard to argue with the ultimate success of the Seahawks, who have won 36 of their last 45 games.

Monday, January 5

Seahawks vs. Panthers: Don’t expect Saturday’s playoff game to be easy | Larry Stone

Carolina comes to Seattle looking a lot better than the last time they met the Seahawks