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Larry Stone

Larry Stone

Saturday, January 31
Seahawks hope to duplicate Patriots’ model for long-term success | Larry Stone

The Patriots have won in double figures for 12 consecutive years and qualified for the playoffs in 12 of Bill Belichick’s 15 years as coach.

Friday, January 30

Let Beast Mode be: Why I’ve changed my mind about Marshawn Lynch’s silence

Marshawn Lynch’s refusal to talk to the media has created a no-win situation where the player, media and league all look foolish. That’s why I’m willing to quit hounding him.

Thursday, January 29

Painful ending with Patriots led to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll reinventing himself | Larry Stone

After getting fired, Carroll reflected and re-evaluated and honed his methods, figuring out what worked best and what needed to be refined. In a word — and this is Carroll’s word — he re-invented himself.

Wednesday, January 28

The Earl Thomas paradox: Seahawks safety radiates love, grace and ferocity | Larry Stone

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is the most inscrutable of all Seahawks, and as Super Bowl XLIX approaches, his positive energy is almost blinding.

Tuesday, January 27

Pete Carroll embraces Super Bowl Media Day while Bill Belichick endures it | Larry Stone

The two Super Bowl coaches are a study in contrasts. The Patriots’ Bill Belichick is dour and stone-faced, while Pete Carroll is all smiles and enthusiasm. Those qualities were on display at media day, but the two coaches have more in common than you think.

Monday, January 26

Scouting Russell Wilson on Super Bowl Media Day? We’re here to help | Larry Stone

The Seahawks quarterback’s responses to reporters’ questions will be robotic, relentless and, yes, sincere.

Saturday, January 24

How Legion of Boom’s message of brotherhood helped save the Seahawks’ season | Larry Stone

The Seahawks’ Legion of Boom secondary has movie nights, cookouts and group trips to Lake Chelan to bring them closer together. Earlier this season, a speech by Kam Chancellor brought home that “all for one” message to a team losing its way.

Wednesday, January 21

No lack of hot air about underinflated footballs | Larry Stone

Whether Patriots did or did not intentionally deflate footballs, they are guilty because of past transgressions and could use it as motivation against Seahawks, who are disinterested in controversy.

Monday, January 19

Is the Seahawks’ epic comeback the greatest game in Seattle sports history? | Larry Stone

The Seahawks’ victory over the Packers has all the elements of another Seattle sports classic 20 years ago — the Mariners’ 1995 11-inning ALDS victory over the Yankees marked by Edgar Martinez’s double. Which was better? Why choose?

Sunday, January 18

Russell Wilson struggles, but ultimately shows he’s reaching a Super place | Larry Stone

The struggles and tribulations merely acted to elevate the Russell Wilson legend to another level. They were the prelude to another round of heroics that helped put the Seahawks back in the Super Bowl, and Wilson higher up in the quarterback hierarchy.

Saturday, January 17

Seahawks are 2 wins from proving they’re better than last year | Larry Stone

The Seahawks have overcome more and are on a better roll than they were a year ago. Don’t mention this to Pete Carroll, but only two big games stand between them exceeding their 2013 success.