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Jon Talton

Jon Talton

Sailors stand at attention on the deck of the USS Nimitz, stationed at Naval Station Everett.
Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times, 2011
Friday, September 26
Military is big business in state, but at what cost? | Jon Talton

Washington state estimates that in 2012, the “military industry” was responsible for 136,000 jobs and $15.7 billion in economic activity.

Saturday, September 20

Gates inspires, polarizes as he delves into many fields | Jon Talton

Bill Gates, the richest person of our new gilded age, is not only the world’s biggest giver but also one of our most influential public intellectuals.

Saturday, September 13

Eyes turn to superrich to fill university gap | Jon Talton

Creating new world-class universities not among hobbies of super wealthy today.

Saturday, September 6

Post-World War II order is beginning to unravel | Jon Talton

After WWII, the U.S. established a global order to keep the peace. Today, it is coming under increasing pressure. This is of no small consequence for Washington and Seattle. Washington ranks third among states in the value of its merchandise exports and Seattle area is fourth among metro areas.

Saturday, August 30

A bright spot for labor as tough times remain | Jon Talton

Tough times remain for organized labor, but successful efforts in cities and states to raise the minimum wage, most notably $15 in Sea-Tac and gradually in Seattle, is something to celebrate.

Saturday, August 16

Selling trade is easy here; it may be less so elsewhere | Jon Talton

Ambassador Michael Froman, the U.S. trade representative, contends that “a lot is the frustration with globalization rather than trade agreements.”

Saturday, August 2

Amgen’s exit a symbol of our biotech status | Jon Talton

Washington is doing itself no favors by lawmakers seemingly content to let the research-and-development tax credit sunset at the end of this year. The highly successful Life Sciences Discovery Fund was saved by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Saturday, July 19

Tacoma rebounds | Jon Talton

A solid expansion is taking hold in the City of Destiny and Pierce County as State Farm Insurance expands, Boeing plans to build the composite tail for the 777X at Frederickson, and Toray Composites, a major Japanese aerospace manufacturer, also is expanding its Frederickson plant.

Saturday, July 12

Seattle sees boom times again, with qualifications | Jon Talton

The Seattle-Bellevue-Everett region is benefiting from economic drivers specific to the Puget Sound region. But the growth rate in employment and income hasn’t matched previous eras of prosperity.

Saturday, July 5

How are we doing? 7 key signposts for local economy | Jon Talton

Things to watch over the next half year include the sharpening rivalry between hometown airline Alaska and deep-pocketed Delta, and whether Amazon’s amazing growth can keep going.

Saturday, June 28

Export-Import Bank succeeds | Jon Talton

The Ex-Im Bank helps finance about 2 percent of U.S. exports, including Boeing jets.