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Jon Talton

Jon Talton

A smartphone is mounted on the glass of a Uber car in Mumbai, India. After a rape case, Uber was banned in New Delhi.
Rafiq Maqbool / The Associated Press
Saturday, December 13
Uber-style disruption OK as long as it leaves us in a better place | Jon Talton

The notion of a sharing economy would find much less traction if the U.S. economy was creating enough well-paid, full-time jobs with benefits.

Friday, December 5

Federal drop in R&D money to help China leave us in dust | Jon Talton

R&D is as much a foundation of modern economies as capital, petroleum and skilled workers.

Saturday, November 22

‘Battle in Seattle’ and the WTO legacy | Jon Talton

It’s also worth considering other ways the world envisioned by the framers of the 1999 Ministerial Conference has and hasn’t worked out.

Saturday, November 15

D.C. drama threatens Internet access for all | Jon Talton

D.C. Internet drama threatens Web access for all

Saturday, November 8

What we might see from a GOP-led Congress | Jon Talton

The energetic Republican base and the most influential Republicans in Congress want action. It just won’t necessarily be what the mainstream consider important.

Saturday, November 1

How China shapes NW trade, world’s future | Jon Talton

Imports from China are the backbone of the Puget Sound ports.

Saturday, October 25

Europe’s economic woes are bound to hit home | Jon Talton

What happens in Europe can’t stay there, even in the Asian Century, because of the EU’s huge size and influence on the global economy.

Saturday, October 18

‘Peak Oil’ peaked and then some, so what’s next? | Jon Talton

Oil is still costly, a head wind to economic growth.

Saturday, October 11

Energy-efficient economy needs strong railroads | Jon Talton

Railroads didn’t die. In fact, they will be an increasingly important part of the 21st century transportation of freight and people.

Thursday, October 9

Ports accept reality of worldwide competition | Jon Talton

If the leap of faith and goodwill that led to this historic agreement between the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma continue, great things can happen.

Saturday, October 4

Lurking risks could deflate Seattle’s boom | Jon Talton

Seattle’s boom could stop in a heartbeat.