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Jerry Large

Jerry Large

Wednesday, July 23
We’re only No. 18? Our state not so great for our kids | Jerry Large

A new national report shows that kids in Washington are better off than children in most states, but still too many lag behind.

Sunday, July 20

Goodwill’s recycling work turns out good people | Jerry Large

Graduates of the social-service organization’s programs pass on their social skills and altruism at Goodwill.

Wednesday, July 16

Fight crime with good jobs and schools, UW professor says | Jerry Large

University of Washington professor Robert Crutchfield’s new book — “Get A Job: Labor Markets, Economic Opportunity, and Crime” — is based on professional research and personal experiences, and offers suggestions to fight crime that revolve around employment and educatio

Sunday, July 13

Until we act on gun laws, we can’t move on from tragedies | Jerry Large

Keep gun-control momentum alive for the vote on Initiative 594.

Wednesday, July 9

These books are must-reads for Vashon neighbors | Jerry Large

Vashon writer weaves personal stories of island residents into books that build community.

Sunday, July 6

America is a nation in perpetual revolution | Jerry Large

Work continues to preserve and enlarge freedoms won in the 238 years since the Declaration of Independence.

Wednesday, July 2

A sign that art is life on the street | Jerry Large

A Texas art professor is touring the country for art and to help people see the humanity of people who are without homes.

Sunday, June 29

Drones, data, digital tracking: Someone’s watching over you | Jerry Large

We need to keep an eye on the technology that’s keeping an eye on us.

Wednesday, June 25

Fascinating show: City Council on TV | Jerry Large

Tuning into a Seattle City Council meeting gives residents a useful view of city’s process.

Sunday, June 22

The way out of gridlock? Maybe we need a Mandela to lead | Jerry Large

We need a Nelson Mandela of transportation policy to lead on traffic problems, an expert says.

Wednesday, June 18

Setting at-risk kids on the right course | Jerry Large

Home visits point young children toward success in school and life.