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Jerry Large

Jerry Large

Sunday, August 31
Young pair practice essence of citizenship | Jerry Large

Two people turn angst to activism, continuing the tradition of students organizing for social change.

Wednesday, August 27

New labor movement needed to regain our democracy | Jerry Large

A revived labor movement is needed to counter economic and political inequality.

Sunday, August 24

Moving beyond the color of crime | Jerry Large

Let’s fight crime and injustice, not each other.

Wednesday, August 20

Ferguson reveals a growing gap in a black and white world | Jerry Large

Beneath the shooting and protests in Ferguson, Mo., one can feel the heat of two races moving apart.

Sunday, August 17

Let’s fix mental-care hot mess | Jerry Large

Mental-health care is overdue for the overhaul the recent state Supreme Court ruling might spur.

Wednesday, August 13

Shooting in Missouri shows the need for change | Jerry Large

The shooting in Ferguson, Mo., is the latest racial flash point, but the underlying problems exist all over.

Sunday, August 10

Seattle’s public-housing plan comes with complications | Jerry Large

The Seattle Housing Authority will test its ability to move tenants into better jobs, and independent housing.

Thursday, August 7

Ebola provides a painful lesson on Liberia | Jerry Large

Two doctors say a stronger Liberia would not be prey to Ebola.

Sunday, August 3

A merger with the power to help kids | Jerry Large

Nonprofits are helping each other help the community through a merger.

Wednesday, July 30

Why we should all care | Jerry Large

Communities suffer when people don’t feel and act connected.

Sunday, July 27

Using your brain to capacity, no miracles necessary | Jerry Large

We use all of our brain capacity, but we don’t always do it well. There are cures for that but no miracles.