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Jerry Large

Jerry Large

Sunday, October 19
Ingredients that make a happy city | Jerry Large

Urban density done right makes for happy cities, advocate says.

Wednesday, October 15

Help the kids, don’t just jail them | Jerry Large

A better building is good, but a better system for children would be even better.

Wednesday, October 8

Nation listing from our income imbalance | Jerry Large

Inequality sours news of rapid income growth in Seattle.

Sunday, October 5

Changing holiday, team names can turn page on bitter history | Jerry Large

Remnants of a bitter history lurk everywhere, particularly in names of holidays and athletic teams. Making changes can help us turn the page.

Thursday, October 2

We still don’t ‘get’ women as equals | Jerry Large

Society still hasn’t overcome biases that disadvantage women.

Sunday, September 28

What makes kids do their best? UW fellow is trying to find out | Jerry Large

A postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington is trying to understand why some children, but not others, overcome cultural norms, expectations and stereotypes that might keep them from reaching their full potential.

Wednesday, September 24

Starving the government won’t fix it | Jerry Large

Sometimes, we the people, get it wrong.

Sunday, September 21

Fighting a quiet, nearly invisible brand of systematic racism | Jerry Large

Duke professor says a new social movement is needed to combat racism.

Thursday, September 18

John McKay thinks Ireland’s experience might help Palestine | Jerry Large

Seattle U professor finds lessons for the Middle East in Irish history.

Sunday, September 14

Space goals can lift down-to-earth ones | Jerry Large

Look to space endeavors for inspiration to tackle earthly problems.

Wednesday, September 10

Income-tax debate pits fairness against mistrust of Legislature | Jerry Large

Readers don’t trust government, but want a fair tax system.