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Jerry Large

Jerry Large

Wednesday, January 28
Nation can use some of NFL’s finer points | Jerry Large

Football has a few lessons for the rest of America.

Sunday, January 25

UW teach-in echoes past truths about racial bias | Jerry Large

UW professors turn their concern over Ferguson into a modern teach-in.

Wednesday, January 21

Come on, folks, this planet is worth keeping | Jerry Large

Take it easy on how we’re hurting it, or we’ll all be homeless in a big way.

Sunday, January 18

Platitudes about equality hinder progress | Jerry Large

More awareness of the role race still plays in society can light the path to equal opportunity.

Wednesday, January 14

Rainier Beach community sad, angry over doughnut-shop attack | Jerry Large

The Rainier Beach doughnut-shop owners who were badly beaten earlier this month have caring family and community, while the culprit is the real loser.

Thursday, December 25

Looking back: Inequality woven through 2014 | Jerry Large

Jerry Large reflects on two big stories of the year that involve movements aimed at reducing inequality.

Monday, December 22

‘Data nerd’ finds way to help foster more effective policing | Jerry Large

A researcher finds a role to play in criminal-justice reform at an opportune moment.

Wednesday, December 17

Social failures trickle down to our prisons | Jerry Large

Prisons absorb the results of failures in other systems but still could offer a chance to get it right.

Sunday, December 14

We are the ones who determine the policing we get | Jerry Large

This may be the right moment to redefine community expectations for policing.

Wednesday, December 10

It’s past time for a fairer tax system | Jerry Large

More jobs and higher pay won’t reduce wealth gap without policy changes.

Sunday, December 7

Activist proves you don’t have to lead parade to make a difference | Jerry Large

Linda Katz’s story shows that civic engagement is beneficial to the individual and to society.