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Jerry Large

Jerry Large

Wednesday, December 17
Social failures trickle down to our prisons | Jerry Large

Prisons absorb the results of failures in other systems but still could offer a chance to get it right.

Sunday, December 14

We are the ones who determine the policing we get | Jerry Large

This may be the right moment to redefine community expectations for policing.

Wednesday, December 10

It’s past time for a fairer tax system | Jerry Large

More jobs and higher pay won’t reduce wealth gap without policy changes.

Sunday, December 7

Activist proves you don’t have to lead parade to make a difference | Jerry Large

Linda Katz’s story shows that civic engagement is beneficial to the individual and to society.

Wednesday, December 3

Deaf ears lead to sound of protests | Jerry Large

Mass protests are a sign that some part of the population isn’t being heard through the usual channels.

Wednesday, November 26

We need to put more effort into closing our racial divides | Jerry Large

Developments out of Ferguson, Mo., signal a need to understand and work on the country’s race problem.

Sunday, November 23

King County’s youth initiative: good news that could be better | Jerry Large

Rescuing young adults is good, but keeping them on track would be better.

Wednesday, November 19

Promise of progress is that nothing stays the same | Jerry Large

Circumstances that seem permanent can change with persistent pushing.

Sunday, November 16

Showing Seattle’s homeless a little warmth | Jerry Large

New project will give sleeping bags to homeless people because a little human warmth matters.

Wednesday, November 12

LBJ helps Franklin High students take to stage | Jerry Large

Franklin students explore Lyndon Johnson’s presidency and social issues through the dramatic arts, thanks to a Seattle Rep project.

Sunday, November 9

Saluting a Seattle WWII Tuskegee Airman | Jerry Large

A retired engineer is trying to preserve the story of a Seattle World War II veteran.