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Jerry Brewer

Jerry Brewer

Washington freshman running back Lavon Coleman runs for yardage on the Huskies’ final drive when they  sealed the win by running out the clock.
DEAN RUTZ / The Seattle Times
Sunday, August 31
Chris Petersen’s UW debut isn’t pretty, but it’s a start | Jerry Brewer

The Chris Petersen era started with an escape. And an exhale. It wasn’t all high-fives and high praise. Years from now, this debut should prove to be a mere snapshot in Petersen’s album, but it’ll be one of those ugly childhood photos that you wish your parents wouldn’t show

Friday, August 29

Chris Petersen’s first UW game: Prepare to be impressed | Jerry Brewer

Chris Petersen owns Saturdays. He tolerates the rest of the week, at least when it comes to publicity. From Sunday through Friday, he’s a rigid coach with a high standard for preparation. On Saturdays, he has as much fun as any coach in America.

Wednesday, August 27

One is not enough for Seahawks | Jerry Brewer

The Seahawks believe they can win more than one Super Bowl. And maybe this young, talented, hungry team is right. Maybe it can.

Tuesday, August 26

Mariners reward Jack Zduriencik’s persistence with contract extension | Jerry Brewer

For six seasons, GM Jack Zduriencik has taken a methodical approach to build the Mariners and he received an undisclosed multi-year deal on Tuesday.

Saturday, August 23

Percy Harvin goes all in on Russell Wilson Show | Jerry Brewer

Harvin compares third-year quarterback to legendary leader Brett Favre.

Friday, August 22

On offense, Seahawks smash again | Jerry Brewer

Seattle pounded the Bears, 34-6, with Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks to nine consecutive scoring possessions.

Tuesday, August 19

Kris Richard, the man behind the Legion of Boom, prepares his unit for latest challenge | Jerry Brewer

Seahawks defensive backs coach Kris Richard, just 34 years old, quickly converted from a player to a valuable assistant.

Saturday, August 16

Seahawks’ evolving offense much more explosive | Jerry Brewer

In small doses, you can see the change afoot. As much as the Seahawks are a championship team set in their championship ways, they’re also addicted to being different.

Thursday, August 14

This could be one of the best years in Seattle sports history | Jerry Brewer

The rampant rebuilding is over! Eight and a half months into a banner Seattle sports year, it has become plausible not just to dream, but to expect great things. Winning seems to be contagious.

Tuesday, August 12

Mariners’ stingy mound staff creating own dead-ball era | Jerry Brewer

Seattle on pace to finish with the American League’s first sub-3.00 ERA in 40 years.

Saturday, August 9

Lou Piniella gives a perfect speech, and a pep talk | Jerry Brewer

Near the end of his Mariners’ Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Lou Piniella transformed from gracious retired legend to motivational skipper once more.