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Jerry Brewer

Jerry Brewer

Friday, July 25

Marshawn Lynch holdout appears to not faze Seahawks | Jerry Brewer

As the defending champion Seahawks opened training camp Friday, with Marshawn Lynch in Holdout Mode and nowhere to be found, there was an eerie feel to the team’s mild-mannered reactions to his absence. The message was clear, if subtle.

Thursday, July 24

Marshawn Lynch holdout puts Seahawks in a tough position | Jerry Brewer

Marshawn Lynch has decided to take his demand for a pay raise to another threat level. Lynch will be the dreaded camp holdout. Until this complicated situation is resolved, the Seahawks’ bid to win another championship is in a fragile state.

Sunday, July 13

For the M’s, hope at last | Jerry Brewer

The Mariners in the first half have finally made the city turn up its enthusiasm a few notches. With 67 games remaining, it’s still too early to make any definitive declarations, except for one. Now, there is hope.

Thursday, July 10

Mariners’ games against Oakland will be a midterm exam

This July matchup features a playoff position-jockeying M’s squad against the best team in baseball. The Mariners have a chance to show they belong.

Wednesday, July 9

Mariners’ long, difficult youth movement gains credibility with Kyle Seager’s All-Star nod | Jerry Brewer

Decisions to stick with younger players starting to bear fruit with Kyle Seager’s All-Star selection.

Saturday, July 5

Nate Robinson at 30: still having lots of fun | Jerry Brewer

Most every Seattle sports fan has a favorite Nate moment, and they remember it in such vivid detail that you feel like you were there.

Thursday, July 3

In time, Russell Wilson will settle the ‘elite’ debate on his terms | Jerry Brewer

Russell Wilson is the new benchmark for what an NFL quarterback can accomplish by age 25. He has no true historical peer. The Seahawks begin training camp in three weeks, and amid the boredom of this calm period, a period of manufacturing conversation has commenced.

Tuesday, July 1

Alisha Valavanis, the Storm’s new COO, brings passion and experience into her new role | Jerry Brewer

Team building is what the new boss of the Storm does the best

Saturday, June 28

Mariners should go in on a playoff push | Jerry Brewer

The first half of the season should empower general manager Jack Zduriencik to make this team even better over the next month. With the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaching, the Mariners deserve the opportunity to go as far as they can with this team.

Friday, June 27

Bothell’s Zach LaVine is living an NBA dream at lightning speed | Jerry Brewer

There’s a huge difference between getting drafted and becoming a real NBA player. That process now begins in earnest for LaVine.