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Over decades, building toward disaster


INTERACTIVE: Aerial photographs of the area around the Oso slide from the 1930s through 2014 show a series of major slides scarring the hill while the river gets pushed away, only to fight its way back. The decades of shifting landscape have one human constant: Even as warnings mounted, people kept moving in. This interactive tells that story.


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Working out with an American Ninja Warrior

James "Beast" McGrath, an "American Ninja Warrior" competitor, shares some of his workout routines and mental strategy he uses to be competitive in the show.

Witnessing the Oso mudslide

Music on the Move: "What Good Am I?" performed by La Luz

Raw video: Summit of Mt. Rainier from Chinook helicopter

Photo Gallery

Hundreds die in Gaza

Photo Gallery

Washington wildfires

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Love the column? Pre-order the book!

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