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Michael Ruhlman on making perfect scrambled eggs

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Genevieve Alvarez / THE SEATTLE TIMES

ALL YOU CAN EAT: They're incredible, they're edible. We already knew that. But even the most devoted fan of the humble egg can gain a new perspective on the ingredient in Michael Ruhlman's new book, "Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient."

Breaking down Metro’s transit vote

PROS AND CONS: Voters are being asked to increase sales taxes and car-tab fees to fund transit and roads. Read about the arguments.


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Assistance for low-income students applying to college

College-going rates for low-income students hover at 51 percent, and much of the reason may be that most have no one to help them navigate the final steps of the process.

Nicole Brodeur: The songs of a survivor

Audio: 911 call from 530 mudslide witness


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