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Destinations | A Traveler's Glimpse: Kristin Jackson

Destinations | A Traveler's Glimpse: Kristin Jackson

Friday, October 3

Florence: A city full of art | Destinations

Artworks, and marvelous architecture, are everywhere in Florence, the enduring heritage of its Renaissance glory.

Friday, September 19

When commoners call on Buckingham Palace | Destinations

This year, the royal palace in London is open until Sept. 28 and is showing the “Royal Childhood” exhibit, a tale spanning more than 250 years, told with everything from beloved toys to previously unseen photographs and film footage.

Friday, August 29

Mexico City: Soldiers use modern means to honor the past | Destinations

Every Sept. 16, the country celebrates its independence from Spain through a battle that began in 1810.

Friday, August 22

Barcelona: Big kids play in the sand, too | Destinations

Although Spain has been in economic crisis over the past few years with an unemployment rate of more than 25 percent, the beaches of Barcelona and beyond keep luring locals and tourists.

Friday, August 15

Amber mountains of grain await their journey | Destinations

Lewiston is far from the Pacific Ocean and the big ports of the West Coast — about 465 miles up the Columbia and Snake rivers — but grains and goods flow from and to the Idaho city by big cargo ships.

Friday, July 18

Sumatra: Seeking serenity in a place of prayer | Destinations

From dawn to dusk during each year’s monthlong Ramadan period, devout Muslims abstain from eating, drinking or smoking. It’s one of the holiest times in the Islamic calendar, commemorating the revelation of the Quran, Islam’s sacred text.

Friday, July 11

Myanmar mountains: A place for deep thought | Destinations

Yathae Pyan cave has been turned into a Buddhist place of worship.

Friday, July 4

In Kabuki, it’s boys to men — and women | Destinations

The highly stylized Kabuki dance-drama, often focused on tragic love, is more than 400 years old. Men and boys, in ornate costumes and makeup, usually play both the female and male characters.

Friday, June 27

Lady Liberty: Carrying the torch for an ideal | Destinations

Properly called “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World,” the copper figure was a gift from France in 1886.

Friday, June 20

Indonesia: Hey, isn’t that Spider-Man out there? | Destinations

This entertaining window washer is dangling outside a hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-biggest city with more than 3 million people.