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Destinations | A Traveler's Glimpse: Kristin Jackson

Destinations | A Traveler's Glimpse: Kristin Jackson

sanjay kanojia / AFP / Getty Images
Friday, April 18
In India, where sacred rivers converge | Destinations

The Ganges and Yamuna rivers, linked to Hindu gods and much venerated, converge at the northern India city of Allahabad.

Friday, March 28

Somerset, England: Perchance to dream | Destinations

Glastonbury Tor has long been an attraction: as a magnet for spiritual sightseers, a vortex of energy, and now as the site (nearby) of a popular outdoor music festival.

Friday, March 21

On a ride, time for reflection in Vancouver, B.C. | Destinations

If you’re going to Vancouver, go to Stanley Park, rain or shine. Walk or bike the Seawall to gaze at the cityscape, mountains and English Bay.

Friday, February 28

Humpbacks rise to the occasion | Destinations

One of the easiest places to see humpbacks is Hawaii. They revel in the warm waters around the islands. About 10,000 humpbacks migrate to Hawaii from November to May (with January-March being prime time) to breed and nurture their young.

Friday, February 21

Rome: A slice of the pious life | Destinations

Rome has been a center of Christian religious life for more than 1,700 years. The religious flocks are joined these days by more and more Catholic pilgrims and tourists, newly energized by the election of Pope Francis.

Friday, February 7

Chicago: Lighthouse serves through the rain and the fog | Destinations

The Chicago Harbor Light’s backdrop, usually, is the soaring skyscrapers of downtown and the Navy Pier, a tourist-beloved complex of restaurants and shops.

Friday, January 31

Mumbai: Using his head to fend off torrents of trouble | Destinations

In India, the monsoon saturates the region from June to September, bringing desperately needed nourishment to heat-seared, parched earth.

Friday, January 24

The New York subway: a cornucopia of humanity | Destinations

Riding the subway is cheap (compared to taxis) and fast (compared to aboveground vehicles). It also offers an intimate look — sometimes too intimate at rush hour — at the city’s cultural melting pot.

Friday, January 17

Take a vintage ride in Scotland | Destinations

Scotland’s Strathspey Steam Railway runs 20-mile excursions in old-fashioned trains through the rolling Cairngorm Mountains.

Friday, January 3

The adventure of travel: the moon casts shadows and spells | Destinations

Seattle Times NWTraveler editor Kristin R. Jackson recalls her first time in an airplane: “When I took my first flight as a little kid in the early 1960s, my mother and I dressed up in freshly ironed skirts, freshly pin-curled hair and even gloves.”

Friday, December 20

Allahabad, India: In the soothing light of faith, pilgrims find peace | Destinations

The city is a major Hindu pilgrimage center.