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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Tuesday, April 22
WWU’s president is right: The world is changing; deal with it | Danny Westneat

The reaction to a university president’s comments about how his school needs to become less white was more revealing than the comments themselves.

Saturday, April 19

Petitioning wrong party on wage issue | Danny Westneat

It used to be businesses and workers negotiated pay and other benefits among themselves. Now they’re both going to government for leverage — with taxpayers squeezed in between.

Saturday, April 12

Lonely, ignored voice predicted Boeing job drain | Danny Westneat

Despite being given the largest state tax break in U.S. history, Boeing is shipping jobs out of the state. One guy that nobody listened to predicted it.

Tuesday, April 8

The building boom heard ’round Seattle | Danny Westneat

Rising right along with Seattle’s shiny new skyscrapers is a familiar agitation: Can we slow down?

Saturday, April 5

Fanaticism on both sides of gay-rights issue | Danny Westneat

The gay-rights side — the side I’m on — has just about won. But now we’re starting to act as intolerant as what we defeated.

Tuesday, April 1

Fury over Obamacare should be redirected into ‘fix-it’ campaign | Danny Westneat

The enrollment surge in Obamacare suggests a chance to move past all the hostility and fix, not nix, the health-care law.

Saturday, March 29

As GOP grumbles, many more now insured | Danny Westneat

Obamacare may have already brought the biggest increase in health coverage in this state in 50 years.

Tuesday, March 25

Officials in denial on Oso slide | Danny Westneat

It’s true the government can’t save you from natural disaster. But it can try a lot harder than it did before the Oso slide.

Saturday, March 22

Westneat: Why does Tri-Cities hate its government jobs? | Danny Westneat

The place that talks toughest about the government got the most government help. Is this the year Eastern Washington finally takes a stand against itself?

Tuesday, March 18

When a hike in rent is really an eviction | Danny Westneat

A longtime tenant discovers her landlord was shielding her from the modern economy.

Saturday, March 15

City’s progressive dreams have steep price tag | Danny Westneat

Are Seattle voters ready for a taxation spending spree of historic proportions? The proposed parks levy is just the start.