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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Saturday, September 13
Carfree in Seattle, the living isn’t easy | Danny Westneat

After not one but two buses in a row pass you by because they’re too jammed to board, it’s time to get a car.

Tuesday, September 9

Presidents of public universities hiss at talk of state’s budget cuts | Danny Westneat

It’s starting to feel like the whole idea of public higher education is on the chopping block.

Saturday, September 6

Past time for new colleges in this state | Danny Westneat

Remember a few years ago when there was so much demand on the state’s college system that we needed to build the equivalent of a new University of Washington just to keep up? Well, that has changed.

Saturday, August 30

Right wing launches misguided protest against Labor Day | Danny Westneat

Of all the things to protest: Labor Day? Workers have it hard enough, so leave their one day alone.

Tuesday, August 26

Europe calls out corporate tax schemes our politicians won’t | Danny Westneat

At least somebody is questioning the tax-avoidance schemes of our tech companies.

Saturday, August 23

Some legislators have an insatiable hunger for free meals | Danny Westneat

An anti-hunger activist finds the neediest of all are in the state Legislature.

Tuesday, August 19

Seattle no place to look for a Ferguson solution | Danny Westneat

About the last place to go looking for how to stop the riots in Missouri would be Seattle.

Sunday, August 17

Feds’ failed school rules inspire revolting response | Danny Westneat

The federal government’s extreme labeling of all Washington state schools as failing could lead to a revolt. Not against the schools. Against the federal government.

Tuesday, August 12

$8,346.82! Beware the cost of crossing the 520 toll bridge | Danny Westneat

Some readers said my problem of being fined $40 on the 520 toll bridge was too petty for the newspaper. Then how about $8,346?

Saturday, August 9

520 bridge toll fines seriously out of whack | Danny Westneat

The 520 toll system finally caught me in its rigid bureaucratic web. I’m not alone: In a little over two years the state has levied $45 million in fines just on this one bridge.

Wednesday, August 6

Dan Evans, vestige of a GOP that believed in the American Dream | Danny Westneat

Former governor and U.S. Sen. Dan Evans told a stirring story about helping refugees the other day. But he didn’t mention that it’s his own party that’s shouting “stay out!” today.