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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Tuesday, January 27
‘Smart guns’ may be smart way to keep kids safe

There is a way to stop all the shootings involving kids getting their hands on guns. But it’s bogged down in toxic gun politics — something a Seattle activist hopes to change.

Monday, January 26

Guess who’s discovered income inequality | Danny Westneat

Suddenly everybody’s talking like those crazy Seattleites, even the top Republican candidates for president.

Tuesday, January 20

Olympia’s gun policies behind times | Danny Westneat

Gun protests are supposed to show we live in a tyrannical police state. Instead they show the opposite: Our gun culture remains “anything goes.”

Saturday, January 17

Even some landlords shocked by rent hikes | Danny Westneat

Even some landlords are fretting that recent rent increases are so extreme the shock may jump-start a movement for rent control.

Tuesday, January 13

Jacked apartment rents say, ‘Goodbye, you’re too poor’ | Danny Westneat

For the first time in decades, Seattle is getting less poor. But it’s not because the poor and working classes are doing better. It’s because they’re leaving.

Saturday, January 10

Free college? We’re already doing it | Danny Westneat

Free college is one of those ideas that at first blush sounds outrageous. But it’s coming, and in some places — like in Washington state — it’s already here.

Wednesday, January 7

‘Stand-up economist’ turns to humor to help save the planet | Danny Westneat

Can a stand-up comedian lead the state on climate change issues? We’re about to find out the punchline to that.

Saturday, January 3

City Council races compelling, but leave me out of it | Danny Westneat

Should I run for City Council? Over the holiday vacation a political trial balloon was floated — and popped in record time.

Saturday, December 27

2014 is one year in need of an image makeover | Danny Westneat

2014 needs an image makeover. Nobody had much nice to say about the year, but it turned out far better than expected.

Friday, December 19

Prime year for a state lying contest | Danny Westneat

We don’t have a “Lie of the Year” contest around here. But if we did, this year we’ve got a couple top-notch nominees.

Tuesday, December 16

Finally, Inslee’s big moment | Danny Westneat

Two years into his term, Gov. Jay Inslee finally rolled out a big idea.