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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Tuesday, October 28
Adults should be charged if kid gets gun, like they do in Texas | Danny Westneat

There is something that might have prevented the Marysville shootings — or at least held the gun owner responsible. But lawmakers were too afraid of the NRA to do it.

Monday, October 27

A mass shooting every 3 weeks: We don’t have to live like this | Danny Westneat

The chairman of the stricken Tulalip Tribes, a community filled with family of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School gunman, summed up how we deal with mass shootings.

Tuesday, October 21

Hey, we’re world class! For truly terrible traffic | Danny Westneat

Seattle’s got the traffic of a big-time city, but the spirit of a small town when it comes to doing anything about it.

Saturday, October 18

Voters in a funk as politicians duck, dodge | Danny Westneat

Neither party is making much of a case it can solve the state’s problems. And on the biggest problems facing state government — education and transportation — we’re stuck. Voters are bored, uninspired and tuned out.

Tuesday, October 14

Arboretum’s ramps to nowhere mark successful freeway revolt | Danny Westneat

Though considered an embarrassing mistake, Seattle’s ramps to nowhere inexplicably became part of the fabric of city life. Now the state’s tearing them down after 51 years.

Saturday, October 11

Streetcar ridership, revenue still off track | Danny Westneat

The red ink continues to flow on Seattle’s streetcar experiment.

Tuesday, October 7

When selling guns to felons is no problem, that's a problem | Danny Westneat

Even the experience of mistakenly selling assault rifles to an eight-time felon isn’t enough to convince some gun enthusiasts of the need for background checks.

Saturday, October 4

Liberal infighting snarling Seattle’s election choices | Danny Westneat

Seattle is like one big dysfunctional family, as this year’s election ballot shows.

Tuesday, September 30

After predictions of Metro gloom, trust in officials erodes | Danny Westneat

Metro’s predicted financial “hurricane” apparently isn’t going to hit the bus system after all. But it may have done a whole lot of political damage.

Friday, September 26

Neighbors worry pot shop could bring change, even gentrification | Danny Westneat

Can selling a newly legalized drug help revitalize a corner that has been plagued by illegal drugs? Or will it further the trouble?

Tuesday, September 23

Surrounded by a feeling of poverty amid signs of prosperity | Danny Westneat

The idea that we have become a poor country seems ridiculous. Unless you read the news as a foreigner might.