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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Friday, November 21

A nation of immigrants dreaming of better: It could be my story too | Danny Westneat

Obama’s first story, his immigrant story, was always his best.

Tuesday, November 18

A tale of 2 cities: Wealthy Seattle areas buy their own cops | Danny Westneat

With cops, schools, even traffic control in Seattle, the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never felt more true.

Friday, November 14

‘I Will Not Comply’ gun-rights rally ironically needs a permit | Danny Westneat

It’s not easy rallying against tyranny. It turns out you need a permit for that.

Tuesday, November 11

$15-an-hour job comes with noncompete clause, threat of legal action | Danny Westneat

When we’re making low-wage workers sign noncompete contracts, we’re basically going back to a feudal system, Danny Westneat says.

Sunday, November 9

My brazen car prowlers turn out to be state’s ‘Most Wanted’ | Danny Westneat

It turns out those alleged car prowlers columnist Danny Westneat couldn’t get the police to do anything about weren’t just any car prowlers.

Tuesday, November 4

Big winners: gun control and Mayor Ed Murray | Danny Westneat

The big story of the local election is that the gun-control movement finally had the electoral breakthrough it has always sought.

Saturday, November 1

Police allow car break-ins to become a Seattle growth industry | Danny Westneat

If your car is broken into and your stuff stolen, don’t bother calling the police. They won’t come even if you track down the thieves yourself.

Tuesday, October 28

Adults should be charged if kid gets gun, like they do in Texas | Danny Westneat

There is something that might have prevented the Marysville shootings — or at least held the gun owner responsible. But lawmakers were too afraid of the NRA to do it.

Monday, October 27

A mass shooting every 3 weeks: We don’t have to live like this | Danny Westneat

The chairman of the stricken Tulalip Tribes, a community filled with family of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School gunman, summed up how we deal with mass shootings.

Tuesday, October 21

Hey, we’re world class! For truly terrible traffic | Danny Westneat

Seattle’s got the traffic of a big-time city, but the spirit of a small town when it comes to doing anything about it.