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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Saturday, April 19
Petitioning wrong party on wage issue | Danny Westneat

It used to be businesses and workers negotiated pay and other benefits among themselves. Now they’re both going to government for leverage — with taxpayers squeezed in between.

Saturday, March 8

Seattle’s makeover plans are oddly Disney-like | Danny Westneat

Seattle is remaking its downtown, all at once. On paper anyway, the plans are very nice. Too nice.

Saturday, March 1

Anti-gay bias closer than you think | Danny Westneat

Think Arizona is backward? We’ve got the same movement here to try to deny services to gays and lesbians in the name of religion.

Tuesday, February 25

Minimum-wage proposal a $15 paradox for the poor | Danny Westneat

The $15-an-hour minimum wage leaves many nonprofit social-service providers in a bind. A lot of them support the idea, but their organizations can’t afford it.

Saturday, February 22

A do-gooder tells why $15 wage is bad idea | Danny Westneat

A Seattle liberal pokes his head up to challenge Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.

Saturday, February 15

Bertha is stuck and so are we | Danny Westneat

There is no backup plan to drilling the downtown Seattle tunnel. So we’re going to have to tough this one out.

Tuesday, February 11

Finally, Inslee looks like a leader with bold stand on executions | Danny Westneat

A new governor showed up this week when Jay Inslee said he would halt all death-row executions in Washington state.

Sunday, February 9

In fight against homelessness, let’s zero in on children | Danny Westneat

They’ve finally gotten all the kids out of Seattle’s shantytown, which is great news. But more may be on the way.

Saturday, February 1

Winning is when things start to get complicated | Danny Westneat

Seattle’s not used to winning much on the national stage. And it shows.

Tuesday, January 28

Government’s effort to raise minimum wage may backfire | Danny Westneat

Raising the minimum wage is popular. But doing it first only in the public sector seems tailor-made to spark anti-government acrimony.