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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Friday, September 26
Neighbors worry pot shop could bring change, even gentrification | Danny Westneat

Can selling a newly legalized drug help revitalize a corner that has been plagued by illegal drugs? Or will it further the trouble?

Tuesday, September 23

Surrounded by a feeling of poverty amid signs of prosperity | Danny Westneat

The idea that we have become a poor country seems ridiculous. Unless you read the news as a foreigner might.

Friday, September 19

We are worse than NFL as far as domestic violence goes | Danny Westneat

The NFL isn’t the only one with a widespread domestic-violence problem. In Seattle there are roughly two Ray Rice or worse domestic attacks, usually on women, each day. And those are just the ones reported.

Tuesday, September 16

Metro finds room on the bus for some good news | Danny Westneat

Turns out Metro doesn’t have to cut the bus system as much as it once claimed. So maybe now we can get to what really needs to be done: expanding it.

Saturday, September 13

Carfree in Seattle, the living isn’t easy | Danny Westneat

After not one but two buses in a row pass you by because they’re too jammed to board, it’s time to get a car.

Tuesday, September 9

Presidents of public universities hiss at talk of state’s budget cuts | Danny Westneat

It’s starting to feel like the whole idea of public higher education is on the chopping block.

Saturday, September 6

Past time for new colleges in this state | Danny Westneat

Remember a few years ago when there was so much demand on the state’s college system that we needed to build the equivalent of a new University of Washington just to keep up? Well, that has changed.

Saturday, August 30

Right wing launches misguided protest against Labor Day | Danny Westneat

Of all the things to protest: Labor Day? Workers have it hard enough, so leave their one day alone.

Tuesday, August 26

Europe calls out corporate tax schemes our politicians won’t | Danny Westneat

At least somebody is questioning the tax-avoidance schemes of our tech companies.

Saturday, August 23

Some legislators have an insatiable hunger for free meals | Danny Westneat

An anti-hunger activist finds the neediest of all are in the state Legislature.

Tuesday, August 19

Seattle no place to look for a Ferguson solution | Danny Westneat

About the last place to go looking for how to stop the riots in Missouri would be Seattle.