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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Tuesday, December 16
Finally, Inslee’s big moment | Danny Westneat

Two years into his term, Gov. Jay Inslee finally rolled out a big idea.

Friday, December 12

A guy who made city’s unused toilet paper a precious gift | Danny Westneat

It was a great run that brought relief to thousands of Seattle’s poor. But it’s the end of the roll for the Toilet Paper Guy, the nickname given to retiree Leon Delong.

Wednesday, December 10

What it means to be American: We’ve hit lowest point in debate | Danny Westneat

It doesn’t seem that we’re really that troubled by torture. The only guy who is, John McCain, is the one who was once a victim of it.

Friday, December 5

Reasons for joy, but not in crime stats | Danny Westneat

Even good news can make you sullen when you’re being spun. But some acts are so genuine they can cheer even the grumpiest among us.

Tuesday, December 2

At local motels, no room for the homeless, paid or not | Danny Westneat

When you’re poor enough, sometimes even money can’t buy you a room for the night.

Saturday, November 29

California golden again — and we’re the fiscal mess | Danny Westneat

We don’t have California to kick around anymore when it comes to state budget dysfunction. Our deficit is now worse than theirs.

Tuesday, November 25

We’re no better than Ferguson; maybe worse | Danny Westneat

The mayor says Seattle is not Ferguson. But when it comes to not charging bad cops, we could be worse. Just take a look at some recent cases.

Friday, November 21

A nation of immigrants dreaming of better: It could be my story too | Danny Westneat

Obama’s first story, his immigrant story, was always his best.

Tuesday, November 18

A tale of 2 cities: Wealthy Seattle areas buy their own cops | Danny Westneat

With cops, schools, even traffic control in Seattle, the old saying “you get what you pay for” has never felt more true.

Friday, November 14

‘I Will Not Comply’ gun-rights rally ironically needs a permit | Danny Westneat

It’s not easy rallying against tyranny. It turns out you need a permit for that.

Tuesday, November 11

$15-an-hour job comes with noncompete clause, threat of legal action | Danny Westneat

When we’re making low-wage workers sign noncompete contracts, we’re basically going back to a feudal system, Danny Westneat says.