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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat

Tuesday, August 19
Seattle no place to look for a Ferguson solution | Danny Westneat

About the last place to go looking for how to stop the riots in Missouri would be Seattle.

Sunday, August 17

Feds’ failed school rules inspire revolting response | Danny Westneat

The federal government’s extreme labeling of all Washington state schools as failing could lead to a revolt. Not against the schools. Against the federal government.

Tuesday, August 12

$8,346.82! Beware the cost of crossing the 520 toll bridge | Danny Westneat

Some readers said my problem of being fined $40 on the 520 toll bridge was too petty for the newspaper. Then how about $8,346?

Saturday, August 9

520 bridge toll fines seriously out of whack | Danny Westneat

The 520 toll system finally caught me in its rigid bureaucratic web. I’m not alone: In a little over two years the state has levied $45 million in fines just on this one bridge.

Wednesday, August 6

Dan Evans, vestige of a GOP that believed in the American Dream | Danny Westneat

Former governor and U.S. Sen. Dan Evans told a stirring story about helping refugees the other day. But he didn’t mention that it’s his own party that’s shouting “stay out!” today.

Tuesday, July 22

City takes a whack at volunteer in Magnuson Park tree cutting | Danny Westneat

An exuberant volunteer cut down some invasive trees in Magnuson Park. The city seems bent on turning him into a criminal.

Saturday, July 19

On Alaskan Way Viaduct, a view even Darth Vader could love | Danny Westneat

Martin Selig has long been known as the Darth Vader of developers. So what’s he doing backing a park-preservation campaign with the Alaskan Way Viaduct?

Tuesday, July 15

‘No new taxes’ means no new anything in D.C. | Danny Westneat

If members of Congress seem more nonsensical than ever, it’s because they’ve pledged their judgment away.

Friday, July 11

Oso spirit slides a bit on story of landowner’s pricey demand | Danny Westneat

The news that one landowner profited off the Oso landslide is challenging the tiny town’s most precious asset.

Tuesday, July 8

Tim Eyman losing support, money from business | Danny Westneat

Tim Eyman isn’t on the ballot this year for the first time since 2006. It’s because his money pipeline from business suddenly ran dry.

Friday, July 4

Mega-millionaire in warfare against his own class | Danny Westneat

Seattle mega-millionaire Nick Hanauer likes to poke at his fellow plutocrats. But now he’s visualizing a revolution against them — and getting a huge audience for it.