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Brier Dudley

Brier Dudley

Sunday, October 19
Tim Cook is turning out to be the Steve Ballmer of Apple | Brier Dudley

Steve Ballmer and Tim Cook were both “business guys” who took over huge tech companies from brilliant founders who built unmatchable brands. And their approach to their businesses may have more similarities than many think.

Sunday, October 12

Amazon’s hot tablets face stiff competition | Brier Dudley

Amazon’s new 6-inch Fire tablet is a cool device that works well for what it’s designed for, especially at its $99 price, but its future may be clouded by an expected surge of rivals that offer low prices and variety.

Sunday, October 5

A subscription model might be ahead for Windows 10 | Brier Dudley

In Microsoft’s future, a subscription model may be inevitable.

Sunday, September 28

iPhone 6 Plus is turning point for smartphones | Brier Dudley

Instead of dictating what a smartphone shall be, Apple is easing up and offering iPhone buyers a variety of choices.

Sunday, September 21

Q&A: Takei talks about life, cool tech, his dream trek | Brier Dudley

As Commander Sulu in the old “Star Trek,” George Takei was part of a cast that inspired a generation of current space and technology figures. Now, Takei has become something of a technology advocate for older people.

Sunday, September 14

‘Destiny’ dazzles, fulfills fans’ expectations | Brier Dudley

‘Destiny’ has the polish, zing and epic feel of the “Halo” franchise that Bungie created for Microsoft before spinning itself out as an independent studio, partnering with mega publisher Activision and building for Sony’s PlayStation as well as the Xbox.

Sunday, September 7

Bungie CEO talks about its big game, ‘Destiny’ | Brier Dudley

The online, sci-fi action game created by Bungie, the Bellevue game studio, may be the biggest entertainment launch of the year.

Sunday, August 31

Drone groan: first Amazon — ­ and now Google | Brier Dudley

It seems if you’re a tech giant these days you need to have a drone-development program, lending to the notion that in the future we’ll see skies darkened by fleets of these devices. But is it all just for show?

Sunday, July 27

Audi’s 4G A3 rides into the future as rolling LTE hotspot | Brier Dudley

One of the first cars in the U.S. to come equipped with 4G LTE wireless service, the 2015 Audi A3 sedan, is put through its paces with a pile of tablets and smartphones connected to the in-car Wi-Fi network for a drive on Highway 520 between Seattle and Redmond.

Sunday, July 20

Lumia 635 an appealing phone with an attractive price tag | Brier Dudley

The Lumia 635 isn’t a dazzling device pushing the envelope of mobile computing with a huge screen, stellar camera or tricky special effects. It also suffers a bit from cost-cutting moves. But it could still become one of the world’s best-selling phones in the coming year.

Sunday, July 13

Just how lean will Microsoft become under Nadella? | Brier Dudley

Microsoft CEO outlined his vision for change last week, but just what that means is uncertain, except layoffs likely.