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Brier Dudley

Brier Dudley

Nokia Lumia 635 is the first phone sold with Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system — Window Phone 8.1.
Sunday, July 20
Lumia 635 an appealing phone with an attractive price tag | Brier Dudley

The Lumia 635 isn’t a dazzling device pushing the envelope of mobile computing with a huge screen, stellar camera or tricky special effects. It also suffers a bit from cost-cutting moves. But it could still become one of the world’s best-selling phones in the coming year.

Sunday, July 13

Just how lean will Microsoft become under Nadella? | Brier Dudley

Microsoft CEO outlined his vision for change last week, but just what that means is uncertain, except layoffs likely.

Sunday, June 29

Institute is on global lookout for exceptional minds | Brier Dudley

In the quest for scientific advancements, it pays off to invest in the very best and the very brightest. A talk with the head of Princeton’s famed Institute for Advanced Study shows how that’s being done.

Sunday, June 22

Going upmarket on Fire a turning point for Amazon | Brier Dudley

In regard to Fire, it’s not clear that the image customers have of Amazon and the company’s image of itself are aligned, at least not yet.

Sunday, June 15

Bezos expected to debut phone that speaks to NW innovation | Brier Dudley

Amazon’s biggest hope of shaking things up is on the business and service side, perhaps with a bargain device that comes with cheap or free service to buyers of its Prime package.

Sunday, May 18

Sorry, freedom lovers, ‘net neutrality’ doesn’t exist | Brier Dudley

Since the rise of the commercial Internet, it’s been a place where you pay more to get faster and better service, whether you are a consumer or a company on the other end of the pipe.

Sunday, May 4

‘Snap Attack’ builds on popular Microsoft game ‘Wordament’ | Brier Dudley

A small operation inside Microsoft is about to come out with another puzzle-like game that it hopes will match the success of its first one, word for word.

Sunday, April 20

Portland’s being a pushover to snag Google Fiber | Brier Dudley

Google may be an exciting newcomer to the telecom business but in its dealings with cities, it acts like a crusty old player in the industry.

Sunday, April 13

Fire TV has limitations but is appealing overall | Brier Dudley

Overall’s $99 Fire TV is not that different from numerous other streaming adapters that do essentially the same thing, including some that cost half as much.

Sunday, April 6

No visionary memo, but Nadella’s ‘new Microsoft’ is wowing observers | Brier Dudley

The products and services Microsoft introduced at its Build developers conference last week clearly bore the stamp of its new CEO, Satya Nadella — and show why his selection to the top spot made sense.

Sunday, March 30

Mayor's CenturyLink giveaway sure to create controversy | Brier Dudley

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has pledged to grant a longstanding wish of CenturyLink and make it easier for the company to put refrigerator-like utility cabinets on parking strips in front of homes, purportedly to improve residential broadband service.