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Brier Dudley

Brier Dudley

Amazon Fire TV Stick fits into an HDMI port on a television set and provides access to online video services.
Sunday, November 23
Cheap gadgets a first step toward pricier online services | Brier Dudley

Giving someone a Fire Tablet or Fire TV device is not the same as presenting them with a cellphone that ropes them into a two-year, $1,500 wireless plan. But either way there are follow-on costs to these gifts.

Sunday, November 16

Syntonic’s ‘sponsored data’ stirs net-neutrality debate | Brier Dudley

The national debate on net neutrality can be viewed through the work of a Pioneer Square startup that’s building tools that help develop ways to cover the cost of data delivery.

Saturday, November 15

Screen racers: Microsoft's Turn 10 Studio drives innovative games | Brier Dudley

Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studio drives innovative games for the racing genre, timed for the release of new machines, such as the Xbox One, when the quality of racing simulation games helps people gauge how much the graphics capabilities have improved.

Sunday, November 9

‘Re’-imagining a camera | Brier Dudley

A a quirky L-shaped camera from HTC and designed in Bellevue may be a surprise holiday gift hit.

Sunday, November 2

Microsoft Band right on time as wearables about to take off | Brier Dudley

The new wearable computing device Microsoft introduced last week is more than a fitness tracker and activity monitor. It appears to represent a shift in how the company approaches the market.

Sunday, October 26

UW researchers pulling energy out of the air | Brier Dudley

UW computer-science faculty members Joshua Smith and Shyam Gollakota are starting a company to produce wireless, battery-free sensing devices that could go on sale within a few years.

Sunday, October 19

Tim Cook is turning out to be the Steve Ballmer of Apple | Brier Dudley

Steve Ballmer and Tim Cook were both “business guys” who took over huge tech companies from brilliant founders who built unmatchable brands. And their approach to their businesses may have more similarities than many think.

Sunday, October 12

Amazon’s hot tablets face stiff competition | Brier Dudley

Amazon’s new 6-inch Fire tablet is a cool device that works well for what it’s designed for, especially at its $99 price, but its future may be clouded by an expected surge of rivals that offer low prices and variety.

Sunday, October 5

A subscription model might be ahead for Windows 10 | Brier Dudley

In Microsoft’s future, a subscription model may be inevitable.

Sunday, September 28

iPhone 6 Plus is turning point for smartphones | Brier Dudley

Instead of dictating what a smartphone shall be, Apple is easing up and offering iPhone buyers a variety of choices.

Sunday, September 21

Q&A: Takei talks about life, cool tech, his dream trek | Brier Dudley

As Commander Sulu in the old “Star Trek,” George Takei was part of a cast that inspired a generation of current space and technology figures. Now, Takei has become something of a technology advocate for older people.