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Brier Dudley

Brier Dudley

Kindle Fire TV is a small box that easily brings online video to a television set.
Sunday, April 13
Fire TV has limitations but is appealing overall | Brier Dudley

Overall’s $99 Fire TV is not that different from numerous other streaming adapters that do essentially the same thing, including some that cost half as much.

Sunday, April 6

No visionary memo, but Nadella’s ‘new Microsoft’ is wowing observers | Brier Dudley

The products and services Microsoft introduced at its Build developers conference last week clearly bore the stamp of its new CEO, Satya Nadella — and show why his selection to the top spot made sense.

Sunday, March 30

Mayor's CenturyLink giveaway sure to create controversy | Brier Dudley

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has pledged to grant a longstanding wish of CenturyLink and make it easier for the company to put refrigerator-like utility cabinets on parking strips in front of homes, purportedly to improve residential broadband service.

Sunday, March 2

City oversight won’t kill ride-service innovators | Brier Dudley

The Seattle City Council’s proposed regulations for UberX, Lyft and Sidecar aren’t unreasonable, and the companies should stop insisting the debate is over embracing the new technology of mobile-app ride services, writes Brier Dudley.

Sunday, February 9

Fitness gadgets raise privacy concerns under new health insurance rules | Brier Dudley

Not everyone wants to have a little computer on the wrist or head. But there may not be much choice in the future, under new insurance laws that invite companies to scrutinize their employees’ health and fitness.

Tuesday, February 4

Satya Nadella’s appointment signals a shift for Microsoft | Brier Dudley

Microsoft has a better chance of winning over an important audience — developers building and using Microsoft software — by rebooting the company and replacing its business-oriented boss with Satya Nadella, an engineer who worked his way up from the trenches.

Saturday, February 1

Troubling tilt on Microsoft board if Bill Gates isn’t chairman | Brier Dudley

A Microsoft executive may be the next CEO of the company, but of more concern are reports that the board is considering replacing Gates as chairman.

Sunday, January 26

Google’s cumbersome Glass more hype than handy | Brier Dudley

The whole business of wearable computers is one of tech’s hot spots these days, and the Google Glass is its glamour product. But is it ready to deliver on its promise? Maybe not yet.

Sunday, January 12

Others bring to light Microsoft’s dazzling ideas | Brier Dudley

If things at CES had an air of familiarity this year, it may be because the ideas behind much of what attendees saw have come up in the past — from what many may think is an unlikely source: Microsoft.

Friday, January 10

Six cool, fun tech gadgets from CES 2014 | Brier Dudley

Among the thousands of new products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, here are a few that caught my eye because they are kind of fun, aren’t too outrageous and seem to represent emerging trends.

Sunday, December 22

Fun and games while you wait for Santa | Brier Dudley

A little game to play that looks back and ahead at some of the puzzling things in the tech world.