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Donors to The Seattle Times Fund For the Needy, 2014-15

List will be updated weekly

Total to date: $583,879.79

List published Nov. 21, 2014

Proceeds from the AFI Golf Tournament: $949

A gift for me on behalf of JESUS

From Bob and Connie Blair: $250

From James and Lynn Carlsen

From Jim Douglas and Sasha Harmon

From Mr. and Mrs. David Duryee

From Bob and MaryRuth Gardner: $100

In honor of Stephen Mitchell, math professor at UW

In honor of Walter G. Morgan, Helen F. Morgan and Helen A. Morgan

In honor of David and Louise Cole

In honor of my beloved teacher, Lillian Ravendahl

In honor of Suzanne Lescantz

In loving memory of Joseph X. Mead

In memory of Constance H. Hellyer

In memory of our best friend, Jane Vanni!

In memory of Ben McQuillan

In memory of Jonathan

In memory of Marian Patterson

In memory of Sheba, Brandy and Kelley. We miss you!

In memory of Edward Francis Hester

From Jesus our Savior

From Jim and Nancy Kenagy

From Chris Lira

From Martha Lloyd and Jim Evans

From Richard and Geesje Whittemore

List published Dec. 2, 2014

From Kay Adams

A gift for Fran Clifton

A gift for the Wise Family

From Annette Althoff

From Eric and Helen Andersen

From A. Anderson

From Dianne Barnes

From Terry and Kari Block

From Gunter and Katrin Bonnofsky

From Walt Boyles

From Robert D. and Jane Ann Bradbury

From Elaine Brighton

From Mark and Nancy Brown

From John and Patty Carroll

From NW Chars

From Dick and Barbara Cheatham

From Mary Lou Colwell

From Nancy and Mike Cordry: $100

From Jan and Tom Crews

From Barbara Daum

From Bruce and Carolyn David

From Dee Dickinson

From Brian and Gayle Ducey: $500

From Donna and Robert Dughi

From Linda Eng

From Ruth Zadek Fast: $30

From Mr. and Mrs. Inigo Figuracion

From Judith Finn

From Bruce and Pat Finlayson

From Sylvia Fox

From Louise Friar

From Susan and Albert Fuchs

From Betty Gard: $50

From Barbara C. Garlid

From Chris and Jeff Gentes

From Louise George

From Don and Sandy Gorman

From Kit Green

From Ray Gwinn and Salie Rossen

From William and Eleanore Hadfield

From Steven Hahn and Pranhitha Reddy

From Clint and Diana Hall

From Joan Elizabeth Hansen : $100

From Barb and Howard Harrison

From Lynn and Evelyn Hart

From the Heaveys

From Mike and Cheryl Herscher : $100

From Roger and Wendy Hockett

From Rick and Kandace Holley

In honor of DeLoss Fry - Happy Birthday

In honor of Cole and Juliette

In honor of Todd and Sharon Bradbury

In honor of Lynann D. Bradbury

In honor of Austin and Colton Bradbury

In honor of Rick and Marianne Snyder

In honor of all volunteers

In honor of John

In honor of Noah, Ruby and Oscar Simon

In honor of the marriage of Cathlynn Law and Angie Woole

In honor of Rozalyn Boyd and Guy Palagi

In honor of Tiago Sipert : $150

In honor of Marjori S. O'Brien

In honor of Nicholas and Teyler

In honor of Brisia Navarro

In memory of James Sorenson and Rowland Oonk

In memory of Jeanne and Annie

In memory of Nathan, Frances and Stephen Ash and William C. Liegeois

In memory of my beloved husband Leonard Sarason

In memory of Michael B. Kelly

In memory of mom, dad and Rudy

In memory of Anthony Janus Jr.

In memory of Susan McCray

In memory of Ann and Al Berg

In memory of Randy Wells

In memory of Mother Lucille Farris

In memory of Elvira and Giovanni Ricossa

In memory of Alfred Cordova

In memory of Caroline Jensen

In memory of Dan, Marion and Kathleen

In memory of Dow B. Hays

In memory of Joan T. Hooper

In memory of Willa McPeak

In memory of Lester Hoffer

In memory of Rita Kerns

In memory of Robert Blaser

In memory of Randy Lauer and David Speidel : $100

In memory of our parents

In memory of Ruth and Conrad Howard and Harriet Ramp

In memory of Ralph and Janet Armbruster

In memory of Ruth and Albert Uberti; Ruby and Randall Spencer

In memory of Albert Grammens

In memory of Melanie Wroe

In memory of John D. Alexander

In memory of James M. Cleland Sr. and James M. Cleland Jr.

In memory of Jan Harris

In memory of Helen Nora Wick

In memory of Warren Henry Savory

In memory of Gene Darrow

In memory of Gene Horbach, Dolores Frichberg, Robin Williams

In memory of Brent E. Godding

In memory of Herman and Lillie Kohl

In memory of Terry

In memory of Clark Gill and Steve Tull

In memory of John C. Radovich

In memory of Rev. Worth Hodgin

In memory of Joey Mead

In memory of Rose A.

In memory of Fred and Lorraine Pribbernow

In memory of Verle and Joe Ashlock

In memory of Mary Yee

In memory of Jeanne and Anne Phillips

In memory of Vince Gonzales, Emma Bezy and Geoff Mathay

In memory of Carl Larson

In memory of Kate Miller and Kay Freeman

In memory of our parents

In memory of Martha E. Kelly : $50

In memory of Dorothea Marshall

In memory of Erwin and Eva Walls

In memory of George and Helen Stevens

In memory of David M. Reichenberg

In memory of Deanna Hungate

In memory of my husband, Royal Nordby

In memory of Ronald W. Sellers

In memory of John MacDonald Jr. : $100

In memory of Tonda

In memory of Mom : $250

In memory of Sally : $250

In memory of Ellen K. Wagner

In memory of Fred Dalzell

In memory of Verne Flotten

In memory of Wayne R. Atwood

In memory of Archie Butler

In memory of C. Borawick and L. Kyle

In memory of Frederic Henzi

In memory of Michael Gundram

In memory of Jeb Bush

In memory of Joe X. Mead: $5,000

In memory of Janyne Oberdorfer

In memory of Barbara Takenaka

In memory of Steve Dolde from his family

In memory of Georgia L. Gates

In memory of Rose Rosen

In memory of Nancy Tully

In memory of Janet and Jim Crenshaw

In memory of John Joe Tran

In memory of Vern Clark

In memory of Chuck Lee

In memory of Barbara Kyzar

In memory of Dorothee and M. Taylor Bowie Jr

In memory of Yvonne Elaine Hyatt-Weeks

In memory of Don Connolly

In memory of John Metcalf

In memory of Ziomara Rivera

In memory of My Dear Husband

In memory of Joyce Francisco

In memory of Agnes Colosimo

In memory of Missy Lynn Carstens, gone too soon, 1970-1982

In memory of Pauline Ludwig

In memory of Steven and Mark Cornwall

In memory of Leonard and Phyllis Novak

In memory of Bonnie Morin

In memory of Lillian Thompson

In memory of Charlotte M. Winne

In memory of Rose and Jacob Siegel

In memory of James Heidemann

In memory of Mrs. Deslye Treglown

In memory of Joseph X. Mead

In memory of Dr. James D. Layman Jr.

In memory of Barbara Sharp Henry

In memory of Maggie Easton

In memory of Joseph X. Mead from David and Maggie Weiss

In memory of my mom, Ruthie Bowers

In memory of Bradford M. Patterson

In memory of Eunice and Dave Barry

In memory of Lloyd and Betsy Woodburne

In memory of Ruth and Carl Leesman

In memory of Chris Appleford

In memory of Robin Appleford

In memory of Theresa Silvestri

In memory of Mary Noel Riddell : $100

In memory of Kathy Braganza

In memory of Sandor

In memory of Donna Dudgeon : $100

In memory of Quentin Jackson

In memory of Anne and Edgar

In memory of Mary E. Loewecke

In memory of Stunner

In memory of Huicho and Oso

In memory of my father, James Visser

In memory of John Gregory Allen, my husband

In memory of Sue Byrd

In memory of Dr. Rodney Cook

In memory of Shige Kikuchi

In memory of Jo Ann Palmer

In memory of York Luke : $500

From Sue and Neal Jensen

From Richard and Carol Johnson

From Noreen Johnson

From Clayton R. Jones

From Ann and Michael Kahn

From Joanne Kinsman

From the Klinicke Family

From Robert Laing and Marcia Kline

From N. Lee

From Florence K. Lentz

From Barbara and Frank Logue

From Tom and Sharon Lovejoy

From Ernest and Paula Luders

From Arthur Maki and Judy Kessinger

From Ted Margolis and Susan McClellan

From Kevin and Ali Mayher

From John and Jean McCall

From Janet McKinnon and Peter Brown

From C.L. Meins

From Charles and Mutsumi Metzler

From Marr P. Mullen

From The Nagler Law Group

From E. Marie Norlen

From Larry and Lucille Pasco

From Cheryl Peach

From Mary S. Perillo

From Drs. Suzanne Poppema and John Cramer

From Warren and Bernice Quinn

From Sidney Raines

From Charles and Doris Ray : $250

From Margie and Bob Reid

From Donald M. Ries

From Chris Roe

From Saturday Morning Book Club

From Jeff and Rose Skocelas

From Jim and Mary Sletten

From Carol Smith

From the Sowatsky Family

From Jim and Pat Speed : $100

From Tom and Bev Sprague

From Robin Stemen and David Alvarez

From Alec and Jane Stevens : $400

From Mary Stokes

From Straub Properties

From Joyce Sumarraga

From Erika Christofferson Sweger

From Masako Tanaka

From Michael Tena and Alice Chung

From Theresa and Mark

From Steve Tholl and Diane Buckshnis

From Carol Thomas

From R. I. Tilley

From Carole Tingstad

From Melanie Tratnik

From Edel Underhill : $1,000

From Hector Valadez Jr

From Susan Vestal

From Rick and Chris Veit

From Elaine and Paul VonRosenstiel

From Nam Huong T. Vu : $50

From Maribeth F. Wege

From Julie and Mike Weisbach

From Dorothy Wicklund

From Andrew Wickens

From Douglas and Dianne Wills : $25

From Caroline Wong

From Fangfang Wu: $300

From Roger and Barbara Young

From Mary and Norb Ziegler

From Kathryn A. Zufall, M.D.

List published Dec. 9, 2014

A gift for Tess and Milo Lapham

A gift for the many needy people: $1,000

A gift for Donald E. Olson

A gift for Ms. Scurlock - Blaine K-8

From B. Aigner

From Susan Allen

From American Legion Aux. Unit 227: $200

From John Anderson and Tuyet Tran

From Ron and Roberta Andresen

From Joseph Asher: $3

From John and Merritt Atwood

From Darrel Barton

From Marjorie V. Batey

From Patti and Dick Beamer

From Al and Joan Beers: $100

From Warren Biskey: $25

From Jean and Lee Bondurant

From Emily Bone

From the Borland Family

From John and Carol Bowker

From The Bridge Girls

From Susan Casey: $30

From Marlene and Dewey Churlin

From Judy Cites and Jim Wilke

From Lori Cohen and Woody Wheeler: $300

From Kathleen Collins and Andrew Elston

From Joy Collins, Eero Bremer and Gretta Collins

From Susan Corwin

From Robin Cowper and Camilo Casal

From Sam and Mickey Dachs

From David and Pamela Dack

From Steve and Meg DeHaven

From Alison Dillow

From Darold and Marilyn Doell

From Beverly and Michael Doleac

From John M. and Linda K. Drake

From Robb and Lani Drake

From Eric and Linda Druckstein

From Gabrielle Dryden

From Laurie and George Engelbeck

From Todd and Josephine Fast

From Judy and Dick Franks: $1,000

From the Freeman family: $500

From Jay Freeborne: $50

From Eve D. Gadbois

From Art and Kay Gannon

From Evelyn Gaylord

From Joan and Con Giacomini

From Gillaspy and Rhode, PLLC

From Allen and Sandra Glenn

From John and Julie Gold: $2,000

From Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Goodall

From Larry Hamilton

From Lawrence and Hylton Hard

From HarpScapes Gardening

From Virginia Harvey

From Tracy Heffelfinger

From Michi Hirata

From Sheridan and Lars Hollender

From Rich and Susan Hopkins: $1,000

From Tani and Richard Hunt: $100

From In K. Hur

From Karl Igloi

In honor of Mike Brown and Mary Smith

In honor of our granddaughters Peyton and Sawyer Baugh

In honor of Kerstin Gleim

In honor of gardeners everywhere

In honor of Brenda

In honor of Margaret M. Bell, from Cynthia and Neal

In honor of Carolyn, Sally, Phyllis and Jo

In honor of our family

In honor of Josefina Lopez, animal lover

In honor of Hannah, Bayla, and Sammy

In honor of Roger Benton

In honor of Daughters, Carina and Kathleen

In honor of Sophia, Kristi and Brent Barnes

In honor of all the sweet boys

In honor of Bella

In honor of peace and forgiveness

In memory of Joseph X. Mead

In memory of Bud, Ardelle and Amelia

In memory of Richard Lee Dunn

In memory of Bob and Marj Hall

In memory of Mary Petlow

In memory of Carol Widhalm

In memory of my husband, Jim Pomeroy

In memory of Howard Anderson

In memory of Jim Braun

In memory of Eleanor Seyl McNeil and Thurley Owen Chase Ratigan

In memory of Bob Lemman

In memory of my mom

In memory of Raymon S. Gibson

In memory of Aaron James

In memory of Lila Richardson, the best grandma ever!

In memory of Karl and Theodora Pisk

In memory of John A. Wise

In memory of Ruth Linduska

In memory of J.T. Henderson, scoutmaster

In memory of our loved ones

In memory of my late sister, Ruth Benson

In memory of Pierrette

In memory of Richard Wigren, father and Donna Wigren, mother

In memory of Kitty and Joan

In memory of Agnes and Chester Corey

In memory of my beloved wife, Dolly, and our extraordinary daughter, Kelly

In memory of Marjorie, Bill, Carol, Dorothy and Lee

In memory of Leena Trinidad : $10

In memory of A

In memory of Wally Hageman Jr.

In memory of Diane Rodriguez

In memory of Carl and Jeanne Weber

In memory of Gilda Stockton and Doris Sidrovich: $200

In memory of Tim Watts

In memory of Pamela Lane

In memory of Nancy Winkler

In memory of Bob and Jackie Jacobsen

In memory of LaVerne and Patricia Kuhfeld

In memory of Marcee Tobin

In memory of Chet and Connie Smith and Roy Nordby

In memory of Dwayne Strand

In memory of John Gussner

In memory of Joan Campbell

In memory of Claire Z. Bresich

In memory of Virginia

In memory of our parents

In memory of Richard P Sartain

In memory of Cheng, Tzu-Jane

In memory of Papa Dundore

In memory of Grandma Massena

In memory of Lyn DeCarlo

In memory of Ed DeVries

In memory of Dorothy Travis

In memory of Gordon Wolfe

In memory of Ruth Graefing

In memory of John Burch

In memory of Frances Moshcatel and Sam N. Rousso

In memory of Anne Carey Anderson

In memory of Steve Tull

In memory of Patrick James McGuire

In memory of Kay and Joe Tourigny

In memory of Philip and Allen

In memory of Barney Siegel

In memory of Erwin Gunn

In memory of Dewayne Conley

In memory of Jack and Lillian Shawcroft

In memory of Darryl M. Erickson: $200

In memory of Karen Bauer

In memory of Joshua Newton

In memory of Fred Thurmond

In memory of all the homeless people in Seattle

In memory of Steve

In memory of my mother

In memory of Sarah Christenson

In memory of my sweet mom, Cuddles Moless

In memory of Linda Jewell

In memory of Cornelia Palmgren

In memory of Starr Benson

In memory of Judy Hill

In memory of my beloved husband, Ernie Trulson

In memory of my beloved daughter, Mary Riley

In memory of Bari and Maxine Burchardi

In memory of Robert H. King

In memory of Patrick T. Mallahan

In memory of Rolf and Ivie Pettersen

In memory of Anthony Barbur

In memory of Diana C. Gibbs

In memory of Wallace G. Ramage

In memory of Rocky and Marion Crandell

In memory of Tom Sedlock

In memory of Irene and Bill Brainard

In memory of Klasiena and Willem Mantle

In memory of Fran Barnes

In memory of Ruby Torpey

In memory of Brother Phillip

In memory of Ruth Yusen

In memory of Anita Gibbs

In memory of Robert J. Schroth: $125

In memory of Elizabeth Sidorowicz

In memory of Grandma Kay Stiefel

In memory of Doris and Henry MacLeod

In memory of David Paul

In memory of Al Corning

In memory of Ralph A. Willison Jr.

In memory of John and Margaret Ward

In memory of Julia Budnick

In memory of Ying-Chen Jim Kuo

In memory of James Guido

In memory of Gene and Thorun Robel, Justice Fighters

In memory of Donald Haggen

In memory of Mom, Dad and Ken

In memory of Ann Miller

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Robel: $100

In memory of Andrea Freedman

In memory of James and Donna Rudden

In memory of Cindy Reed

From Ann Jack: $100

From Kristen Jarvis

From David Jensen

From Karole, Kris, Elsa and Marek Johnson

From Dirk and Mary Kayser

From Robert and Joyce Kaya

From Dru Keenan

From Kelly and Linda Kellenberger

From Richard Kennedy

From Robert and Gail Konen

From Diana Kwong

From Gordon and Jean Pasche Lambert

From Ann Lanning

From John and Virginia Larson

From Nancy Lazara and Nigel Cushing

From Gayle Lee

From Marjorie J. Levar

From June Y. G. Liang

From Dan and Maureen Lyons

From Mike and Corenne McBeth

From Robert and Ann McIntyre

From D. J. McPhee: $200

From Michael and Michele Miller: $200

From Leon and Darlene Misterek

From Robert Moline: $200

From Glen and Eloise Monson

From Laurie Moore

From Diane Murray

From Gayle Murphy

From the Nakaharas

From Laurie and James Needham

From Hal and Peggy Newsom

From Patricia Nord

From Dorothy and Eugene Nowik

From Edna Oberman

From Lee and Kathy Olson

From Emily Phillips

From George and Betsey Piano

From John and Loretta Porter

From Terry and Erica Posner

From Laurie Radin: $100

From Margaret Rambo

From Eddie and Beverly Reed

From Steve and Linda Reichenbach

From Steve and Nancy Rose

From Wyn Rose

From Edith Rosencrantz

From Kathy Salmen

From Judy Schuler

From Lorna Schack-Tashiro: $100

From Seeger Family: $200

From Joel and Sarah Seidel

From Joan and John Shay

From Kim and Judy Simonelli

From David and Grace Simons

From I. A. Simko

From Loretta A. Smith: $500

From Ed and Diane Spaunhurst

From the Stommel Family

From Gina Sugawara

From Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Sullivan: $300

From Sandra L. Swarbrick

From John and Peggy Tallar

From John and Elizabeth Terrey

From Mike and Patti Timmons

From Margy H. Toler

From Barbara Warden

From Rich and Laura Werner

From Rich Werner

From Women's Overseas Service League-Seattle Unit : $50

List published Dec. 16, 2014

A gift: Give thanks for what you have; give to those who have not

A gift for people who need a boost during difficult times

A gift for people with too little from someone with too much: $2,000

A gift for Laura and Steve Mitchell

A gift for Karyn and Hunt Branham

A gift for Papa and Jo Jo Hallissey: $250

A gift for Melissa and Bill Cormier from Sherry and Brian

A gift for Ms. Hsudeyin, McClure M.S.

A gift for Ms. Higgins, McClure M.S.

A gift for Ms. Boswell, McClure M.S.

A gift for Ms. Robbins, McClure M.S.

A gift for Mr. Colwell, McClure M.S.

A gift for Mr. Mansfield, McClure M.S.

A gift for Melissa and Bill Cormier

From David and Joan Allen

From Robert Arnone

From AWAC Investment Club: $150

From Bad Woman Yarn: $100

From Dick and Beth Baker

From S. Baskett

From Mary and Robert Bates

From R. and D. Bollinger

From The Born/Banker Family Fund

From William C. Bruzas

From Sam and Martha Casne

From Larry and Patty Cheek

From Edward and Dativa Cifra

From Cliff, Inez and Jerry

From H. Joseph Coleman

From the Collier Family

From M. Diane Cook

From Rob Coughlin: $100

From Walter Croasdill

From Irene Cunningham

From Michael Devlin: $50

From Mike D. Dillon

From Michele Drayton

From Mark Durfee: $30

From David and Jeanne Elliott

From Gary Elmer and Jackie Gardner

From John and Lynne Faith: $250

From Michael and Alayne Fardella

From Kurt A. and Margo Feichtmeir

From Bob Fish and Claire Charney

From Page Gorud

From Ken and Sandra Gorohoff

From John Gowan

From Greater Seattle Fuchsia Society: $300

From Dave and Dianne Greene

From Gail and Tren Griffin

From Thomas and Rosemary Hackett

From Jane Hamatani

From Barbara Hannah

From Steve Hanson and Melanie Tait

Happy holiday from the Carscaddon family

From Jon Harris

From Sara Hartmann

From Chuck and Suzanne Hathaway

From Cary and Anna Hayes

From Emerson and Joan Heald

From Don and Pat Hickman

From Fred Hirai: $50

From James and Rae Holmgren: $100

From Morris and Sharon Howland: $200

From V. M. and A. L. Ingram: $100

In honor of Sibby LeBeau

In honor of the Dinish Family

In honor of the Plimpton and Humphreys Families

In honor of Kate Lunceford

In honor of thankfulness for our blessed lives!

In honor of Steve Price

In honor of Kevin Sheets

In honor of Mary Louise and Jack Helm

In honor of all our blessings

In honor of Donna Kvalheim Wallen

In honor of Patricia and Dick Radeke

In honor of my friends, Terry, Jeff, Mark, Shawn and in memory of Susan

In honor of G. & G. O'Brien

In honor of Anneliese Ballou

In honor of our mothers

In honor of Cissy

In honor of Dale and Karen Shigaki, and Yukiko Sato

In honor of Zach and Zoe

In honor of Laura, Logan, Anika, Carlyn, Madison, Soren, Rachel and Sarah

In honor of family and friends

In honor of the Rasmusson Family

In honor of folks at 5th Ave. Garage who helped me get my wallet back

In honor of Mary and Ted Fellows

In honor of Art and Sharon Lustig

In honor of Nancy and Bill Rubenstein

In honor of Mr. T.

In honor of Howard Ortner

In honor of my seven grandchildren: $100

In honor of Blosten Family Charitable Giving Program

In honor of my friends living at Emerald Place Condominiums, Edmonds

In honor of our grandchildren, from Bill and Linda Jerauld

In loving memory of Pat and Jack Baird

In loving memory of Mary Parker

In loving memory of John and Mary Healy

In loving memory of Katherine Eisen

In loving memory of Lorrayne Ruoff

In loving memory of Lois West

In loving memory of Mary Rae Ford

In loving memory of David McGarry

In memory of Thomas J. O'Brien: $200

In memory of Joseph X. Mead

In memory of Virgie Harper

In memory of Glenn S. Matsumoto

In memory of Joey S. Peterson

In memory of Dominic Pietro

In memory of L.K. and Nancy Pennington

In memory of Mary Brigham Gowing

In memory of Gertrude and Bill Winkler

In memory of Sid Pederson

In memory of Seattle Times newsaides: Jane Petersen, Teddy Fisher and Larry Hay

In memory of Nick Giralmo and Mickey Alvaro

In memory of Larry Gerdes: $100

In memory of Lenny Lombardi

In memory of McKenzie and Lindsey

In memory of Jack FitzGerald

In memory of Varda Juno: $250

In memory of Art Marvin

In memory of George and Martha Matsuno

In memory of Ellen J. Jensen

In memory of Roger F. Range, Senior

In memory of Mack. We miss you: $100

In memory of Alberta Gifford

In memory of Nils Haramoto

In memory of Alex Wright, 3/24/73 - 3/8/91

In memory of Matiel Schenk

In memory of R. J. Stonecipher

In memory of Mr. S. Das and Mrs. H. Das

In memory of Luis and Priscilla Castro; Kiyomi and Mary Hayashi

In memory of Jack Leinbach

In memory of Nick Levko

In memory of Kenneth, Dolores, and Michael Curry

In memory of Beth Kenny

In memory of Mark and Paul Weishaar

In memory of Lucille and Vernon Rogers

In memory of K.V. Subramanian

In memory of Gloria Shaw Blades

In memory of John Voorhees

In memory of Edwin, Mintrude, Hubert and Carl Hackett

In memory of Charlie, Leroy, and Sammy

In memory of William Martin Longman

In memory of Victoria Beck from the Beck family of Maple Valley; Sheridan, Colo. and Baranavichy, Belarus

In memory of our son Bill

In memory of Jeanne et Jean Guichard

In memory of George and Nellie Berninger

In memory of Eileen Fierling

In memory of Al

In memory of Helen S. Paulsen

In memory of Paul Roth

In memory of Lorraine Lambert and Jeffrey

In memory of our parents: Cozett, Austin, Mary and Ezra

In memory of James Edward Pearson

In memory of Rod A. Madrigal

In memory of Edgar Beckman

In memory of Arlene D. Weiss

In memory of Andrea, our beloved daughter

In memory of Mom and Dad

In memory of James T. Holtz

In memory of Naomi Pascal

In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota

In memory of Inez Kirsch

In memory of Tam and Steve Griffiths

In memory of Diane Campbell: $50

In memory of Wilfred L. and Norma P. LaFond

In memory of Gene Erckenbrack

In memory of Jack and Pauline Weller

In memory of Betty Mather

In memory of Shirley Mast

In memory of Jim and Dana Trulson

In memory of Dorothy Bayley

In memory of Betsy D. Hood

In memory of Judy Hickman

In memory of James H. Seddon Jr.

In memory of Shula Monroe

In memory of Helen Forrest

In memory of Jim Barry and his son Jimmy Barry

In memory of Phyllis Topham James

In memory of Kerin Keller

In memory of Sandra Hernandez: $1,000

In memory of Heath A. Heyne

In memory of Anne Rosenfeld Stein

In memory of our parents

In memory of Evelyn Winandy

In memory of Ken, Linda, Elizabeth and Stanley

In memory of Mack and Dorothy Webb

In memory of Linda and Joleen Murray

In memory of S. C.

In memory of Mama and all the kitties

In memory of Don Ehlert and Carol Thomas: $50

In memory of Mel Miller

In memory of Kurt and Iris

In memory of Pat and Jack Hyman

In memory of Family Members

In memory of Tony and Rita

In memory of Helen Macnab

In memory of Lorraine Fiebelkorn

From Nancy and James Irwin

From Diane Isonaka and David Galas

From Bonnie Jennings

From Jesus Christ

From Charlie and Jean Johnson

From Diane C. Johnson

From Donna Johnson

From Olga Klein

From Karen Koon

From Vicki and David Kremers

From Dennis and Lorna LaFave

From Richard Laine

From Jim and Linda Lang

From Sara Levant

From Suzanne Lopez

From Barney and Marsha Lubetkin

From Sue Lynette and Jon Hall

From Jo Marsh

From Dan Margonelli and Chris Nielsen: $100

From Christine B. Marshall

From Lee and Elsa Meadows

From Jacqueline Melsted

From Rita Miller, Ph.D.: $50

From Val Mosalsky and Carol Moore

From David Muchmore

From Cass O'Callaghan and Jim Tomlinson

From Bill and Michele Olden

From Olympic Manor Garden Club: $500

From Harriet Ostrander: $50

From the Padon family

From Mike and Karen Paul

From the Pausch Family

From Eriann Pearson and Harry Cooker

From Charlie Peppler

From Sissy and Gary Peterman

From Pam and Jim Phillips

From Mr. and Mrs. William H Purdy

From Marshall and Joyce Rafferty

From Joan Rasken

From James Reid: $40

From Chris and Connie Rezendes

From Bob and Susan Roetcisoender

From Marjorie D. Rombauer

From Romaine Electric Corp.

From Robert Rosen

From Len and Gretchen Rosoff

From Alan Ruder and Deborah Hyman

From Julie and Chuck Schisel

From Franz and Lorraine Schwarm

From Mark Sherman and Jennifer Daves

From Bob and Myrna Sherman

From Bruce and Robin Smith

From David and Karen Smith

From the Solomon Family

From Bjorn and Gail Sorensen

From John and Robin Stearns

From Barbara Stilson

From Janis Thompson

From Sevil Toksu, David, Andrew and Abby Powell

From Dan and Jean Tolfree

From Kathie and John Truax

From Eugene Usui

From David Vance

From Mavis Von Torne

From Fanny Wang

From Bill Weis

From Robert and Lissa Wells

From David and Gayle Wigglesworth: $300

From Karen and Steve Williams: $250

From Nancy Wright and John Purvis

From Rebecca Zerngast, DDS

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