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Donors to The Seattle Times Fund For the Needy, 2013-14

Total to date: $1,092,461.26

List published January 7

From Joanne Abelson and Chris Goelz
A gift for Lori, Mark, and Taelor
A gift for Carolyn Ellingson
A gift for my family
A gift for Greg and Renee Woods
A gift for a happier, healthier new year for all!
From Jean Ann and Tom Aguirre
From John and Arlene Alton
From the Anderson Family Soup Kitchen: $750
From Scott and Stephanie Andersen
From Ron and Roberta Andresen
From Mark Ashida and Lisbet Nilson
From Wm D. Badgeley and Elizabeth A. Sheppard
From Mark and Marjorie Bellesiles
From Linnea Bennett
From Jane Blackwell
From Mark and Julie Campbell
From Jackson Carver, age 8: $120
From Claire Charney and Bob Fish
From Larry Cheek
From Philip Chen
From the Cho family
From Patricia and Ted Collins
From Charles Condon
From Dorothy W. Davick
From Don Eklund
From Larry and Virginia Erickson
From Patricia J. Evans
From Birte and Jim Falconer
From Pauline Ferbrache
From Robert and Kay Filson
From Linda S. Foley
From Phil and Hedy Fredrickson
From Michael and Deirdre Gabbay
From John and Tracey Gilbert
From Richard and Shawn Gleason
From Gratitude and Connection: $175
From Nancy S. Green
From Alison and Philip Grennan
From Jerry Harter
From Will and Karen Hargreaves
From Tracy Heffelfinger
From Randy and Barbara Hieronymus
From Cindy Hoover
From the Carl Hossman Family Foundation: $1,000
From Steve and Nancy Hughes: $1,000
In dearest memory of John I. Sumida
In honor of my partners, Dudley, Ken, Stan and Terry
In honor of Steve Clarke
In honor of our moms, Sally and Joan
In honor of Jimmy Fukuda
In honor of the staff at Ingraham High School
In honor of Dennis O'Connor
In honor of Evan, Carter, Maia and Luke
In honor of my family. I love you a big bunch!
In honor of LeRoy and Marilyn Miller
In honor of my fellow women, men and children in need
In honor of those who have served our country: $500
In honor of treasured friends
In honor of our parents: $1,000
In honor of Kelsey and Devlin
In honor of our 6 fantastic kids
In honor of Wayne Hammen
In honor of Michael Copass, M.D.
In honor of Vic Matous
In honor of Jim and Donna Daniell
In honor of Sue Daniell
In honor of all the Denman siblings!
In loving memory of William and Andrew Rynning
In memory of Mark Swenson
In memory of departed friends
In memory of Jack Schofield
In memory of Nelson Mandela
In memory of Janice Mayeda
In memory of Dick and John, forever in our hearts
In memory of Felix and Anne Salier
In memory of Evna Price
In memory of Margaret Merryweather
In memory of Rick Langley
In memory of Gary Shurtleff
In memory of Nellie
In memory of Meghan Victoria LaRocca
In memory of Norma Harrell
In memory of Christopher M. Kane
In memory of Willa McPeak
In memory of Ray Landry
In memory of Donald N. and Georgia G. Jackson
In memory of Dick and Phoebe Gilbert
In memory of our daughter, parents and grandparents
In memory of Raymond James Foran
In memory of Regina and Joseph Brandes: $100
In memory of Mary Ann Wiley
In memory of Nancy Mae Campbell
In memory of Gail Boyce Campbell
In memory of David W. Schroeder
In memory of Lindy, Eileen, Shelle, Ken, Ofelia, and Ted
In memory of Wesley and Helen Rodbury, and Guy and Reta Rappe
In memory of James Floyd McQueen
In memory of Dick Day
In memory of Marina P. Dietsch
In memory of Victor Lee Appel and Elizabeth Rowe Appel Murdock; with love
In memory of Justin Rael, beloved father
In memory of Martin, Olga, Hector and Olive
In memory of Ella Sophia Hoelscher
In memory of Nora L. Reiter
In memory of Joan Cecchi
In memory of Merlin
In memory of Dad, Scott and Albert
In memory of T
In memory of Charles, Nellie Brock, Bill Kuller and Dee Aguirre
In memory of Margaret and Leonard Fritz
In memory of Brandon McCurdy from Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom
In memory of our fathers
In memory of Nils, Evelyn, Jimmy and Yu Kim
In memory of Auntie Sue Byrd
In memory of Mary Boyeson
In memory of Malcolm Bumbray
In memory of David Ingham
In memory of Madelene Zanatta
In memory of Robert (Bob) Tindall
In memory of my grandparents
In memory of my Mother, Daddy and Bobby
In memory of Grandpa Wally
In memory of The Richards
In memory of Harold and Leone Baumgart
In memory of Ray and Pat Flynn, and Rita Nold
In memory of Minoru Kanazawa
In memory of Carlyton Anderson
In memory of Marty Smolkowski
In memory of Judy VandeWiele
In memory of our son Justin T. Horne
In memory of Yoneko Tanaka
In memory of James Kuo
In memory of Fred and Sophie
In memory of Marina Dietsch
In memory of Ralph and Janet Armbruster
In memory of Susan Covell
In memory of Ivan Fox
In memory of Frank Hoover, Patti Ingalls and Eleanora Hancock
In memory of Louis Alexander Faucher
In memory of Sabrina
In memory of our beloved son, Jon Towne
In memory of Mike Hoiseck Jr.
In memory of Helen and Don MacDonald
In memory of William Michael Bauer
In memory of our brother-in-law Bill Jones
In memory of Luis Valenzuela
In memory of Mamasan
In memory of Josephine Reynolds: $100
In memory of Punki and Bentley
In memory of Marion, Pinki and Dora Bella
In memory of Marina P. Dietsch
In memory of Henry and Barbara Hewitt, and Warland and Virginia Wight
In memory of James and Richard Pfeffer
In memory of Gigi and Popo
In memory of Assunta Croci
In memory of my parents
In memory of Kinne and Ann Hawes
In memory of Marion Bross
In memory of David Roodhouse
In memory of James Tobin
In memory of Francis Caulfield
In memory of Mary and Pete Rader
In memory of Alan E. Kelly
In memory of Grampa Dave Paige
In memory of Lawrence Doughty
In memory of CPJ and LPJ
In memory of Antonia Castro
In memory of Merrilyn and Jim Toti
In memory of Kenneth Wapnick: $100
In memory of David William McKay
In memory of Bill Feaster
In memory of George Jee
In memory of Dad, Mom, Mike, Sally and Melanie
In memory of Jerry Skutt
In memory of our parents
In memory of Maria Leban
In memory of Jim Visser
In memory of Sunny Moran Breed
In memory of Takeo and Mitsuko Isoshima
In memory of Mark Isoshima
In memory of Helen Bystedt, former Wayfarer resident
In memory of Lena Mayers
In memory of Jack and Anne Fidler
In memory of Tom and Kit Toone
In memory of David Cunningham Habgood
In memory of Charles H. Ballard
In memory of Jamie Lundin
In memory of Diane Tatterson
In memory of Harry A. Small Sr.
In memory of Hap and Loretta
In memory of Henry Spencer
In memory of Bonny A. Behrens
In memory of Dale and Sharon Noyd
In memory of our father, Dwight V. Peabody
From Barbara Innes
From John and Linda
From Val Johnson
From the Jones Moore Family
From Carol Jones
From the Kaestle Family
From Jim Kief and Susan Chabot
From Jim Klavano: $2,500
From Terri and Bruce Kriegman
From Inga Kromann
From the Kunsch Family: $500
From Dave Larson
From the Larsson Family
From Scott and Mary Lasley
From Elizabeth Leber and Andrew Coveler
From Cleo Lemire
From Jim and Michele Leonard
From J. W. Li
From Pamela Lloyd
From Carlo and Eliana Malaguzzi
From Gaye and Scott McClellan
From Ted McConville and Linda Briant: $300
From Evy McElmeel and Jan Hirschmann
From Roger and Diane McRea
From Karin Miller
From June and Shig Momoda: $50
From Gerald E. Monan
From Laurence Moore
From Patrick Moody and Suzanne DeCuir
From the Naylor's
From Merl and Donna Nellist: $100
From Maurice Nelson
From Mary Nelson
From David and Barbara Nordfors
From Mary Nysether
From Bill and Michele Olden
From Lynda OShaughnessy
From Jon and Norma Owens
From Bruce Palmer and Suh-Jane Lee
From Dennis and Eva Parks
From Dottie and Jim Perkins
From Jim and Marion Peterson
From Caprice Pine and Glen Furnas
From the Posch Family
From Alison Power
From Jim and Peggy Price: $100
Proceeds from Santa pictures, STC Finance party. Thanks Craig!: $32
From the Quay Family
From Carol Rice
From Todd, Lauren and Carrie Rotkis: $1,000
From Mark and Laurie Roth
From Charlie and RaeAnne Rousso: $500
From Scott and Tobi
From D. Shores
From John W. Showalter
From Trudy Soriano
From Pieta and Willem Stokdijk
From Mary Ellen and Ken Talley
From Bryan Thomas: $100
From Dan and Susan Torrell: $100
From Jennifer Tseng and Nicholas Brown
From Barbara and Kingsley Vannier: $1,000
From Lisa and Sam Howe Verhovek: $250
From Rene Vogt
From Roger K. Wagoner
From Carolyn Walden
From Joanne Ward
From Waterman-DeGasperi family
From Janet Welle and Tom Covert
From the Weller Family
From Michael and Sharon Whiting
From Mako and Pauline Yaguchi
From Jerry Zyskowski and Diane Cook: $500

List published December 31, 2013
A gift for Linda Bergesen
A gift for George Lundin and Elizabeth and Ivan Smith
A gift for Bill and Melissa Cormier, for Christmas
A gift for Cayleigh and Brody. Happy New Year!
A gift for Bart and Brenda Perman
A gift for Debbie Burgess
A gift for people without much from a person with too much: $1,000
A gift for Rick and Marianne Snyder
A gift for those without adequate shelter, food, family, love
A gift for Wellspring Family Services and Treehouse
A gift for Monica and Warren
A gift for Rick and Sue
A gift for Lily and Jimmy
A gift for Shannon and Berto
A gift for the people of Seattle who are in need: $500
From Joan and David Allen
From David Almvig and Catherine Jolley
From Clifford and Theodora Argue
From Janice Bailey
From Monica Barry
From Dean and Virginia Barney
From Barbara Beyers
From Elizabeth Black
From Jan and Paul Bleakney: $250
From Collin Bramhall
From Kalman Brauner and Amy Carlson
From the Brown Family
From James W. Burrows: $100
From Rachel Cahan and Jessica Powell
From Beth Caldwell
From Carl and Liz Carrington
From Anna Celich
From Peter and Kay Chelemedos
From Patricia Chinn
From Linda Clarke
From Oliver and Pamela Cobb
From H. Joseph Coleman
From John and Paula Cuneo
From Darla and John
From the Carvel del Fierro Family
From Dirk and Sue: $100
From David and Helen Dichek
From Lisa and Chris Downs
From George and Laurie Engelbeck
From Alyssa and Lea Fairbanks
From Chuck Farrell and Family
From Terry Farrah: $500
From Kurt A. and Margo Feichtmeir
From Jan and Chandler Felt
From The Fimia/Moe Family
From David and Sharon Frank
From Barbara and Richard Fuller
From Bill and Judy Gehring
From Shelley Gibson and Clyde Haglund
From Sylvia Goldstein
From the Goldstein Family
From John and Julie Gold
From James R. and Charlene Gorringe
From Laura Gordon
From Kim and Michelle Gould
From Gretchen Gould
From C.E. Hall
From Barbara Hannah
From Tim and Judith Hanson: $250
From Howard and Barb Harrison
From Larry and Colleen Hawes
From C. Heleker
From Luverna Hilton
From Nils G. Holm
From the Hunter Christmas Eve party: $100
From Imaginations in Interiors
From V.M. and Anita Ingram: $200
In honor of my wonderful daughter Ashley, who was once a foster child
In honor of the Smith Family Christmas Gift Exchange 2013
In honor of Mark and Grace Driscoll
In honor of Southlake Clinic GI doctors
In honor of Kenny
In honor of our generous father, Rex!
In honor of Bugbee, Butts and Guettler
In honor of Mom
In honor of Dan and Katy Schaefer
In honor of Dr. Therese Law
In honor of George Lundin
In honor of the Clark Family
In honor of all who work/volunteer with these organizations
In honor of Dick and Betsy Russell
In honor of the Halms
In honor of Bob Day
In honor of June Mangnuson
In honor of Bruce and Mary Allison
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vasen
In honor of Gus Bowman
In honor of Noelle and Mike Van Woert: $100
In honor of Seven Grandchildren: $100
In honor of all my friends at Emerald Place condos in Edmonds From Carolyn
In honor of Hazel Camille's upcoming 2nd birthday
In honor of Dave, Keith, Mike, Bob, Robert and Zeke, the best team ever
In honor of family and friends
In honor of David, Bessie and Glowver
In honor of Christmas
In honor of Donna Wigren
In honor of the Russ Frerichs Family
In honor of Joan E. Hansen
In honor of Jan Minar
In honor of Fred Christensen
In honor of Lori Belfor
In honor of David and Theresa Palmer
In honor of the UW Education Fund
In honor of Sam Galey and Paul Berggren
In loving memory of Paula Holden
In loving memory of Dorris Holden
In loving memory of Carla Theisen
In loving memory of Conrad and Mary Rynning
In memory of our Dad and Mom. Family is everything.
In memory of Henry and Anna Flanagan
In memory of Maria and Stephen Cantrell
In memory of Jim Geraghty
In memory of Tom Wales
In memory of Cyndi Crawford
In memory of Dolores P. Lemm
In memory of Hajime Hirata
In memory of Christine Grogan
In memory of Yasumatsu and Mitsu Shigaya
In memory of Nera and Louis Yolo; Nerl and Bertha Lisk
In memory of Emmett Murray
In memory of Gene Darrow
In memory of David Barber
In memory of Joseph J. Szeles Sr.
In memory of James
In memory of Harold and Bertha Winnett
In memory of Cheri Taylor
In memory of Roy Jackson
In memory of Kenneth, Dolores and Michael Curry
In memory of Grammie
In memory of Grace Dugan
In memory of V. Roger Miller
In memory of my sister, Joanne
In memory of Richard Wigren
In memory of Irene DiNicola(Kewpie)
In memory of David Nasser
In memory of Alf, Bill, Dot, Gene, Floyd, Louise and Molly
In memory of Celia Clemans: $50
In memory of Emma Chang
In memory of Rick Aboussie
In memory of Josephine Everett
In memory of Harry and Bethany Kauffman
In memory of Madelyne Trefren
In memory of Larry Gerdes
In memory of John Hearsey
In memory of Laurie Stanton
In memory of Eric Berg
In memory of Cathy Donnelly
In memory of Fran Barnes
In memory of Grandma AKay Stiefel
In memory of Frank Cleland
In memory of Richard and Ross
In memory of my brother, Gordon Legg
In memory of John and Ollie Wackerman
In memory of Linda and Joleen Murray
In memory of Thomas Mudrovich
In memory of Lonnie Short and all foster kids
In memory of Mary A. McPhee
In memory of Dorothy Redmond
In memory of Arthur Ewald
In memory of Loy Swinehart
In memory of Susan Howard
In memory of Mom, Dad and Galen
In memory of Mike and Jerry Day
In memory of Rose Rosen
In memory of lost children
In memory of Charles Warren of Eugene, Ore.
In memory of Lola Naggy
In memory of George and Machiko Yamamoto
In memory of Dick Caldwell
In memory of Aileen Sewall
In memory of James C. Putnam
In memory of Darryl Milo Erickson
In memory of Pete and Betty Jayne
In memory of Charlotte Bailie and Sarah Deming
In memory of Shannon Hawkins
In memory of Dorothy F. Zienke
In memory of Linnea E. Berg
In memory of Mary Lynch
In memory of Russell E. Bradley
In memory of T. Dennis
In memory of Robert Tso
In memory of William G. Dillon
In memory of Jerry Magorty
In memory of Warren and Jeanette George
In memory of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
In memory of my husband, Kaz
In memory of Tom and Thayer
In memory of our Marilyn Gearheart
In memory of our mothers
In memory of Frances and Tommy
In memory of James and Sarah Montgomery
In memory of Richard Pedersen
In memory of John and Betty Cherberg
In memory of my sister, Joyce Pettersen, from Jack Hayes: $100
In memory of Mom
In memory of Peg
In memory of John Scott Boyle
In memory of Bonnie Morin
In memory of our son, Paul Freitas
In memory of Albert Irvine
In memory of Mary S. McConkey
In memory of John Gussner
In memory of Alf and Ruth Lied
In memory of Harry Stasinos
In memory of Tracy Pham
In memory of Arthur R. Harvey
In memory of Margaret, Elizabeth and Pat
In memory of Wilbur H. Vanderpoel
In memory of William Arnold from David and Judi
In memory of our parents, who gave us so much
In memory of Peter R. Vincent from the Luster Family
In memory of Herbert H. Warrick
In memory of Michael Berglund
In memory of E
In memory of family and friends
In memory of Shelby Scates
In memory of Susan
In memory of Rita A. Fields
In memory of John E. Ormiston: $200
In memory of William Arnold from Florence
In memory of Corey
In memory of Cody Hardy
In memory of Hazel Hawkins - Mom
In memory of Kathleen Ardena
In memory of Dale LaJambe
In memory of Fred E. Bowdy
In memory of Walter and Evelyn Cahill
In memory of Nellie
In memory of Sally M. Samuelson
In memory of Terri Linda Gunn
In memory of Jason Andrew Ford
In memory of Karen J. Hammel
In memory of Tom Bleakney
In memory of Jack and Robert
In memory of Claire Venables
In memory of JMS
In memory of my mother, Jean W. Dormont
In memory of James E. Mason
In memory of Elizabeth Ann Smiley
In memory of Ruby
From Jesus our Savior. We love you. Keep praying.
From Ken Johnson
From Ken Johnson and Priscilla Fitzhugh
From Bob and Sharon Johnston
From S. and D. Johnson
From Philip and Varda Juno: $250
From Mitchell and Cory Kawaguchi
From Robert and Joyce Kaya
From Mary Anne Kelly
From Brian and Helen Kelly
From Ellie and B. B. Keolker
From D. Konma
From Marilyn and Richard Layton, M.D.
From Alfred P. and Nancy V. Lee: $500
From Matt and Barb LePage
From Marjorie Levar
From Cynthia J. Lyons
From Kathy and Glen Mann: $750
From Gail Marshall and Leslie Mallonee
From Julie and Lyle Margulies
From Mary and Bill : $200
From Denise Martin
From Mariam McCall
From Lorne and Mary Beth McConachie
From Lyn McDonald
From Molly McGee and Sylvia Pollack
From the Metz Family
From Rita J. Miller, Ph.D.: $50
From Bob and Jean Miller
From Peter Moore
From Marguerite and Ron Moskat
From Marr P. Mullen
From Dorothy Murphy
From Lucy Musatti: $200
From Lisa and Alan Nichol: $100
From Lee and Kathy Olson
From Barbara AOlson
From Louise Ono
From Ruth Oppenheimer: $100
From the Parks Family
From Dallas and Ann Pasley
From Clair W. Peffer
From Sissy and Gary Peterman
From Peggy and Greg Petrie
From Kyle and Shawn Peterson
From Virginia Pflueger
From George and Betsy Piano
From Dean and Cathy Pixley: $100
From Patti and Jerry Plymire
From Katherine R. Pomeroy
From K. David and Sandra APrince
From Diane and Gary Price
From Cam and Tori Ragen
From Paul W. Reed
From Nancy and Jim Roma
From Allan and Karla Romano
From Ron and Helen
From Steve and Nancy Rose
From John and Tami Routt
From Lee Ruljancich
From Doug Sayed, Applied HR Strategies
From Marcia and Ed Schroeder
From Art Schneider and Kim Street
From Bill Schliiter and Gloria Kimball
From Webster Sergeant
From Sevil, Dave, Andrew and Abby
From Mattie Shaw
From the Shimada Family
From Henry A. Shields
From Christine Siddons
From Alice and Arthur Siegal
From Jerry and Lynne Singer
From John and Polly Shigaki
From James and Barbara Stapper
From Anita Stein
From Kendal Steffa
From Satish and VandanaThatte
From Jerry and Debbie Tonkovich
From Richard J. Troberman
From Eugene Usui
From Frank van der Harst
From Jim van Zee
From Claire and Al Vogt
From Douglas Wake: $500
From George and Leslie Walker
From John and Joan Watkins: $150
From Harlan and Karen Weber
From the Wewerka Family
From Patricia Whitmore
From Dorothy Wicklund
From Susan Wineke
From Jim Wozny: $250
From Louisa and Richard Yarmuth

List published December 24, 2013:

From Janette and Bill Adamucci
From Scott and Lisa Adamek
A gift for the many needy people: $1,000
A gift for Laura and Steve Mitchell
A gift for Sylvia Maki
A gift for J. Sherris and P. Rabinovitch
A gift for those who need the help from those who can: $500
A gift for Martha Woodman
A gift for Mr. and Mrs. William Cormier from Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rooth
A gift for family
A gift for Donald E. Olson
A gift for Justin and Roselyn Robison, Lindsey and Craig Johnson, Heidi and Jeremy Bright, Kalie Peterson, Dylan Peterson and Rory Peterson
A gift for Ava and Will Banks
A gift for Qu Jian, the most beautiful 19-year-old in the world!
A gift for Bob and Verna
From Anonymous: $100
From James Ascher and Susette McCann
From Jerry and Cookie Auvinen
From Beth and Bruce Avolio
From Mark and Kimberly Bailey
From Frank and Laura Baker
From Dianne Barnes
From Mary Bartholet
From Bashey, Hutchinson and Walter CPA’s: $1,000
From Marjorie V. Batey
From Lois Beason
From Hal and Ann Bernton
From Laurie Besteman and Jack Lauderbaugh
From Elaine and Wayne Besmer
From the Bishop Family
From Alan and Darcey Blinn
From Diane Bobbitt
From Craig and Susan Bohman
From the Bradys
From Ron and Val Brown
From Arlene Bryant and Kevin Connolly
From Louise Bullington
From Jim and Barbara Burgess
From Nancy Burnett
From Ray and Jill Byrd
From Richard Chapin
From Elizabeth Choy and James Lobsenz
From Myrtle Christensen
From Nadine Clayton
From Ralph and Susan Cobb
From Don Comstock
From Bob and Barbara Conta
From Rodney and Willie Cook
From Katherine E. Cooper
From Margaret Crastnopol and Charles Purcell
From Darlene and Dale Crea: $100
From Karen and Dwight Cummings
From Bonnie Curran and Matt Lynch
From the Deardorffs
From Deb and Dan
From Kristina Detwiler
From Alison Dillow
From Richard and Brenda Dimond
From Yvette Dinish
From Lynn Dissinger
From the Dodson and Voss Family
From Bev and Michael Doleac
From James Douglas and Alexandra Harmon
From Eclipse Marketing Group: $300
From Yvonne Efimenko
From Sarah and David Eitelbach
From Warren and Judi Elfstrom: $100
From Judy and Richard Englund
From Kit Eppel
From John and Susan Erickson
From Judith Finn
From Bill Finger and Anna Welcome
From H. Flaccus
From Tom and Joli Fleming
From Mick Fleming
From Laureen France
From Max Frescoln
From the Freeman Family
From Friends
From Friends from West Seattle: $150
From Gary Elmer and Jackie Gardner
From Richard and Sylvia Garcia
From Keith Gormezano
From Dave and Dianne Greene
From James and Barbara Guess
From the Guyers
From Thomas and Rosemary Hackett
From the Hackett Families
From Steven Hahn and Pranhitha Reddy
From Keith and Sue Hahn
From Steve and Laurie Hansen
From Joan and Bob Harrison
From P. and L. Hayasaka
From Janet Henney
From Shirley Henning
From Jim Horan
From the Howsmon Family
From Karl and Kiri Igloi
In honor of needy seniors
In honor of Terry and Diane Carroll
In honor of Jay and Pat Allison
In honor of the Group Health Hospice Team
In honor of Vivian Riley
In honor of Ying-Chen Jim Kuo
In honor of Kelly Hustad
In honor of Allison Wright
In honor of U.S.N. Block Island CVE 25 and CVE 106
In honor of Dorothy and James O’Brien
In honor of Sharon and Ron
In honor of the employees of Dogwood Industries
In honor of Eden and Kate Vucinovich
In honor of Martha Schell
In honor of Grant Kobayashi
In honor of the Wound Care Team, Virginia Mason: $500
In honor of Alicia, Brian and Avaa — Merry Christmas and Happy 2014
In honor of Shelley, Kirsten and Mark
In honor of Pat and Jay Allison
In honor of the Allen, Willcox and Ferguson Families
In honor of Marvin and Mary-Lynne Reiner: $100
In honor of the C.D. McConnell Family
In honor of Emily, Drew, Garrett and Bryce
In honor of Ben and Sandra Williams
In honor of Rick and Sam
In honor of Shoreline Knitters and Crafters
In honor of Ellen, Jared and Adam
In honor of Teyler and Nicholas
In honor of our kids, Rich and Lisa Hernandez
In honor of our kids, John and Shelagh Lustig
In honor of Mom, Dad, Charles and the rest of the crew here and far away
In honor of Burton B.
In honor of Douglas Neufeld, Bow Lake Principal
In honor of Kate and Josie
In honor of Pat and Tom Bracken
In honor of my family and friends
In honor of Donna Brandsey
In honor of Kris, Karole, Elsa and Marek Johnson - Denver
In honor of Eero, Joy, Lydia and Gretta Collins - Denver
In honor of Joy Collins - Denver
In honor of Marilyn and Louis Sutherland
In loving memory of Pat and Jack Baird
In loving memory of John and Mary Healey
In loving memory of Katherine Eisen
In loving memory of Lorrayne Ruoff
In loving memory of Lois West
In loving memory of Mary Rae Ford
In loving memory of David McGarry
In loving memory of Mary Parker
In memory of John and Catherine Callaghan, and Orv and Emily Buerge
In memory of Janice Kerns
In memory of Russell Nelson
In memory of George K. Rowland, a wonderful father and husband
In memory of Katherine Freeman
In memory of Tom Onsum and Thresa Yonts
In memory of Joey S. Peterson
In memory of Paul and Kathleen Dougherty
In memory of Daphne, best dog ever! We will miss you.
In memory of our parents Val and Gay, and Monte and Dorothy
In memory of Al
In memory of Greg Blakey
In memory of Adrienne Dillard-Coons
In memory of Al and Harriet Hansom and Grata Lenahan
In memory of Gloria McKimmey
In memory of Edmund and Doug Dougherty
In memory of Robert and Marilyn Fugazi
In memory of Fred and Joan DeGrazia
In memory of Tom Zurcher
In memory of Rudolf and Gudrun Hansen
In memory of James M. Cleland, Sr. and Jr.
In memory of Mike McCormack
In memory of my parents, Dan and Harriet
In memory of Steve Johnston
In memory of Robert and Beatrice
In memory of our daughter Julie Druxman
In memory of Mom and Dad
In memory of Helen Roth: $50
In memory of my husband John Basic and granddaughter Kaitlin Basic
In memory of Alice and Buz Hinke, Renée Portray and Gilbert Kirschen
In memory of Bill and Angelyn Stielstra
In memory of Ralph and Enid Owen
In memory of Al and Ruth Uberti
In memory of K.R. Biswas
In memory of Marianne DiJoseph
In memory of Edwin, Mintrude, Hubert and Carl Hackett
In memory of Bill Blades
In memory of Jo Caserto Cunningham
In memory of Kyle Onorato
In memory of wonderful parents: $200
In memory of son Tim
In memory of Paul, Mary, Gregory, Adelaide and Christina, whose lives made a difference.
In memory of Charles Eden Mowe
In memory of K.V. Subramanian
In memory of Erle and Jean Horswill
In memory of Glenn and Freda Casey
In memory of Bernice Sisson
In memory of Thomas Mudrovich
In memory of Mel Miller
In memory of Leo and Geri Peterson
In memory of Patrick Gildea
In memory of Frank M. Rafchiek
In memory of Sally Pugh
In memory of our parents
In memory of Harry Jones
In memory of Molly Conley: $100
In memory of Dr. W.A. and Lydia Johnson
In memory of Walter and Doris Finholm
In memory of my parents, Duke and Mary Lou Dills
In memory of Mevlana Rumi and Madiba Mandela
In memory of Bill, Marjorie, Carol, Dorothy and Lee
In memory of my dad, Lincoln Beppu, love you and miss you.
In memory of Sam and Jean Younker
In memory of Arthur Duggan
In memory of Lona Lee Rothe
In memory of Ken and Harriet Hartinger
In memory of Violet Hill and Jane Corbett
In memory of Dr. C. L. Sundberg
In memory of Paul Cooney
In memory of Huicho
In memory of my sister Joyce
In memory of Yvonne and Mom
In memory of Bill McBurney and Enola Johnstone
In memory of Sister Doreen Masberg: $30
In memory of Mary Dix Holtsclaw
In memory of John and Marie McClurkin: $100
In memory of Brandon Green
In memory of Etta Baker Stone and Anna Baker
In memory of Maria L. Lont
In memory of Patrick James McGuire
In memory of Leslie Hargus
In memory of Jim Anderson
In memory of Helen Wicklund
In memory of our beloved daughter, Andrea
In memory of Boo
In memory of Barbara Etzel
In memory of Thomas and Matthew
In memory of Bob Wolfe
In memory of our parents
In memory of my father
In memory of Tanya Zolah Lippe
In memory of Jack and Flo Schaefer
In memory of Andy Palmer: $100
In memory of Jeff Lambert and Lorraine
In memory of Abundia G., Carmen G. and Vito G. Canares
In memory of Theresa Silvestri
In memory of the Seattle P-I
In memory of Warren Leo Trojanoski
In memory of Jackson Poodle from Augie
In memory of Mom and Dad
In memory of Mollie Hungate
In memory of Pat and Jack Hyman
In memory of our parents M.H.J. and E.D.F.
In memory of Roger Lauen
In memory of Bruce Gadbois, husband
In memory of Robert Cusack: $50
In memory of Ruth Alder Toraason
In memory of Joyce Kikuchi
In memory of Florence Delaurenti
In memory of Grant O. Barker
In memory of Joseph A. Moschetto
In memory of Betty and Ed Kaczmarcyk Sr.
In memory of Gordon Lindgren
In memory of Michael John Grubbs
In memory of Ruth Borman
In memory of Jim and Dana Trulson
In memory of Pete, Jean and Allie
In memory of Mom and Dad
In memory of Mom, Dad, and Jamie
In memory of Don Calvert
In memory of Richard P. Sartain
In memory of Carol Ann McNeely
In memory of Yoshio and Masao Tomita
In memory of Lev and Dorothea Giffin: $500
In memory of Lynn Osborne
In memory of Hilda Wolf
In memory of Edith Beers
In memory of Edward Paukovich and Pamela Nimitz
In memory of my wife, Cherrill
In memory of Jim and Wanda Lee
In memory of Rose Boyle
In memory of my mother, Florence Marianne
In memory of Dominick Budnick
In memory of Grandma Massena
In memory of Grandpa Dundore
In memory of Vira Ryan
In memory of Mitsuko and Fred Ito
In memory of Melanie Baker-Bowman and Elliott Satoru Ito Baker
In memory of Ted and Mary Fellows
In memory of Denison, Louise and Libby Hatch
In memory of Stephen M. Hall
In memory of Carolyn Dziak
In memory of Henry and Lora Fiske
In memory of Jim, YuKim and Kelsey
In memory of Pa Pa John
In memory of Stan Yassick
In memory of Anthony Barbur
In memory of John Hammerback
In memory of Gail Campbell
In memory of Gilda Stockton and Doris Sidrovich: $100
In memory of Melissa Landers and Sam Strauss
In memory of Mom, Mary Brown, died Christmas Eve 2008, age 95
In memory of mother and grandparents
In memory of Mary McGonigle
In memory of Paul Livingston
In memory of Paul and Virginia Naeher
In memory of Anne Carey Anderson from the Anderson Beach Club
In memory of Wallace Ramage
In memory of Donald and Doris Yackel
In memory of Kate Miller
In memory of Donald Wirkus
In memory of Katie and Molly
In memory of Shirley E. Chiles
In memory of Lois
In memory of Shirley Berge
In memory of Arthur and Elaine Schwartz
In memory of Ray Chalker
In memory of George Warden
In memory of Robert J. Dawson
In memory of Dave Roach and Doug McBroom
In memory of Larry Stults
In memory of Harry and Virginia Wilson
In memory of Charles Worth, New Hope, Pa.
In memory of Charlie Mowe. Thinking of you during this holiday season.
In memory of Jim Thompson
In memory of Tim Tajchman
In memory of Mommy, Daddy and my family
In memory of Zizi: $100
In memory of Harold Lloyd Bilderback
In memory of Chuck Finn
In memory of Arval
In memory of Dorothee and Taylor Bowie
In memory of Gib and Jane Swanson
In memory of Jacob Arnautoff
In memory of Patti J. Eckhoff
In memory of Glenn S. Matsumoto and Fumi Hirai
In memory of Pamela Gahan
In memory of Doug Arther
In memory of Anne Van Hee and Evo Guerrini
In memory of Dominic Pietro
In memory of James W. French, M.D.
In memory of Mary B. Gowing
In memory of Gwen Boys
In memory of Sally K. Anderson
In memory of Marisa Morgan, beloved daughter
In memory of Mom
In memory of Neta and Vern Stebbins
In memory of Julia Budnick
In memory of Joan Kennedy
In memory of Kerin Ann Keller
In memory of Helen Nichols Knapp
In memory of Doug McBroom
In memory of Del Conners and Joy McCormick
In memory of John and Margaret Ward
In memory of William Kraft and Colin Langman
In memory of Betty Skrinde
In memory of Frank, Duke, Maestro, Cleo, and Golda
From Ozo and Beth Jaculewicz
From John V. James: $300
From Joan
From Courtnay Johnson
From Tom and Margaret Johanson
From Karen
From Michael Keller
From William and Julie Kemp: $100
From Hank and Cheryl Kiefer
From Barry and Shelley Kikuchi
From Beth Kirchhoff and Loren Lukens
From the Klinicke Family
From Karen L. Koon
From Mary Lakshas
From Robert and Ellen Lam
From ‘Lyn Fleury Lambert
From Elizabeth Light
From Eleonore Lill
From Dick and Norma Line
From Lureane
From Jock Mackinlay and Polle Zellweger
From Jo Marsh
From James P. and Kaaren E. McElroy
From Lee and Elsa Meadows
From the Mercier Family
From Barry Miller
From Carol Moore and Val Mosalsky
From Andrew Murray
From Alan and Linda Murray
From Steve and Greta Nehrenberg: $125
From Mary K. Neumeister
From Denise and Thomas Neu: $100
From Ann Nieder
From Jack Nixon
From the Nordhoff family
From Mr. and Mrs. James Odegard
From Karen Olson
From Elisabet Orville: $100
From Pete and Bette Osman
From Linda Oswald
From Nate and Suzy Palmer
From Paul and Helen Parham
From Pat and Bob
From the Pausch and Appleseth Families
From Poppema/Cramer
From Greg and Mandy Prier
From PSI Home Inspection Services to thank our real-estate brokers for their support
From Bill and Delia Purdy
From Marshall and Joyce Rafferty: $250
From Tobey Ragain
From Stella Ragain
From Lois and Ron Ralph
From Todd and Sheryl Ramsey
From Harold and Alice Reed
From Bruce and Gail Richards
From Leslie Rinnan
From Kirk Robbins
From Bill and Gail Robertson
From Romaine Electric Corp.
From E.A. and Dale Roper
From the Ruff Family
From Florence Saks
From Barbara Sando
From Charles Sanborn
From the Schlachter/Myers Family
From the Seattle Times Circulation/Human Relations Holiday Party: $45
From Dave and Lynn Servis
From Ruth T. Shimano
From Jeff and Rose Skocelas
From Sylvia Stanfill
From Stellar Travel, Bellevue
From Bob and Emily Stipek: $100
From Helen St. John
From Heather and John Strong
From R.L. and Maryann Streater
From Joseph and Betty Sullivan
From Surie
From R. Taylor: $500
From Kevin Thurner
From Elizabeth W. Tukey
From the Tutt-Wills
From D. Varnier
From Susan Vestal: $300
From Dr. Susan Vlasuk
From Paul Vogt
From Mavis Von Torne
From Fanny Wang
From Tracy Wayman and Joan Erickson
From Don and Donna West: $300
From Diana Wetmore
From Eileen F. Whitworth
From Elizabeth Wilcox: $1,000
From Danny and Stephen Wilhelm
From L.C. Wise
From Dave and Susan Womeldorff
From Eleanor E. Wood
From James and Sheila Woodcock
From Linda and Steven Wright
From Dana and Judy Wright
From Roger and Barbara Young
From Rebecca Zerngast, DDS
From Mary and Norb Ziegler
From Steve and Lyn Ziskind

List published Dec. 20, 2013

From Kay Adams
A gift for Ms. May Liming
A gift for Dave and Mieke
A gift for my son’s family: Bud, Polly, Nate and Mitch Blanchard. Merry Christmas!
From David and Ann Albertson
From Eddie and Sandy Allianic
From American Legion Auxiliary #227: $200
From Sally and Bart Amey
From Pat and Dixon Anderson
From Genevieve Ashford
From Joseph Asher
From KEK Bakker
From Darrel W. Barton
From Richard and Patricia Beamer
From Mr. and Mrs. LeMoin Beckman
From David Bennett
From Howard and Marli Bennett
From James and Mary Bergman
From Pat and Marjie Bigley
From R. and D. Bollinger: $100
From Gunter and Katrin Bonnofsky
From William C. Bruzas
From George Bundy and Barbara Baldwin
From Nancy Burke
From Chaplin’s Bellevue Subaru Ice Arena, brought to you by Bank of America
From Edward and Dativa Cifra
From Marilee and Nile Clarke
From Lori Cohen and Woody Wheeler
From Richard and Marilyn Converse
From Diane Cook: $200
From Verla A. Cook
From Scott and Lisa Coughlin
From David Czaplicki and Jill Roseen-Czaplicki
From Bruce and Carolyn David
From Elizabeth Davis
From Norma Davidson
From Mike D. Dillon: $50
From Peggy and Bob Dorse
From Sue B. Drais
From David and Anne Duryee
From Doug and Linda Elsner
From Jim and Lynn Erckmann: $100
From Ludmila Feodorovne Faber
From Joan and Mike Fager
From John and Betty Foster
From Chris Fosse
From Art and Kay Gannon
From Chris Gaspard
From the John Gepner Family
From John Gessner: $50
From George Gilman and Heida Brenneke
From Page Gorud
From Drs. Gray and Lo at Roosevelt Dental Center
From Virginia Grace
From Ed and Judy Gronski
From Elroy and Dorothy Hapke
From Lynn and Evelyn Hart
From Claire Haugh
From Joe and Gini Hawe: $50
From Emerson and Joan Heald
From Taylor Jane Hill
From Frederick Hirai
From Charlotte Holmes
From the Horner Family
From Sandy and Owen Hoskinson
From Anne Howells
From Dave and Ruthann Huellemann
In honor of my mother, Margaret Bell
In memory of Robert and Scott Blaser
In memory of Richard R. Reinhardt, with love
In memory of Matt Martinis and the Iceland
In memory of Ron Kessel
In memory of Rubi and Ish Aoki
In memory of Dr. David Warrick
In memory of S. Toyoshima
In memory of Dan and Rose Riley, who were dedicated to Seattle’s welfare
In memory of William Arnold, love Dana and Lisa Arnold: $150
In memory of my parents, Ed and Setsuko Havens
In memory of Elvis Presley and Joe Weider, may they rest in eternal peace
In memory of Micheal G. Ewing, aka Gary Ewing. Rest in peace eternally
In memory of Willie Austin. Lifting strong in life, gym and eternally! RIP, Lilli
In memory of Mortimer J. Adler, forever grateful. Rest in eternal peace
In memory of Mary Ann and Lt. Michael T. Zurfluh, USN
In memory of Steve Dolde from his family
In memory of Ken Teller
In memory of Samuel and Minerva Chin
In memory of David Paul
In memory of Cindy Reedy
In memory of William J. Love
In memory of Roy Presslar: $100
In memory of Jim Hennes
In memory of Henry and Doris MacLeod
In memory of Peggy Newman
In memory of Linda Stephenson
In memory of our parents
In memory of Susan Fujita
In memory of Robert Brown, and Rita and Howard Baker
In memory of James Guido
In memory of Cliff and Inez Allen
In memory of Regina Cullen
In memory of Elizabeth and Stanley from: Kathleen, Carol, John and Greg
In memory of Kenneth Trainor from Michael
In memory of Aaron James
In memory of John and Jean Haigh
In memory of Grace Coachman: $100
In memory of Jackie and Harold Scott
In memory of Eugene Carter
In memory of Daria Kolb
In memory of Doris Baker
In memory of James Arnold and James Evans
In memory of Thomas J. O’Brien: $100
In memory of Laura (Sheehan) Couch
In memory of Joseph and Lila Zimmar
In memory of Emerson
In memory of Albert Grammens
In memory of Patrick Michael Wallace
In memory of Charles and Marion Williams
In memory of Tommie Bowden
In memory of William Winblade
In memory of George and Edward Sutter
In memory of Ed
In memory of Luis and Priscilla Castro, and Kiyomi and Mary Hayashi
In memory of Frank Martin
In memory of Fern Hastings
In memory of Howard Anderson
In memory of Elwyn R. Kaake
In memory of our parents
In memory of Roger F. Range
In memory of Catherine Sherriff Johnson
In memory of Jackie Keegan
In memory of Christine Gilgan
In memory of Betty and Clarence Vuckel
In memory of Grace Dorothy Freese
In memory of Angela Burns
In memory of Beth Kenny
In memory of Alberta Gifford
In memory of Roy and Vivian Queen, and Mick and June Wolcott
In memory of Ruth Brooks (Mother)
In memory of Arthur and Robin Rice
In memory of Ed DeVries
In memory of Charles and Louise Dale
In memory of Phillip Collier
In memory of Chuck Zwiers
In memory of Dorothy Travis
In memory of Yvonne
In memory of Missy Lynn Carstens, forever in my heart
In memory of Patricia Ann McPhee
In memory of Ken Lindblom
In memory of Erik
In memory of Dale Abbott
In memory of Edith and Vernon
In memory of Frank Sardarov
In memory of “Doc” Van Lierop, Bothell High Class of 1962
In memory of Ruby R. Ellison
In memory of Jose Pagdanganan
In memory of Robert Horn
In memory of Mildred and Lester Troske
In memory of Geo Drummond
In memory of Mom and Dad and Woody
In memory of our beloved son, Bob Rick
In memory of Rose A.
In memory of Diana C. Gibbs
In memory of Gwen and Jerry
In memory of Susan, Charlie and Braden Powell
In memory of Janet Lower
In memory of Patrick T. Mallahan
In memory of Roy and Lois Arns
In memory of my best mother-in-law, Doris Brewer
In memory of Edward and Maryita Hillard
In memory of Joe and Audrey, and Rudy and Gertrude
In memory of Urmila Shroff, Pushpam Joy
In memory of Liz Farr
In memory of Ryan Andrew Noggles
In memory of Bill Wallace
In memory of Jim Walls and Mel Umentum
In memory of Robert A. Lyshol
In memory of Steve Garrison
In memory of Bill Anderson Jr.
In memory of Charles and Jean Gretz
In memory of Lee Paasch
In memory of Steve Tull from Andrea, Maddie and Jake
In memory of Eusebio and Asancion G. Tigtig
In memory of David
In memory of Ken Wood
In memory of Frank and Gail Kim
In memory of Ruth Graefing
In memory of John Burch
In memory of Frances Moshcatel
In memory of Mary Hoisington
In memory of Paula and Francis
In memory of Mildred Mangum
In memory of Margie and Bob Wakefield
In memory of my mother, Evelyn Lotz
In memory of Della Bennett
In memory of our beloved Vic Kaloper from Danica, Yvette and Brad Kaloper: $750
In memory of Tzu Cheng, my mother
In memory of Diane Campbell: $50
In memory of Fred and Shirley Utevsky
In memory of Peter Starrs
In memory of Wallace and Dorothy Wood
In memory of Don Myers
In memory of Steve Henkel
In memory of Julie and Gary Millav
In memory of Shula Monroe
In memory of our parents
In memory of Claire Z. Breslich
In memory of Helen Bystedt: retired phone operator
In memory of Bob and Jackie Jacobsen
From Diane Isonaka and David Galas
From Donna Johnson
From Mr. and Mrs. William V. Johnston
From Reed and Judy Jopling: $1,000
From Nick A. Jordan
From Dale Kalbfleisch
From Audrey Kellison
From the Kennedys
From Mary Hawkins Key and Barry Key
From Joseph and Ragnhild Kittay
From Roberta Krause
From Bruce Krause and Gail Bond
From Robert Laing and Marcia Kline
From James and Linda Lang: $100
From the Lazy Bastard Ranch: $100
From Martha Lloyd and Jim Evans
From Barbara Loveless
From Dan Margonelli and Chris Nielsen
From Jack and Peggy Martin
From Janet McKinnon and Peter Brown
From Archie McPhee and Company: $1,500
From Ed and Pat Merritt
From Mike and Lynne Miller
From Ginny Miller
From Rosalie Miller, Tom Bertucci and Lily Bertucci
From Pat and Michelle Moskos
From David Muchmore
From Dennis Nagler: $200
From the Olympic Manor Garden Club: $200
From Jeno H. Orova
From Nancy Paris
From Larry and Lucille Pasco
From Barbara B. Passmore
From Eriann Pearson and Harry Cooker
From Marcia Pennington-Rizzuto
From Mary S. Perillo
From Boyd and Nancy Peterson: $100
From Linda Pickard
From Karl and Theodora Pisk
From Gary and Joan Proctor
From Paul and Marj Robertson
From M.L. Robbins
From Roka, Ren, Kai and Emi
From Marjorie D. Rombauer
From Salmi and Gillaspy, PLLC
From Alison Sands and Alan Rodan
From Julie Scandora
From Karen and Robert Schmidt
From Lorna Schack-Tashiro
From David Shema
From Eldred and Gail Smith
From Stan and Lorna
From John and Robin Stearns
From Raymond Stommel: $500
From Jill Summit
From Jeannette Sylliaasen
From Jim and Betty Thomas: $150
From Caren Toney
From Dave and Chris Towne
From Don and Bobbie Vchulek
From Sharon and Hans Wehl
From Paula Weir
From Carolyn Wells
From Ingrid West
From Shirley White
From David and Gayle Wigglesworth
From Jared R. Williams
From Steve and Karen Williams
From Dave and Sue Williams
From WinIan, Ailsa, Lucas, Ian and Kylie. Seasons greetings to all: $500
From Don Winton: $2,500
From Lilia and David Wood
From Claire Zimmerman

In honor of our parents
In honor of Jere and Kerry Kulinski: $100
In honor of Jeff Winemiller
In honor of Paul and Marie Neorr
In honor of Gerry Anderson
In honor of Pat and Lee Taylor
In honor of Mom, Dad, Matt, Dave and Barb
In honor of those in need
In honor of Becky Hilderbrand
In honor of my late husband: $1,000
In honor of Kelly, Hanna, Holly and Hope
In honor of Leslie Fouche’
In honor of Carol Dunphy
In honor of Amy and Doug Patton
In honor of the O’Brien Family: Kevin, Rena, Beth and Mary
In honor of the Trent Kemp Family: John, Jessica and Colin
In honor of Tom Linder
In honor of Kevin
In honor of Will Blethen
In honor of my dear friends Jeff, Terry, Shawn, Mark and Susan
In honor of Mike and Norma Jones
In honor of the Woodman Family
In honor of Dora Matzen
In honor of Kristine Cramer and Kathryn Deupree
In honor of Anna, Sonja, Elin, Doreen and Annie
In honor of Ken and Alice Berta
In honor of Stephanie Tyson
In honor of Jean Humphreys and Family
In honor of Analise, Kristina, Chloe and Olivia
In honor of Noah and Brittany Kennedy
In honor of Peter Medalia
In honor of the Wise Ones
In honor of all military branches
In honor of Suicide Prevention Week
In memory of William Hanson
In memory of Bill Powell
In memory of The Ancient Wisdom
In memory of Mom and Dad Stronk
In memory of William Hurley
In memory of Johnny Eads
In memory of Max Hiatt from his loving family
In memory of Bill Ekemo
In memory of Bess and Lester Miller
In memory of Charlotte Parkinson
In memory of Victoria Beck, from the Beck Family of Maple Valley, Renton and Sheridan, Colo.
In memory of Moe, Bev and Fred
In memory of John Miller
In memory of Eliz Baird
In memory of Michael Lee Nute
In memory of John Bomengen
In memory of Dardy Bauch
In memory of Burnett Goodwin
In memory of Marilyn Anne

List published Dec. 12, 2013:

From Myrna Aavedal
A gift for Bruce, Mary, and Kathleen
A gift for Mike Brown and Mary Smith
A gift for Lynann Bradbury
A gift for Todd and Sharon Bradbury and Sons
A gift for Jerry and Irene Shigaki
From Susan Allen
From Annette Althoff
From Kirsten and Brad Anawalt
From John Anderson and Tuyet Tran
From Murray and Jill Andrews
From Eric and Helen Andersen
From anonymous: $250
From Joe Austin
From AWS
From Bad Woman Yarn
From Anne Bagdon
From Chris Barnett
From G. Bartolini Family: $1,000
From Paul Beighle and Jane McCormmach: $500
From Ron and Carol Berry
From Lee and Jean Bondurant
From the Borland Family
From John and Carol Bowker
From Elaine Brighton
From Anne C. Browne
From Ted Burke and Judy Rose: $1,000
From James and Jeri Caldwell
From Allan and Nancy Carson
From Aimee Carlson: $150
From Sam and Martha Casne
From Catherine Clemens and Daniel Speth
From the Clevenger Family
From Bob Cohn
From Susan Corwin
From Jan and Tom Crews
From I. Cunningham
From Denise and Vince DeLuca
From Steve and Meg DeHaven
From Birney and Marie Dempcy
From Arthur and Susan DePalma
From Ron and Maureen DiGiacomo
From Lido and Eleonora DiLuck
From Mark Durfee: $25
From Nancy E. Ellingham
From David and Jeanne Elliott
From Elizabeth Elsenboss
From Linda Eng
From Fred and Sue Ervin
From Family
From Michael and Alayne Fardella
From Ruth Zadek Fast
From Bruce and Pat Finlayson
From the Franzen Family
From Peter Gartshore
From Evelyn Gaylord
From the Girls Scrabble Club: $215
From Gloria: $25
From Bert and Josie Golla
From Ken and Sandra Gorohoff
From William and Eleanore Hadfield
From Clint and Diana Hall
From Christiana Haldane
From David and Sally Halbett: $50
From Larry Hamilton: $85
From Jane Hamatani
From Mike and Cheryl Herscher: $100
From Don and Pat Hickman
From In Hur
From Carole Ideta
In honor of Breast Clinic at Virginia Mason
In honor of Taylor, Kylie and Blake Schmiedeskamp
In honor of Karen Bauer
In honor of Kelli, Heidi and Cory
In honor of Dr. Ralph Hood and Linda Michelle Hood
In honor of Eric, Laura and Emery Jorgensen
In honor of Bill and Ione Oien descendants and families
In honor of Pricilla Favro
In honor of the Miller Family
In honor of Purple and Red Devexp.: $150
In honor of our awesome military with thanks!
In honor of our fabulous kids and their spouses and our beautiful grandkids
In honor of Jim Martin
In honor of children
In honor of Tiago Sipert: $100
In honor of May and David Lau
In honor of Marjori S. O’Brien
In honor of Rozalyn Boyd and Guy Palagi
In honor of Barbara D. Cornwall
In honor of our mothers — from Nancy Blase and Chuck Goldstein
In honor of Gary and Mona Locke, welcome home!
In honor of Rolf and Ivie Pettersen
In honor of Ann Jackson
In honor of Peyton and Sawyer Baugh: $200
In honor of Jack VanGilder and Robbie Robinson
In honor of Art and Sharon Lustig
In honor of Lisa and Rich Hernandez
In honor of children in need
In honor of Nelson Mandela
In honor of Tamalyn, Taryn, Tim, and Tad
In honor of the men and women who serve our country : $50
In honor of Eva Malena from Ruth Dunlop
In honor of Anneliese Ballou
In honor of Zach and Zoe
In honor of Nelson Mandela
In memory of Gary James Ryan
In memory of Ellen J. Jensen
In memory of my Dad and Mom
In memory of Clark Gill and Steve Tull
In memory of Wayne D. Larkin
In memory of Vijay Elarth
In memory of my beloved wife, Dolly, and our extraordinary daughter, Kelly
In memory of Betty Nelson
In memory of George and Martha Matsuno
In memory of Barbara Gilbertson: $200
In memory of Marie Hadfield
In memory of Ronald C. Olson
In memory of Lou
In memory of Carl and Jeanne Weber
In memory of Paul and Mark Weishaar
In memory of Lee Kyle and C. Borawick
In memory of Louise Bedker
In memory of Bud Brown
In memory of Barton and Bertha Johansen from the Johansen families: $150
In memory of Don Brown
In memory of Glenn Lee Wong
In memory of our son Wally Jr.: $100
In memory of Kathryn Burke
In memory of son Bill
In memory of Luanne Chin, from William
In memory of Dorothy Kay
In memory of Jeanne and Jean Guichard
In memory of Charlie, Leroy and Sammy
In memory of Mom, Dad and Rudy
In memory of Ron and Mercedes Skoda
In memory of W. B. and Gladys Camfield
In memory of LaVerne and Patricia Kuhfeld
In memory of Alex Wright, 3/24/73 - 3/8/91
In memory of Ralph and Mary Schafer
In memory of my beloved grandmother, Myrtle Andresen
In memory of Letha Pearl Parks
In memory of Dan Epeneter: $200
In memory of Douglas Wake
In memory of Jack Lopez
In memory of Nathan, Frances and Stephen Ash
In memory of Bill Liegeois
In memory of Ralph and Trudy Beck
In memory of Amelia and Donald
In memory of my sister, Betsy
In memory of Marvin B. Irish
In memory of Ethel Kirkpatrick
In memory of Shirley Lyter
In memory of Mary Blackman
In memory of Georgia Gates
In memory of Monte Moore
In memory of Ellen (Landry) Wrenchey
In memory of my family
In memory of Gene and Thorun Robel: $100
In memory of John J. Tran
In memory of Dorothy and Orville Bauer
In memory of John Aiston
In memory of Vern Clark 1/8/48 - 12/25/57: $1,000
In memory of June Mangnuson
In memory of Cynthia M. Boyer
In memory of Emma Heinickel
In memory of Catherine Fahey Fleming
In memory of Thorun and Gene Robel
In memory of Judson Park Loved Ones: $400
In memory of Joe Childs: $100
In memory of Archie Butler
In memory of Kenneth and Francine Bergquist: $200
In memory of William Norris from Janet and Jeff Stroebel
In memory of Susan McCray
In memory of Jami Sue Hagel
In memory of Red and Helen Guthrie
In memory of Tom Bergerson
In memory of Jean Lidin
In memory of Verle and Joe Ashlock
In memory of June Bohnert
In memory of Ben and Jason
In memory of Peter Wanderer
In memory of Ruby Torpey
In memory of Phillip
In memory of Loyal Markawa
In memory of James
In memory of Andreas, Ingrid and Emma Ness: $500
In memory of William M. Harold
In memory of Jim Braun
In memory of Lenny Lombardi
In memory of Warren H. Savory
In memory of Helen Nora Wick
In memory of Bob and Marj Hall
In memory of Mike Litven
In memory of Annie, Eddie and Kristina, from their sister Violet: $200
In memory of Ruth A. Benson
In memory of Chris Ashley
In memory of Al Wiest
In memory of Lee Adams
In memory of Irene Dick: $300
In memory of John FitzGerald
In memory of Frederick and Glen Harper
In memory of my Children
In memory of Aaron Landis
In memory of Donald Connolly
In memory of our beloved son Douglas Scott Carver
In memory of our dad, Douglas Scott Carver
In memory of Caroline Jensen
In memory of Jim Flanagan
In memory of our beloved son, Scott Andrew Tegman
In memory of Eve
In memory of Jack, Doug and Cameron
In memory of Olaf and Elfi
In memory of Nick Giralmo and D. Alvaro
In memory of Henry and Doris MacLeod
In memory of Edward and Ruth Evanson
In memory of Jack R. Brown
In memory of Dorothy Bayley
In memory of Mark and Steven Cornwall
In memory of Charlotte Pflug
In memory of Parents
In memory of Don Ehlert and Kenny Armstrong
In memory of John and Mary Lennon
In memory of Judy Hickman
In memory of Gilbert E. Hild
In memory of Gordon Wolfe
In memory of Roxy: $200
In memory of my brother John
In memory of Joyce Francisco
In memory of James H. Seddon Jr.
In memory of my Mom, Ruthie Bowers
In memory of Virginia
In memory of Bill Rillo
In memory of James C. Whittle
In memory of Wayne R. Atwood
In memory of Cornelia Palmgren
In memory of Starr Benson
In memory of a Pearl Harbor Survivor
In memory of Krista Malihi
In memory of my son Milo G. Penovich from Helen Penovich
In memory of George F. Kephart
In memory of Lloyd “Mark” Markle: $200
In memory of Martha E. Kelly
In memory of Vince Gonzales, Emma Bezy and Geoff Mathay
In memory of Carl Lovsted and Jan Erickson
In memory of Hermina
In memory of Robert M. Austin
In memory of Tony
In memory of Larry Ladum
In memory of Roger Benton
In memory of Marilyn and Maddy
In memory of Jack and Lillian Shawcroft
In memory of Irene and Bill Brainard
In memory of Quentin
In memory of Larry McDaniel
In memory of Timothy A. Rash - gone way too soon but never forgotten: $100
In memory of Kay and Joe Tourigny
In memory of Helen Ivester
In memory of Ruby and John Plancich
In memory of Lela Gulan
In memory of Rod A. Madrigal
In memory of Ed and Helen Berg: $100
In memory of Bob and Virginia
In memory of Harold Nichols
In memory of Robert E. Woodson
In memory of Ralph W. Seeger
In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota
In memory of Robert and Rita
In memory of Joanne Rooney
In memory of Donald Pingrey and Rae Trysinsky
In memory of George Heim
In memory of Michael Gubernik
In memory of Rose and Jacob Siegel
In memory of Genevieve
In memory of Josh Newton (Merry Christmas, Bro!)
In memory of Arlene D. Weiss
In memory of Barbara Sharp Henry
In memory of Betty Mather
In memory of George Shangrow
In memory of Jewel Capeluto
From Ann Jack: $100
From Jesslyn
From the Jiambalvos
From Charlie and Jean Johnson
From Beverly Johnson
From Richard and Carol Johnson
From Sammie Sullivan Johnson
From Zibby and Steven Kahn
From Dirk and Mary Kayser
From Bill and Caryl Keasler
From Shige Kikuchi
From Karen and David King
From Charles F. Kirsch: $50
From Olga Klein
From Betty Knutson: $50
From Vicki and David Kremers
From Dennis and Lorna LaFave
From Richard Laine: $100
From Gretchen Lambert
From Gordon and Jean Pasche Lambert
From Carrie Lane
From Louise LaRue
From Lois LaShell and Alan Guskin
From Dave and Dorothy Lilly
From Ivan and Marilyn Little
From Tom and Sharon Lovejoy
From Leonard and Bonnie Luidl
From Helene Madonick and Laura Einstein
From Christine Marshall
From Margie and Bob
From Tom and Jean Matthews
From Robert and Ann McIntyre: $100
From Cecil McKenzie
From Metro Wed. Bridge Club
From Jeanne L. Meyer
From Barry and Nancy Mickel
From Michael and Michele Miller: $200
From Glen and Eloise Monson
From Laurie Moore
From Jackie Morrison
From Bill and Marilyn Munday
From Gayle Murphy
From Tom and Joan Murphy: $100
From Patricia Nord
From Jan Olson
From Harriet Ostrander: $50
From Marla Patterson
From Karen and Mike Paul
From Rich and Mary Ellen Peterson
From Dirk Peterson
From Emily Phillips
From Joan Poultridge
From Cleo and Peter Raulerson
From James Reid
Remembering Paul
From Carol Rooney
From Andrea and Clay Ross
From Ruth Ross
From Kathy Salmen
From Hazel A. Samuelson
From Franz and Lorrie Schwarm
From David and Grace Simons
From Bobbie Simone
From Guy and Joy Smith
From Carol Smith
From Loretta A. Smith: $500
From Ralph and Rosemary Soper
From the R. Sowatsky Family
From Carol and Bob Spangler
From Jim and Pat Speed
From Suzanne Sperry
From Jane and Alec Stevens
From Daryl and Laurel Stuart
From Joyce Sumarraga
From Sandra Swarbrick
From Sally Tanner
From Masako Tanaka
From Elisa Thomases
From R. Tilley
From Margy H. Toler
From Marci and Dave Utela
From Mavis Von Torne
From Charlotte Von Lossow
From Tad and Fran Wada
From Rob and Pam Walker
From Barbara Warden
From the Weiss Family
From Jan Weldin
From Linnea Westerlind and David McFeely
From Diane Wheeler
From Andy Wickens
From the Wilmoth Family
From Dave and Cathie Wlaschin
From Lee and Judy Wright
From Fangfang Wu

List published Dec. 6, 2013:

From C. and M.L. Adams
A gift for Childhaven
A gift for Rick at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Mike at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Stacy at Seattle Interiors
A gift for David at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Patrick at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Paul at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Martha at Seattle Interiors
A gift for Kelly at Seattle Interiors
From Peter and Kimberly Albert
From Jerry Bach
From Mary and Robert Bates
From Virginia Bathrick: $25
From Al and Joan Beers: $100
From Jeanne Berwick and James Degel
From Rich and Carol Bettesworth
From Bill and Carole Bliss
From Karen Boctor
From Dan and Rosie Bodien
From Emily Bone
From Bob and Jane Ann Bradbury
From Mark and Nancy Brown
From Jack Broom
From Jim and Lynn Carlsen
From Wuyan and Jessie Chiu
From Judy Cites and Jim Wilke
From Mary Lou Colwell
From Trudy Crockett
From Sam and Mickey Dachs
From David and Pamela Dack
From Kate Daderko
From Jeffrey and Louise Davis: $100
From Darold and Marilyn Doell
From Michele Drayton
From Donna and Rob Dughi
From Nancy Edquist
From Bill and Kitty Ellis
From Virginia and Larry Erickson
From Fred and Claudia Fisher
From Sylvia Fox
From Dick and Judy Franks: $1,000
From someone who knows what it’s like to be hungry
From Carol Furry and Ron Kessler
From Joan and Con Giacomini
From Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Goodall
From Don and Sandy Gorman
From Bella and Grant Gustavel: $100
From Carol and Andy Harris
From Carolyn Heck
From Helen and Ed
From Erik and Kris Helgerson
From the Ige Family
In honor of Fran Clifton
In honor of Victor and Regina Amira who bring my paper every day
In honor of Juliette and Cole
In honor of Bryce and Luc Birchfield
In honor of Eunice Mardesich
In honor of Mary Flowers
In honor of the Le family: $300
In honor of Zane and Samara Nagel
In honor of D, P, J, K
In honor of Ann Hanson
In honor of LeRoy and Lillie Bronemann
In honor of David F. Gjersee
In honor of Vincent L. Sutter
In honor of C.R.S.
In memory of Martha Benedict
In memory of Anita Stiffler
In memory of Helen Olson
In memory of Walt and Clara Bull: $100
In memory of Harvey Harder
In memory of Kitty and Joan
In memory of Gene Horbach, David Broder and Meredith McClendon
In memory and in honor of Dan Kramer
In memory of Nan Campbell
In memory of Bob Johanson
In memory of George and Gloria Budlow
In memory of deceased family and friends
In memory of Michael McGettigan
In memory of my parents
In memory of George and Helen Stevens: $100
In memory of Erwin and Eva Walls: $100
In memory of Christina Hoffa
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Nelson : $100
In memory of Emilia Bergesen
In memory of Selena McLeod
In memory of granddaughters McKenzie and Lindsey
In memory of Barbara and Harry Bonn, who taught me about generosity
In memory of Donald, Amelia and Ardelle
In memory of John D. Alexander
In memory of Kelton, Steve and Nancy
In memory of Vincent and Madeline Minice: $100
In memory of Thomas H. Kennedy
In memory of Doug McBroom
In memory of Dale Showalter
In memory of Ronald W. Sellers
In memory of Wilfred and Norma LaFond and the LaFond Family: $1,000
In memory of Harold M. Gjersee
In memory of Janis, Sparkle on!
In memory of Dwayne Strand
In memory of James Heidemann
In memory of our parents
In memory of Helen Bystedt
In memory of Chuck Carey
In memory of Grandpa Paul and Grandma Mary
In memory of Edgar and Anne
In memory of Mary Loewecke
In memory of my parents
In memory of Nikki Sharp, my dear mother
In memory of Sue Byrd
In memory of Megan Larson and April Oestreich
In memory of Claire and Rick Reischling
In memory of Michael David DeSantis
In memory of Donna Dudgeon
In memory of Tom Y. Hayashi, DDS
In memory of James T. Holtz
In memory of Leonard and Phyllis Novak
In memory of Chet and Connie Smith, and Roy Nordby
In memory of Lillian Thompson
In memory of the Magraw Family
In memory of Mary Noel Riddell
In memory of Joan Welch
In memory of Ray Enderson
In memory of Jerry and Katharine Gerbracht
In memory of Verne Flotten from Gladys and Sherry
In memory of Tonda
In memory of Ole and Margaret Hanson
In memory of my husband: John MacDonald Jr.: $200
In memory of my beloved daughter, Mary Riley
In memory of my beloved husband, Ernie Trulson
In memory of Clarence
In memory of Robert Hughes
In memory of Rose and Dan Riley
In memory of Dorothea Marshall
In memory of Fred G. Pribbernow
In memory of Richard J. Brintnall
In memory of Shelby Scates
In memory of my father, Edward Donlan, a true hero
In memory of Mariah Pritchard
In memory of our dog Pepper P. We miss the crooked little boy.
In memory of LaVerna English
In memory of Jim Kuo: $100
In memory of Don Haggen
In memory of Yvonne Twede
In memory of Pete Iwao Hanada
In memory of A. Corning
In memory of Barbara Thayer
In memory of Fred and Onata Baxter
In memory of Grandma and Grandpa Bement and Uncle Dick
In memory of Mom, Dad and Ken
In memory of David
In memory of Helen W. Sutter and Richard R. Reinhardt
In memory of Dow B. Hays
In memory of D.W.E.
In memory of Joan T. Hooper
In memory of Pastor Ron Reese
In memory of Spud and Bee Abbott from Jane Abbott Lighty and Pete-e Petersen
In memory of Randy Wells
In memory of Barbara Jacobs
In memory of Marge Walton
In memory of Rosalie and Abraham Margolis
In memory of Carl Blomgren
From Cristie Johanson: $50
From Lucinda Kelly
From Henry Kent
From Lanny King
From Barbara King
From Jorji Knickrehm and Jason Rich
From Diane and Terry Larkin
From Priscilla Lauris and Don Collins
From Sprague Lester
From Barbara and Frank Logue
From Joan S. Long: $500
From Elaine and Jack Mahler
From Fred and Jody Maurer
From the Mayher Family
From Mike and Corenne McBeth
From John and Jean McCall
From Michael and Marianne McDermott
From Fred and Marilyn McElroy
From Marcus and Patricia Meier
From C.L. Meins: $100
From Michael
From Beth Morrigan
From Marr P. Mullen
From Carole R. Muth: $100
From Thuy and Neaf Nguyen: $20
From Eugene and Dorothy Nowik
From Henry and Evelyn Odell
From the Pape Family
From Martin and Mary Jean Paup
From Jerry Prismantas
From Stanford Prince
From Susan C. and David E. Ralston
From Charles and Doris Ray: $250
From Dorothy Reinhart
From Steve and Linda Reichenbach
From Christopher and Connie Rezendes
From Betty Richards
From Don M. Ries
From Richard and Shawn Roth
From Seattle Unit — Women’s Overseas Service League: $100
From the Smiths
From Craig Soper and Carolyn Ableman
From Sonya and Byron Stevenson
From Dr. Priscilla Stockner
From Straub Properties
From Earl and Charlotte Sutherland
From John and Elizabeth Terrey
From Mike and Patti Timmons
From Patricia Tseu: $25
From Edel Underhill
From Eva and Doug Whitworth: $100
From the Winkler Family Partnership
From Jeff and Natalie Yusen

List published November 29, 2013:

Proceeds from the AFI Golf Tournament: $1,260
A gift for Rosalyn Endlich
A gift for the children: $68
A gift for Frank and Linda Polehanki
A gift for Iftikar Huseynov: $1,000
From Anonymous
From Betty Appleford
From Sara Baskett
From Bob and Connie Blair: $250
From the Catudio Family: $100
From Sharon Pian Chan
From Chuck, Debbie, Marsha, Barney, Winnie, Bob, Pat and Sue
From Alice Chung and Michael Tena
From Jack and Molly Ciliberti
From Nancy and Mike Cordry: $50
From Jeanne Counts
From Joe and Virginia Curulla
From J. and Y. Daikoku
From Larry Denenholz
From Michael Devlin
From Cleo Dideon
From Jim Douglas and Sasha Harmon
From Patricia and Thomas Ebrey
From Jean Ferguson
From Judith Finn
From Eileen Florida
From Bob and MaryRuth Gardner: $100
From The Gift Gourmet
From Paul Gillespie and Judy Lux
From Kris and Royal Goldfarb
Happy Birthday David: $100
From Sharon Harada
From the Ige Family
From Ichiro and Judith Ikuno
In honor of the School Supply Drive
In honor of Kerstin Gleim
In honor of Mary Ellen Smith and Nancy Hannah
In honor of Virginia and Bill Persman
In honor of Garfield High School
In honor of Andrew J. Stark
In honor of Betty Pugh
In honor of Marilyn and Stan Beeksma
In honor of all the teachers who helped us to learn
In honor of Lillian Ravendahl, my first-grade teacher
In honor of our grandchild, Hazel
In honor of Walter G. Morgan, Helen F. Morgan and Helen A. Morgan
In honor of Amabel Jewel von Kempf
In honor of Kevin and Jessie Mitchell Brown
In honor of Milton and Adelaide Mawbey, with love Carolyn and Erica
In honor of Robert Lucas Kromm: $50
In honor of Robert W. Simpson, MD
In honor of Lance
In memory of my beloved parents
In memory of Lloyd G. Boyce
In memory of Laura Olin
In memory of Fred Schnittgrund
In memory of Walter Bowling
In memory of Thurley Owen Chase Ratigan
In memory of Nancy Hoynes
In memory of Sophie and Gigi
In memory of James VanLeuven
In memory of Francis (Frank) Moore
In memory of my mother Peggy Winther
In memory of Brent E. Godding
In memory of Diane Rodriguez
In memory of Nona
In memory of Steve G.
In memory of our Dads
In memory of Rick Sugawara
In memory of Margaret Gemmill: $300
In memory of Pauline Ludwig
In memory of Sally Samuelson
In memory of Ottilie Lois Henze
In memory of Christina Smith
In memory of Charles Navoni
In memory of Mom and Dad from Janet and Jim Crenshaw
In memory of Tula, Millie, Tiger, Daisy and Max
In memory of Ann and Al Berg
In memory of Gilbert Sax
In memory of Lorraine Fiebelkorn: $75
In memory of Janyne Oberdorfer
In memory of Barbara Takenaka
In memory of Geo Drummond
In memory of Jim Kuo
In memory of Royal Nordby
In memory of Jeanne and Anne Phillips: $100
In memory of Birgit Barrett
From Sue and Neal Jensen
From JJM
From the Kalning Family
From Edith J. Maffeo
From Carroll Minor Mage
From Jean March-Johnson
From Anne Martens at Stand for Children
From The May Family Foundation
From Charles and Mutsumi Metzler
From Helen and Ron Mitchell: $50
From the Muellers
From Matt and Susan Nadler
From George and Judy Olson
From Dallas and Ann Pasley
From Charlie Peppler
From Bret and Kate Richmond
From Karen and Stephen Ridlon
From Alvin Rutledge
From Sylvia Saperstein
From the Saturday Morning Book Club: $150
Proceeds from Seattle Times Wellness Program Fundraiser: $511.22
From James and Mary Sletten
From Sylvia and Edward Stern
From Sam and Lynn Stevens
From Erika Christofferson Sweger
From Steve Tholl and Diane Buckshnis
From Elaine and Paul VonRosenstiel
From Andy Warren
From Kathryn Zufall, MD

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