The Seattle Times
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Record-high enrollment at WSU and UW's three campuses

Both the University of Washington and Washington State University are reporting record-high enrollments for this academic year, with UW enrollment up 3 percent from the previous year and WSU up 4 percent. (Wed, 10/22)

Into the fray: Charter high school targets low-income Seattle

During early rumblings about charter schools in Washington, many national chains backed away, taking a wait-and-see approach before wading into Seattle's treacherous waters. (Tue, 10/21)

Round-up: Study finds mentoring helps kids stay healthy, $16 million for UW foreign languages

Study finds mentoring can help kids' health (Reuters): Research from the University of Georgia has found strong social support can have positive effects on the physical health of adolescents growing up in poverty. High levels of stress hormones are known to contribute to chronic illnesses among (Tue, 10/21)

Round-up: Private tutors return to local districts, quality of words key to language skills

Federally-funded tutoring returns to Pierce County districts (The News-Tribune): Students at dozens of schools in Pierce County will qualify for free private tutoring following the loss of Washington's No Child Left Behind waiver. The programs are scheduled to being in November, and hundreds of (Mon, 10/20)

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