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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Google flash-funds 'Ukuleles Unite!,' other teacher projects

Music teacher Yvonne Berz got her wish Monday: a classroom set of ukuleles for her students at Springbrook Elementary School in the Kent School District. (Tue, 9/16)

'Compassion' sounds soft but demands action, new website says

It’s easy enough to say you value compassion in schools, but quite another thing to actively practice it. (Mon, 9/15)

Guest: Project-based classrooms help kids become active learners

With the new school year under way, a major initiative related to class size on the ballot in November, and an unrelenting race-based achievement gap across the country, how we educate our children and prepare them for the world is under the microscope. It should be a wake-up call that we continue t (Mon, 9/15)

Round-up: WSU regents OK med school plan, Portland volunteers seek dropouts door-to-door

WSU regents approve medical-school plan (AP): Washington State University's board of regents has approved a plan to create a new medical school in Spokane, citing a need for more doctors outside the Seattle metro area. The proposal is opposed by the University of Washington, which operates the (Mon, 9/15)

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