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Sunday, June 23, 2013 - Page updated at 09:30 p.m.

Gallery: Evidence Jane Doe left behind

Examine some of the documents and photos the Social Security Administration has discovered in its investigation into identity-theft suspect Lori Ruff. Click on an item for a closer look. Have a tip or information that might help the investigator? Use this form to tell reporter Maureen O'Hagan. Have a thought on the story? Use the comments thread at the bottom of this page.

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Item 1: A copy of Becky Sue Turner's birth certificate from Bakersfield, Calif. She was born July 18, 1969. Join the discussion.">

Becky Sue Turner birth certificate


Item 2: A copy of Becky Sue Turner's death certificate filed Dec. 30, 1971, in Tacoma. Note that Becky's first name was misspelled. Join the discussion.">

Becky Sue Turner death certificate


Item 3: An undated clipping from an unidentified newspaper noting the deaths of Becky Sue Turner and her two sisters in a house fire in Fife. Join the discussion.">

Becky Sue Turner's newspaper obituary


Item 4: Idaho ID using Becky Sue Turner's name Join the discussion.">

Idaho ID using Becky Sue Turner's name


Item 5: A close-up of the photo Jane Doe used for her Idaho identification card, obtained June 16, 1988. Join the discussion.">

Close-up of Idaho ID photo


Item 6: The legal document filed in Dallas, Texas on July 5, 1988, notes the changing of Becky Sue Turner's name to Lori Erica Kennedy. Join the discussion.">

Name legally changed to Lori Erica Kennedy


Item 7: A copy of Lori Kennedy's Social Security number application filed July 12, 1988. It was not uncommon in those days for people to file for a number in their teens. Join the discussion.">

Lori Kennedy's Soc. Sec. number application


Item 8: Undated notes found in the lock box in Lori Erica Ruff's closet after her death. Join the discussion.">

Notes found in lockbox


Item 9:: These notes found in Lori Erica Ruff's lockbox could possibly have been her attempt to figure out how old her parents (actually Becky Sue Turner's parents) would be. Join the discussion.">

Parents' age calculated?


Item 10: An undated letter of reference for Lori Kennedy for both tenancy and employment at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. It's almost certainly a forgery, and investigators say there is no such person as Roger Steinbeck. Join the discussion.">

Letter of reference


Item 11: A passport application for Lori Kennedy. The passport was issued March 19, 1990. Join the discussion.">

Lori Kennedy's passport application


Item 12: A close-up of the photo Lori Kennedy used for her passport in 1990. Join the discussion.">

Close-up of passport photo


Item 13: The official results of Lori Kennedy's GED test in May 1990. It shows she passed, essentially granting her a high-school diploma. Join the discussion.">

GED test results


Item 14: A certificate showing that Lori Kennedy completed a tandem parachute jump in 1996. Join the discussion.">

Parachuting certificate


Item 15: A photo of Lori Kennedy that appears to be from 1997. Join the discussion.">

1997 photo


Item 16: An undated photo showing an older Lori Kennedy. Join the discussion.">

Later photo


Item 17: A resume for Lori Kennedy, presumably from 2003, before she changed her name to Lori Ruff near the end of that year. Join the discussion.">

Lori Kennedy resume


Item 18: Lori Kennedy married Blake Ruff in December 2003. Sometime thereafter, she put together a book of Ruff family recipes that included this photo. Join the discussion.">

Photo of Lori Ruff


Item 19: Another photo from the Ruff family cookbook, this one showing Blake and Lori Ruff. Join the discussion.">

Blake and Lori Ruff


Item 20: This Texas driver's license for Lori Kennedy was issued before she was married in late 2003, and uses a photo that was taken in 1997. Join the discussion.">

Texas driver's license


Item 21: This Texas driver's license, produced after Lori Kennedy married Blake Ruff, shows her new married name. Join the discussion.">

Later Texas driver's license


Item 22: An updated license for Lori Ruff was set to expire next month. Join the discussion.">

Final Texas driver's license


Item 23: Fingerprints from the right hand of Lori Ruff, obtained after her death. Join the discussion.">

Lori Ruff's fingerprints


Item 24: A flyer produced by the Social Security Administration after Lori Ruff's death. Join the discussion.">

Identity-theft suspect

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