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Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Local News

Changed answers on Beacon Hill school tests raise alert
On average, only about 1 to 2 percent of the answers to multiple-choice questions on standardized school tests are erased and changed. Yet at Seattle’s Beacon Hill International, more than half of the answers to many questions were erased. Sat, 10/25
For Tulalip Tribes, a time of soul-searching
The Tulalip Tribes is a collection of close families that have made monumental economic and political strides in recent decades. But not even success can shield Indian communities from the vulnerabilities and pressures facing many U.S. kids. Sat, 10/25
Marysville shooting victims remain in intensive care
Four Marysville-Pilchuck High School students remained in intensive care Saturday while detectives tried to figure out why a classmate shot them and killed another girl in the school’s cafeteria Friday. Sat, 10/25
Revamping doctors’ orders: quality care at lower cost
With a focus of improving health care while keeping costs in control, more providers and insurers are turning to accountable care organizations as a preferred way of providing health coverage. But, though ACOs can look promising, they face difficult challenges. Sat, 10/25
Danny Westneat
We don’t have to live like this
The chairman of the stricken Tulalip Tribes, a community filled with family of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School gunman, summed up how we deal with mass shootings. Sat, 10/25
4 dead, 2 critical in Auburn car wreck
Four people were killed and two others injured when a car crashed into a utility box early Saturday morning in Auburn. Sat, 10/25
Immigrant helps other Bhutanese adjust to life in U.S.
Bhutanese immigrants to the U.S. have been killing themselves at an alarming rate, according to federal statistics. And the man who prodded the government into finding that out is an immigrant himself, who has taken it upon himself to help fellow Bhutanese survive their transition. Sat, 10/25
Winds leave thousands in dark
A windstorm Saturday night caused more than 200 separate power outages around the Seattle area, Seattle City Light reported. Sat, 10/25

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 02:24 AM
Nurse criticizes Ebola quarantine, raising concern
The nurse who was quarantined at a New Jersey hospital because she had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa criticized the way her case has been handled, raising concerns from humanitarian and human rights groups over unclear policies for the newly launched quarantine program. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 01:30 AM
Marine dies in noncombat incident in IS campaign
The Pentagon says a Marine who died Thursday in a noncombat incident in Baghdad was the second U.S. military death associated with the campaign against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. Sun, 10/26
Number of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar tops 100,000
A growing sense of desperation is fueling a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar, with the number who have fled by boat since communal violence broke out two years ago now topping 100,000, a leading expert said Saturday. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 02:24 AM
US: Power to visit Ebola-ravaged West Africa
The United States ambassador to the United Nations is on her way to visit all three of the West African countries hit hardest by the Ebola outbreak, amid rising calls for travel restrictions back home in the U.S. Sun, 10/26
Extremists launch new attack on Syrian border town
Fighters from the Islamic State group launched Saturday a new offensive on the northern Syrian town of Kobani after shelling the area from their positions nearby, activists and a Kurdish official said. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 02:24 AM
Suspect in killing of deputies was twice deported
A man suspected of killing two deputies during a shooting rampage in Northern California was deported twice to Mexico and had a drug conviction, federal authorities said. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 02:24 AM
Ukraine votes to overhaul parliament
Voters in Ukraine headed to the polls Sunday to elect a new parliament, overhauling a legislature tainted by its association with ousted President Viktor Yanukovych. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 02:24 AM
WHO: Number of Ebola-linked cases passes 10,000
More than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola and nearly half of them have died, according to figures released Saturday by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 12:48 AM
Hawaii volcano lava prompts evacuation concerns
Flowing lava from an erupting volcano could soon force dozens of residents of an area in Hawaii to flee their homes. Sun, 10/26
Afghan mullah who raped girl in mosque sentenced to 20 years
Until the Elimination of Violence Against Women law was passed in 2009, rape was not a crime in Afghanistan. Sat, 10/25
Jack Bruce, British musician best known as Cream bassist
Jack Bruce was one of the top musicians of the late 1960s, when Cream played its unique psychedelic blues tunes to packed houses in England and the United States. Sat, 10/25
Law lets IRS seize accounts without filing criminal complaint
Using a law designed to help catch drug traffickers, racketeers and terrorists by tracking their cash, the government has gone after run-of-the-mill business owners and wage earners without so much as an allegation that they have committed serious crimes.  Sat, 10/25
Mexico taking steps to acknowledge African Mexicans
That Mexico is even considering asking about black identity represents a leap in a country where race is rarely discussed publicly, and where bigotry and discrimination, both blatant and indirect, is commonplace. Sat, 10/25
New York learns from Dallas’ mistakes in Ebola crisis
The carefully planned response in New York City last week to news that a doctor had been infected with Ebola was a world apart from the scene that unfolded in Dallas last month when a Liberian became the first person to test positive for Ebola in the United States. Sat, 10/25
How to pick a college? Data crunchers hope to help
The popularity of social-media sites and advancements in the ability to analyze the vast amounts of data that end up online give members of the class of 2015 more tools than ever to help them pick the right college. Sat, 10/25
Legal questions loom in Blackwater convictions
After last week’s Blackwater trial verdicts, a North Carolina congressman hopes to revive legislation clarifying U.S. authority to prosecute nondefense contractors for overseas crimes. Sat, 10/25
Remains belong to missing Virginia student
Remains found nearly a week ago in a rural area of Virginia are those of a missing university student, authorities said Friday, as they turned their attention to filing possible additional charges against the suspect accused of abducting her. Sat, 10/25
Rights groups condemn execution of Iranian woman
The United Nations and Amnesty International and other human-rights groups had called on Iran’s judiciary to halt the execution, which was carried out after the country’s Supreme Court upheld the verdict. Sat, 10/25
Argentine town faces ghosts of its Dirty War
A judicial panel in Olavarria, Argentina, is dredging up long-held secrets about outrages committed during the government’s 1970s Dirty War against those who challenged the military regime. It’s painful: Victims and the accused share the same streets and know the same people. Sat, 10/25
Daughter of migrants nominated as envoy to Mexico
Maria Echaveste, a farmworker’s kid who served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, has been nominated as the next ambassador to Mexico. She would be the first woman to hold the post. Sat, 10/25
Dumpster diving fuels cyclist’s crusade against food waste
Rob Greenfield is bicycling across the country, eating only what he collects from trash bins and trying to get the word out that America’s stores and restaurants throw out too much good food that could go to the needy. Sat, 10/25
For South Korea, e-sports is national pastime
Competitive video gaming is taking off in places like the United States, attracting thousands of people to major events. But in South Korea, more than anywhere else, it has already oozed into mainstream culture. That may be a sign of things to come in the West.  Sat, 10/25
National oil kickback scandal stains Brazil elections
One of Petrobras’ most powerful executives is testifying in detail that he turned Brazil’s national oil company into a slush fund for the ruling Workers Party. That is complicating the re-election run for President Dilma Rousseff, in a tight race that goes to the voters on Oct. 26. Sat, 10/25
No answers yet in border agent’s killing of Mexican
Two years ago, a Mexican man at a family barbecue along the Rio Grande was shot to death by U.S. Border Patrol agent on a boat. Agents say rocks were being thrown at them. Witnesses dispute that. And the Border Patrol releases almost no information about such shootings. Sat, 10/25
Rent control’s end remaking old city centers in Spain
Across Spain, historic districts are being transformed as tens of thousands of small, often family-run shops face the end of decades of rent controls this year. Big-name chain stores able to afford the new, staggeringly high rents are moving in to take their place. Sat, 10/25
SARS outbreak of ’03 offers lessons on stopping Ebola
More than a decade ago, the SARS outbreak blew up across East Asia and spread to Canada and the U.S. before it was quashed. The 21st century’s first brush with a mystery virus run amok offers plenty of lessons to public-health officials racing to get ahead of Ebola. Sat, 10/25
Mormon founder had teen bride during polygamy days
The Mormon church acknowledges in a new essay that founder Joseph Smith had a teenage bride and was married to other men's wives during the faith's early polygamous days, a recognition of an unflattering part of its roots that historians have chronicled for years. Sat, 10/25
Dallas nurse receives thanks, hug from Obama
A nurse who caught Ebola while caring for a Dallas patient who died of the disease walked out of a Washington-area hospital virus-free Friday and into open arms. Sat, 10/25
Ebola-stricken doc described as driven do-gooder
Dr. Craig Spencer, the physician now being treated for Ebola in New York City, is the kind of globe-trotting do-gooder who could walk into a small village in Africa and, even though he didn't know the language, win people over through hugs alone, according to people who worked with him. Sat, 10/25
Egypt declares emergency in northern Sinai
A coordinated assault on an army checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula killed 30 Egyptian troops on Friday, making it the deadliest single attack in decades on the military, which has been struggling to stem a wave of violence by Islamic extremists since the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Sat, 10/25
Gunman in Canada attack complained about mosque
The gunman who shot and killed a soldier in plain daylight then stormed Canada's Parliament once complained that a Vancouver mosque he attended was too liberal and inclusive, and was kicked out after he repeatedly spent the night there even though officials told him to stop, Muslim leaders said Friday. Sat, 10/25
Headshot Truck takes actors’ portraits on the road
In a city where a head shot is an actor’s calling card, it used to be easyto get a studio-quality photo. But many of the traditional photo studios have closed, so Adam and Sylvia Hendershott decided to catch L.A.’s trendy truck wave — and carve out a niche for themselves. Sat, 10/25
Militant group said to be using chlorine bombs
New allegations have emerged that Islamic State extremists have expanded their arsenal with chlorine bombs and captured fighter jets -- weapons that could help the militants in Iraq and Syria. Sat, 10/25
Suspect in 2 deputy deaths captured after manhunt
A suspect described as a "one-man crime spree" is accused of shooting three Northern California sheriff's deputies, killing two of them and wounding a civilian, then eluding hundreds of searchers before being hunted down and forced to surrender, authorities said. Sat, 10/25

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Business & Technology

UPDATE - 12:48 AM
How to pick a college? Data crunchers hope to help
For many high school seniors, fall means deciding where to apply for college and maybe visiting a guidance counselor. Data crunchers hope to help. Sun, 10/26
Weather Channel website thrives on data downpour
People come to the website or mobile app looking for the local forecast; it’s Neil Katz’s job to keep them there with headlines like “What Does Mars Smell Like?” (Answer: We don’t know yet, though NASA is trying to find out.)  Sat, 10/25
Foes want probe, but antitrust law favors Amazon
No doubt Amazon makes life difficult for suppliers and rivals. But there’s little likelihood that regulators will use antitrust law anytime soon to curb the company’s growing clout. Sat, 10/25
New split winglets shine with colors of Old Glory
An eye-catching version of Aviation Partners Boeing’s split scimitar winglets; also, Starbucks loyalty program has its biggest following in China and other Asian markets; Washington state’s most ‘unique’ job is no surprise; and Boeing sells supplies to Iran Air, with governme Sat, 10/25
Decision time for Boeing pension-buyout offer
Former Boeing employees who have not yet retired have until Oct. 31 to tell the company whether they want a lump-sum check in December or a monthly annuity payment that begins the same month, or reject both options. Sat, 10/25
FCC delays auction of TV airwaves for mobile use
The Federal Communications Commission said it would postpone until early 2016 a planned auction of airwaves now used by broadcast television stations for use by mobile phone companies. Sat, 10/25
Nation's Housing
For veterans, a housing boom
The VA’s home-purchase financing program is now at record levels, and new loans to buy houses have more than doubled since 2007. Financial institutions also are partnering with nonprofit groups to help veterans, even giving away homes to some.  Sat, 10/25
Look for Social Security statement in your mail
One of the biggest reasons for resurrecting the statements was to provide people with the ability to verify the accuracy of their earnings record, from which future benefits are calculated. Sat, 10/25
Low-cost investing and high-return reading
Columnist gives advice on finding good, low-cost index funds, and books that can help novice investors.  Sat, 10/25
Your Funds
When a fund manager ‘has lost it’
The Bill Gross saga raises the question of when can investors tell when a fund manager “has lost it,” or is only having a temporarily setback. Sat, 10/25
 Sat, 10/25
Money & Markets weekly review
 Sat, 10/25
Report: Company boards choose own definition of diversity
Nearly all of the biggest companies are interpreting diversity as having a varied background or experiences, instead of gender, race or age. Sat, 10/25
NEW - 08:00 PM
The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing
 Sat, 10/25

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UPDATE - 12:48 AM
Arizona State defense steps up to shut down Huskies
Arizona State held UW to 2 of 14 on third-down conversions and also picked up five sacks in the 24-10 victory. Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 12:33 AM
Arizona State pulls away late to beat Washington
Taylor Kelly scrambled and threw to Gary Chambers in the right corner of the end zone for a 7-yard, game-winning touchdown with three minutes left late Saturday night, lifting No. 14 Arizona State to a 24-10 victory over the Huskies before an announced crowd of 64,666 on a cold, wet and windy night  Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 12:40 AM
Huskies’ QB Troy Williams flat-footed in first college football start
He threw for 139 yards and had two interceptions in a 24-10 loss to No. 14 Arizona State. He was also sacked five times and fumbled the ball once.  Sun, 10/26
UPDATE - 12:53 AM
UW QB Cyler Miles expected back for next game against Colorado
Cyler Miles is expected to return as the Huskies’ starting quarterback next week at Colorado. A week after suffering a concussion, Miles did not play in Washington’s 24-10 loss to No. 14 Arizona State on Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Sun, 10/26
Sounders claim Supporters’ Shield after beating Galaxy, 2-0
Marco Pappa scores twice late to give the Sounders their first-ever Supporters’ Shield, which goes to the regular-season champion. Sat, 10/25
Jerry Brewer
Russell Wilson is black enough, can overcome the criticism
As easy as it is to attack anonymous Seahawks for turning this into a racial identity thing, the issue of how a quarterback wins a locker room is a difficult and delicate conversation. Sat, 10/25
Larry Stone
There’s a sure cure for what ails the Seahawks: Winning
It’s absolutely crucial for the Seahawks to turn down the volume on all the sudden pessimism surrounding them. They need to change the meme of “team in turmoil” before it takes on a life of its own. Sat, 10/25
Seahawks get chance to affirm their confidence
After losing back-to-back games for the first time since Oct., 2012, the only way for the Seahawks to prove that things are truly not that bad is to win at Carolina on Sunday at 10 a.m. Sat, 10/25
The Percy Harvin aftermath: How soon will Seahawks recover?
The Seahawks gave up a lot last year to acquire Percy Harvin from the Vikings, a deal that might have also led to the loss of Golden Tate. The question now is how quickly the Seahawks can recover from the wager they lost.  Sat, 10/25
Bud Withers
Cougars arrive late, and fans exit early
Washington State’s fragile football season took an ugly turn here against 15th-ranked Arizona, as the Cougars fell behind 31-0 in the first 21 minutes and spent the rest of the day in futile pursuit in a 59-37 loss to the Wildcats. Sat, 10/25
Mercer Island boys’ tennis team aims to make a little more history
They advanced three doubles teams and two singles players from this weekend’s KingCo tournament. Next spring, Islanders will chase their fifth team title.  Sat, 10/25
San Francisco Giants win to even World Series at 2-2
Pablo Sandoval hit a go-ahead, two-run single in the sixth inning that helped the host San Francisco Giants surge past the Kansas City Royals 11-4, evening the best-of-seven World Series at two games apiece. Game 5 is Sunday in San Francisco, with Giants ace Madison Bumgarner set to start. Sat, 10/25

 Sat, 10/25
About the opponent: Carolina Panthers
A closer look at the Carolina Panthers, who the Seahawks play Sunday. Sat, 10/25
Bob Condotta’s NFL predictions
Bob Condotta picks this weekend’s NFL games. Sat, 10/25
Chargers’ Jahleel Addae didn’t show symptoms until a day after game
Addae’s injury gained significant attention after he convulsed while remaining on his feet after a helmet-to-helmet hit late in the third quarter Thursday night. Sat, 10/25
Frustration boils over for young Cougar
A trying day on both sides of the football for Washington State boiled over late in the third quarter of WSU’s 59-37 Pac-12 loss to Arizona. Sat, 10/25
Louisiana State ends third-ranked Mississippi’s unbeaten season
Tigers score late then hold off final surge by Mississippi, which opts to run play rather than attempt tying field goal. Sat, 10/25
Meet a Seahawk: Robert Turbin
Meet Robert Turbin, Seahawks running back. Sat, 10/25
Quin Snyder takes a long and winding road to Utah Jazz job
Quin Snyder, a former standout guard at Mercer Island High School, is the first-year coach of the Utah Jazz, which opens its season Wednesday. Salt Lake City is the 47-year-old’s sixth stop in a span of about four years. “Every move has made sense,” he said. Sat, 10/25
Seahawks vs. Panthers: Keys to the game
A closer look at Sunday’s matchup between the Seahawks and the Panthers  Sat, 10/25
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
Strike that — don’t tell the boss
 Sat, 10/25
Tengu Blackmouth Salmon Fun Derby starts Nov. 2
Last year, a meager 20 chinook, four chum and one coho were caught during the eight-week derby, but a whopping 13 of the 20 chinook were landed by brothers Benny, Justin, Gary and Dennis Wong of Seattle. Sat, 10/25
The NFC West watch
A look at what Seattle’s division foes are up to this weekend. Sat, 10/25
Thunderbirds fall, coach blames ‘atrocious’ officiating
It’s early in the Western Hockey League season, but frustration boiled over for Seattle Thunderbirds coach Steve Konowalchuk on Saturday night. Sat, 10/25
Top-ranked Mississippi State hangs on
Dak Prescott has three touchdowns, and Bulldogs seal 45-31 victory over Kentucky on kickoff return by Christian Holmes. Sat, 10/25
U.S. skier Mikaela Shiffrin shares first place in World Cup opener
American skier Mikaela Shiffrin, who dominated the slalom for the past two seasons, posted the first World Cup giant-slalom victory of her career. She shared first place with Austrian Anna Fenninger, last season’s overall World Cup champion. Sat, 10/25
UCLA survives Colorado, 40-37, in double overtime
Quarterback Brett Hundley improvised on the winning touchdown, faking a handoff and running 8 yards for the score. Sat, 10/25
Vancouver edges Portland for final MLS West playoff berth
Kendall Waston’s header in the 70th minute on Saturday night gave the Vancouver Whitecaps a 1-0 Major League Soccer victory over the Colorado Rapids — and the fifth and final playoff berth in the Western Conference. Sat, 10/25
Will MacKenzie, Andrew Svoboda share lead in PGA Tour event
Will MacKenzie had a hole-in-one in a round of 5-under 65 that gave him a share of the lead with Andrew Svoboda in the McGladrey Classic, a PGA Tour event at Sea Island in Georgia. Andrew Putnam, who is from University Place, was tied for fourth entering Sunday’s final round. Sat, 10/25
Eastern Washington loses at Northern Arizona
Eagles see 14-game Big Sky winning streak snapped by Lumberjacks, 28-27 Sat, 10/25
SPU women win, clinch tourney berth
Hannah Huesers tallied a goal early in each half Saturday for the Seattle Pacific women, who held on for a 2-1 Great Northwest Athletic Conference soccer win over host Simon Fraser. Sat, 10/25
Cougars dig huge hole, can’t recover in a 59-37 loss to Arizona
What began as a picturesque Palouse midafternoon tableau turned ugly in a hurry for the home team, as Washington State dropped a 59-37 Pac-12 football game to Arizona on Saturday. Sat, 10/25
Friday’s prep boys soccer results
Boys soccer results for Friday, Oct. 24 Sat, 10/25
NFL power rankings
 Sat, 10/25
On the Air
 Sat, 10/25
Statewide prep football scores
Football scores for the week of Oct. 20 Sat, 10/25
Friday’s prep swimming results
Swimming results for Friday, Oct. 24 Sat, 10/25
Friday’s prep tennis results
Tennis results for Friday, Oct. 24 Sat, 10/25
Saturday’s prep swimming results
Swimming results for Saturday, Oct. 25 Sat, 10/25
Saturday’s prep water polo results
Water polo results for Saturday, Oct. 25 Sat, 10/25

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Book review
‘Empire of Sin’: when the rascals ran New Orleans
Gary Krist’s “Empire of Sin” tells the true story of an era in New Orleans when society’s black sheep — prostitutes, pimps, saloon owners and “sporting men” — dominated commerce in the Crescent City. Sun, 10/26
Book review
‘Ghosts: A Natural History’ traces 500 years of English hauntings
British film writer Roger Clarke’s “Ghosts: A Natural History” is an entertaining and erudite tour of 500 years of English ghosts and hauntings. Sat, 10/25
Early Halloween celebrations | Community Corner
Community events for the weekend of Oct. 25-26, 2014, include Trick or Treat on the Waterfront; Halloween at Seattle Aquarium; Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo; and Thrill the World, Seattle. Sat, 10/25

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Dear Carolyn
Cohabitation needs careful consideration of relationship and children
After 10 months of dating, woman still hasn’t met her boyfriend’s young daughter. What’s the deal? Sat, 10/25

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Travel & Outdoors

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Editorial: Where’s the weed? In Seattle, it’s in medical-marijuana dispensaries
Washington’s lax medical marijuana laws are making a mockery of the state’s legalization experiment. Sat, 10/25
Guest: The fears of balancing pregnancy and a career
Hypothetically, it would seem like women in 2014 can have it all, writes guest columnist Danielle Campoamor. Maybe not. Sat, 10/25
Guest: Shattering the peace on Parliament Hill
The attack in Ottawa was tragic and obscene and yet far too puny to fundamentally rattle the country, writes guest columnist Michael Petrou. Sat, 10/25
Trudy Rubin / Syndicated columnist
Inspiration from Malala Yousafzai’s father
As Malala’s name garners headlines, I believe it is important to recognize the crucial role her father played in her intellectual development, writes syndicated columnist Trudy Rubin. Sat, 10/25
Paul Krugman / Syndicated columnist
Plutocrats against democracy
The political right has always been uncomfortable with democracy, writes syndicated columnist Paul Krugman. Sat, 10/25
David Brooks / Syndicated columnist
The working nation
In our meritocratic culture, satisfying and stretching work has become a psychological necessity, writes syndicated columnist David Brooks. Sat, 10/25