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Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Local News

City Attorney Holmes to seek dismissal of all pot-use tickets
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes will announce Monday that he will seek dismissal of all citations for public pot use during the first seven months of the year, reacting to one officer’s campaign to write citations for public marijuana use and out of fairness to everyone who was cited.  Sun, 9/21
The Wrap / Ron Judd
Is KING courting Sodo with its vision of must-see TV?
The Wrap by Ron Judd Sun, 9/21
Nordstrom opens first store in Canada
The Seattle retailer’s international debut in Calgary is its first step into a country whose consumers have shown they like Nordstrom, but also bring high expectations that have badly stung some U.S. merchants. Sun, 9/21
Pope chooses a moderate for Chicago archbishop
As the leader of two American dioceses, Roman Catholic Bishop Blase Cupich has staked out a firm position in the middle of the road. Sun, 9/21
Oso-area residents grapple with life six months after slide
Six months after the Snohomish County landslide, the communities are preparing for a long-term emotional recovery that many are just now starting to think about. On Saturday, survivors and families of landslide victims will plant a tree for each of the 43 people who died March 22. Sat, 9/20
Semantics triggers opposition to I-594’s gun-sale checks
Opponents of the proposal to extend background checks to all private gun sales say its wording would criminalize almost anyone who hands anyone else a gun. Supporters say it isn’t so and accuse the other side of trying to distract from the main debate. Sat, 9/20
Clash over climate change powers state Senate race in 42nd
State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, has been a chief skeptic when it comes to Gov. Jay Inslee’s plans to fight global warming by cutting carbon emissions. Now environmentalists are targeting Ericksen’s re-election race, and California billionaire Tom Steyer may get involved. Sat, 9/20
Free pre-K: Strong early gains, but long-term questions
Universal, free preschool in Tulsa, Okla., has produced results attracting national attention, and could be a blueprint for Seattle. But after 16 years the long-term outcomes raise almost as many questions as they answer. Sat, 9/20
Local proposals’ goals to improve learning, young lives of children
Boosting the quality of preschool in Seattle could help children, and the city as a whole. A number of studies, including one from the ’60s, establish that potential. But there is no guarantee of success. Sat, 9/20

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 03:29 PM
32 structures destroyed in California wildfire
Nearly three-dozen structures were destroyed in a massive Northern California wildfire that continues to spread more than a week after it started, officials said Sunday. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:29 PM
Global marches draw attention to climate change
Tens of thousands of activists walked through Manhattan on Sunday, warning that climate change is destroying the Earth -- in stride with demonstrators around the world who urged policymakers to take quick action. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:29 PM
Relatives: Vet arrested at White House needs help
An Iraq war veteran accused of scaling a fence and making it into the White House before the Secret Service stopped him owns several guns that he could have brought with him if he had meant to harm anyone, his former stepson said Sunday. Sun, 9/21
Whaling meeting votes against Japan's hunt
An international whaling conference voted Thursday against Japan's highly criticized plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year, but Japan vowed to go ahead anyway. Sun, 9/21
Kurdish fighters head to Syria to face militants
Hundreds of Kurdish fighters raced from Turkey and Iraq into neighboring Syria on Saturday to defend a Kurdish area under attack by Islamic State militants. As the fighting raged, more than 60,000 mostly Kurdish refugees streamed across the dusty and barren border into Turkey, some hobbling on crutches as others lugged bulging sacks of belongings on their backs. Sun, 9/21
Buffer zone agreed upon in Ukrainian peace talks
Sporadic artillery fire hit parts of eastern Ukraine on Saturday, hours after negotiators agreed to create a buffer zone between government troops and pro-Russian militants by halting their advances, pulling back heavy weapons and withdrawing foreign fighters. Sun, 9/21
Potential push for Obama to expand military effort
President Barack Obama's military campaign against the Islamic State group already has extended beyond the limits he first outlined. Sun, 9/21
Hawaii lava flow approaching homes slows down
Scientists say lava creeping toward rural communities on Hawaii's Big Island is slowing down. Sun, 9/21
Day 9 begins in hunt for trooper slaying suspect
The suspect in the deadly ambush at a state police barracks in a remote part of northeastern Pennsylvania remained at large for a ninth day Sunday as police appeared to have narrowed their search, largely shutting down the area where he lived with his parents but leaving neighbors with few answers about what's going on just outside their front doors. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:08 PM
New Afghan president, but vote totals kept secret
Ending months of vote-related tension, Afghanistan's election commission named a new president Sunday only hours after the leading candidates signed a power-sharing deal that names one of them as the country's new chief executive. Sun, 9/21
Pomp, little action expected at UN climate summit
New York City will be full of planet-saving pomp this coming week, but short on action to rescue the world. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:04 PM
Sierra Leone concludes nationwide Ebola lockdown
Frustrated residents complained of food shortages in some neighborhoods of Sierra Leone's capital on Sunday as the country reached the third and final day of a sweeping, unprecedented lockdown designed to combat the deadly Ebola disease, volunteers said. Sun, 9/21
SpaceX launches 3-D printer, other station gear
A SpaceX cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station on Sunday, carrying the first 3-D printer for astronauts in orbit. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:08 PM
Syria refugee flood to Turkey hits 100,000
The 19-year-old Kurdish militant, who has been fighting the Islamic State group in Syria, brought his family across the border into Turkey to safety Sunday. But in the tranquility of a Turkish tea garden just miles from the frontier, Dalil Boras vowed to head back after nightfall to continue the fight. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:04 PM
Thousands march in Moscow against Ukraine fighting
Tens of thousands of people marched through central Moscow on Sunday to demonstrate against the fighting in Ukraine and Russia's alleged complicity in the conflict. Sun, 9/21
Turkish hostages freed, but questions linger
Turkish authorities say they have freed 49 hostages from one of the world's most ruthless militant groups without firing a shot, paying a ransom or offering a quid pro quo. Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 01:36 PM
UN General Assembly to focus on war on extremists
A brutal terrorist organization that calls itself a state but lacks recognition from any government will take center stage when more than 140 heads of state and government convene for the annual ministerial meeting of the U.N. General Assembly this week. Sun, 9/21
CIA stops spying on friendly nations in W. Europe
Stung by the backlash over a German caught selling secrets to the U.S. and the revelations of surveillance by the National Security Agency, the CIA has stopped spying on friendly governments in Western Europe, according to current and former U.S. officials. Sun, 9/21
Sierra Leone staggers in Ebola isolation effort
Some in Sierra Leone ran away from their homes Saturday and others clashed with health workers trying to bury dead Ebola victims as the country struggled through the second day of an unprecedented lockdown to combat the deadly disease. Sun, 9/21
Huge Northern California wildfire keeps growing
As an expanding wildfire in Northern California kept nearly 3,000 people from their homes, teams sought to find out how many structured had already been lost to the huge blaze, authorities said. Sun, 9/21
Secret Service boosts security outside White House
The Secret Service chief has stepped-up security outside the White House after a man with a knife who jumped the fence made it into the presidential residence before being apprehended, officials said Saturday. Sun, 9/21
A writerly chill at Bezos’ Campfire gathering
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos does not make Campfire attendees sign nondisclosure forms. His team just cautions them that the weekend is off the record. Sat, 9/20
GM brake-defect recall includes Impalas, Cadillacs
The recall covers 205,309 vehicles in the United States and 16,249 elsewhere, said Alan Adler, a GM spokesman. It includes 2014-15 Chevrolet Impalas and 2013-15 model Cadillac XTS cars.. Sat, 9/20
Polly Bergen — singer, actress, entrepreneur — dies at 84
Polly Bergen’s career highlights included a chilling turn as the wife of a lawyer stalked by a psychopathic convict in the 1962 film “Cape Fear,” and a Tony-nominated performance as a gritty former showgirl in the 2001 revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical “Follies.” Sat, 9/20
Spokane bishop named to head the Chicago archdiocese
The Chicago appointment is Pope Francis’ first major mark on Roman Catholic leadership in the United States. Sat, 9/20
Actress detained by police refuses to apologize
An actress who was detained by Los Angeles police is refusing to apologize for claiming race played a role in the incident, despite calls from local civil rights leaders. Sat, 9/20
Afghanistan rivals agree to power-sharing deal
Under the deal, the top vote-getter, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, would become president but would grant significant powers to the loser, Abdullah Abdullah, making Abdullah effectively a prime minister, according to a draft of the four-page agreement. Sat, 9/20
Mystery surrounds release of Turkish hostages
As the well-dressed people captured by the Islamic State group more than three months ago hugged relatives Saturday, experts had doubts about the Turkish government’s story. Sat, 9/20
Tour ship runs aground by NYC's Statue of Liberty
A 120-foot-tall schooner ran aground and got stuck in shallow waters near the Statue of Liberty on Saturday afternoon, officials said. No injuries were reported and the 121 tourists on board were ferried in small boats to a lower Manhattan marina. Sat, 9/20
'Nearly empty' Picasso museum open in Paris
Paris' Picasso museum is reopening for two days this weekend after five years of closure over a renovation fraught with setbacks, accusations and sackings. But if the public expects art they'll be disappointed: it's practically empty. Sat, 9/20
U2 guitarist gets boost in bid for Malibu mansions
The guitarist for U2 finally has an edge in getting his long-planned compound of mansions built in the mountains above Malibu. Sat, 9/20
Polly Bergen, versatile actress, singer dies at 84
Emmy-winning actress and singer Polly Bergen, who in a long career played the terrorized wife in the original "Cape Fear" and the first woman president in "Kisses for My President," died Saturday, according to her publicist. She was 84. Sat, 9/20

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Business & Technology

Sunday Buzz
Spurlock, Vulcan vow exciting econ series
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock are behind a series of short films that aim to educate Americans about the economy. Also, the Providence system puts $150M into a health-care venture fund. Sun, 9/21
NASA's Maven explorer arriving at Mars after year
It's show time at Mars. Sun, 9/21
Money Makeover
Putting survival mode in the rearview mirror
The Watsons have found themselves beginning their 40s with a negative net worth and facing questions about shrinking their debts, building their savings and laying the groundwork for their retirements. Sat, 9/20
Jon Talton
Gates inspires, polarizes as he delves into many fields
Bill Gates, the richest person of our new gilded age, is not only the world’s biggest giver but also one of our most influential public intellectuals. Sat, 9/20
Tax cheats prey on immigrants in construction trade
Investigation finds as many as a third of construction workers have been wrongly classified as independent contractors instead of employees. Each year the practice costs taxpayers billions of dollars while state and federal governments are desperate for tax revenue. Sat, 9/20
How to incorporate charitable giving in limited budget
When considering whether to commit to a long-term contribution, ask yourself these questions. Sat, 9/20
 Sat, 9/20
Nation's Housing
High-stakes debate over credit reporting for home loans
Congress is beginning what could be an important long-term review of credit reporting and scoring-system practices for home mortgages. But figuring out how to treat everybody fairly could be a challenge. Sat, 9/20
Local interest rates
 Sat, 9/20
Money & Markets weekly review
 Sat, 9/20
Sizing up your 401(k)
A detailed look at how cost differences in 401(k) plans can affect how much you can accumulate for retirement. Sat, 9/20
NEW - 08:00 PM
The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing
 Sat, 9/20
NEW - 08:00 PM
Your Funds
Why the SEC is worried about ‘alt funds’
Alternative mutuals funds that are being marketed as panacea for making money in volatile, unpredictable markets could also be a hot potato or, worse, a ticking time bomb. Sat, 9/20
Gross used $45B of derivatives to lift Pimco fund gains
Pimco co-founder Bill Gross sold most of the $48 billion of U.S. Treasurys held by his $221.6 billion Pimco Total Return Fund in the second quarter, replacing them with about $45 billion of futures to boost performance, but it also increases risk.  Sat, 9/20

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Bud Withers
Close as WSU came against Oregon, Mike Leach knows it’s not good enough
Oregon escaped with a 38-31 win over WSU. Considering where these two programs have just come from, this was consummate moral-victory stuff, but that was clearly a path coach Mike Leach wasn’t going down. No matter how enjoyable it might have been for fans, it was a stinging loss. Sun, 9/21
NEW - 03:11 PM
Hisashi Iwakuma struggles again in Mariners’ loss to Astros
Mariners’ playoff hopes take a hit Sunday with 8-3 loss to the Astros in Houston. Seattle starter Hisashi Iwakuma didn’t make it out of the fifth inning.  Sun, 9/21
UPDATE - 03:29 PM
Former Titans kicker Bironas killed in car crash
Rob Bironas, who worked his way through odd jobs and the Arena Football League before becoming one of the NFL's most accurate kickers, died in a car crash. He was 36. Sun, 9/21
Jerry Brewer
Huskies don’t appear ready for Pac-12 play
It’s impossible to get past one nagging detail in the Huskies’ latest troublesome victory. Why, for the love of Don James, were they in such a dangerous position against Georgia State? Sat, 9/20
Broncos-Seahawks a Super Bowl rematch on the surface, but not among personnel
Denver comes in with a total revamped defense compared to last February Sat, 9/20
Emmanuel Daigbe has helped Kent-Meridian flex some muscle early
He had a career-high 14 tackles in 42-39 win over Auburn on Sept. 13. It was the first time since 1998 that Kent-Meridian beat the Trojans.  Sat, 9/20
Mariners blasted by Astros, blow chance to take wild-card lead
All Seattle had to do was beat the Astros and move into the top spot. Those hopes were crushed like many of the pitches from starter Chris Young by Houston hitters in a 10-1 loss to the Astros.  Sat, 9/20
N.Y. Red Bulls thump Sounders FC 4-1
New York forward Bradley Wright-Phillips scored his third hat trick of the season as the Red Bulls pulled away from the Sounders — a Sounders team with a host of lineup changes from its U.S. Open Cup triumph earlier this week — for a resounding 4-1 victory Saturday night at Red Bull Are Sat, 9/20
Eastern Washington edges Montana State, 52-51
Mario Brown scored on a 1-yard run with 27 seconds left and quarterback Vernon Adams ran in the two-point conversion. Sat, 9/20
This is a season that Seahawks can go down memory lane in the AFC West
Looking back at the Seahawks rivalries in the AFC West Sat, 9/20
2014 prep cross country preview
Gig Harbor boys, defending 4A champ, return Tristan Peloquin and Michael Hammer from top 30 in state meet last season. Lakeside girls return Andrea Masterson and Sophie Cantine, top two finishers at 3A meet.  Sat, 9/20
Bayern wins Pennsylvania Derby; California Chrome is 6th
Bayern won the $1 million Pennsylvania Derby at Parx racing. California Chrome, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, was sixth in a field of eight in the Grade II race. Sat, 9/20
Cole Custer, 16, becomes youngest winner of a NASCAR national-series event
Cole Custer, 16, became the youngest winner in a NASCAR national-series race, taking the checkered flag at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in his seventh career Truck Series start. Sat, 9/20
Dante Pettis’ punt returns give Huskies a big spark in second half
Pettis, a 6-foot, 177-pound receiver from San Clemente, Calif., had four returns for 98 yards Saturday — all in the second half to help spark the Huskies’ 45-14 victory at Husky Stadium. Sat, 9/20
Down year for Lake Washington sockeye, but the future looks bright
The final count of sockeye hit 64,670 on Sept. 7, and will go down as the fourth lowest return since 2006. Sat, 9/20
Drum roll please: Award winners should be ...
The Angels’ Mike Trout will finally get his most valuable player award after finishing second to Miguel Cabrera the past two seasons. Sat, 9/20
Emerald Ridge wins Kent Classic Volleyball Tournament
Jaguars beat Capital in championship match, 25-16, 25-20  Sat, 9/20
Ex-Mariner of the week: Michael Morse
Morse playing for Giants in their playoff push. Sat, 9/20
Marcus Peters returns with 2 picks for Huskies
Humbled, hurt and perhaps a little humiliated, Marcus Peters began the week on the second unit after serving a one-game suspension. Sat, 9/20
Mi Jung Hur, Paula Reto share lead in LPGA Tour event
South Korean Mi Jung Hur birdied four of the last eight holes for a 5-under-par 67 and a share of the lead with South African Paula Reto after three rounds in the Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic in Alabama. Sat, 9/20
Mississippi State wins at Louisiana State
Bulldogs take big lead then hold off No. 8 LSU for 34-29 victory. Sat, 9/20
Nelson, Meyers win Sundodger titles for Huskies
Senior All-American Aaron Nelson defended his cross-country title at the Sundodger Invitational and was joined in the winner’s circle by Husky junior Maddie Meyers on Saturday at Lincoln Park. Sat, 9/20
No. 1 Florida State survives in OT against Clemson
With quarterback Jameis Winston suspended for the game, the Seminoles earned a 23-17 victory over the No. 22 Tigers. Sat, 9/20
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
Opposing coaches will turn green from envy
“He’s a big ole teddy bear off the field,” Lawton (Okla.) High School football coach Randy Breeze told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of his 6-foot-3, 303-pound O-lineman, “but something happens when he puts that helmet on. “His eyes turn a little green, like the Hulk.& Sat, 9/20
Oregon’s Marcus Mariota might be the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy
Cougars facing the man who might be the top quarterback taken in the draft Sat, 9/20
Overflow crowd of fans trades in Ray Rice jerseys until Ravens run out of exchanges
More than 7,000 fans showed up to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for those of other Ravens players during a two-day event in Baltimore.The Ravens handed out 5,595 new jerseys before running out, then issued more than 2,400 vouchers for fans to pick up jerseys once new shipments arrive. Sat, 9/20
Portland Timbers blank visiting Vancouver
Portland beat the visiting Vancouver Whitecaps 3-0 to move into fifth place in the Western Conference, two points ahead of Vancouver. An Oct. 10 match in Seattle between the Sounders and Vancouver will decide the Cascadia Cup; the Sounders need a victory or a draw to earn the Cascadia Cup. Sat, 9/20
Rookie goaltender keys Silvertips’ win over Thunderbirds
Carter Hart, 16, a rookie goaltender, stopped 26 shots to pace the Silvertips to a 1-0 victory and spoil the Seattle Thunderbirds home opener on Saturday night. Sat, 9/20
Skyline 49, Mount Si 27
Blake Gregory threw three TD passes for Skyline.  Sat, 9/20
Super Bowl rematch bringing out the best fans of both Seahawks and Broncos
Two area fans show their love for the Seahawks or the Broncos Sat, 9/20
Tigers ride reversed call to defeat Royals
A rarely used backup infielder who never even got into the game made the play of the day for the Detroit Tigers. Sat, 9/20
Utah leaves Michigan all wet with 26-10 victory
Utah earns road victory in game delayed almost 2½ hours by lightning. Sat, 9/20
Larry Stone
Stakes are high in the Super Bowl rematch
The Seahawks, however, also have much at stake, and much to stoke them, beyond the obvious desire to avoid a 1-2 start. Sat, 9/20
Washington State throws everything it has at second-ranked Oregon, loses 38-31
Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota spectacular in leading Ducks to tight victory Sat, 9/20

 Sat, 9/20
Ackley gets a day off to rest his ankle
“You know he’s still got a bum ankle,” Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon said of Dustin Ackley. “It’s a quick turnaround and he was limping a little bit last night and it kind of concerned me a little.” Sat, 9/20
Emerald Downs results and entries
Racing results for Saturday, Sept. 20; handicaps for Sunday, Sept. 21 Sat, 9/20
Huskies weather a dismal first half to run away from Georgia State in the second half, 45-14
Coach Chris Petersen says a lot of work ahead before the Pac-12 schedule starts Sat, 9/20
Storify: High School Football, Week 1
A recap of our Friday night football coverage. We sent reporters out to Skyline vs. Issaquah, Kentwood vs. Curtis, Eastside Catholic vs. Bishop Alemany and Marysville-Pilchuk vs. Kamiak. Scroll down to see photos, tweets and videos. Sat, 9/20
 Sat, 9/20
On the Air
 Sat, 9/20
Statewide prep football scores
Football scores for the week of Sept. 15 Sat, 9/20
Friday’s prep golf results
Golf results for Friday, Sept. 19 Sat, 9/20
Friday’s prep swimming results
Swimming results for Friday, Sept. 19 Sat, 9/20
Friday’s prep tennis results
Tennis results for Friday, Sept. 19 Sat, 9/20
Saturday’s prep water polo results
Water polo results for Saturday, Sept. 20 Sat, 9/20

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Book review
‘Robert Peace’: the tragic trajectory of a gifted young man
Jeff Hobbs’ nonfiction book “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace” tells the story of Robert Peace, an academic prodigy who rose out of poverty to a dazzling academic career, only to have his life cut short by a drug-related shooting. Sun, 9/21
Book review
‘The Paying Guests’: illicit love an invitation to disaster
Sarah Waters’ new novel, “The Paying Guests,” is the page-turning tale of two women in post-WWI London whose secret love for one another beckons disaster. Waters appears Tuesday, Sept. 23, at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Co. Sun, 9/21
Fall TV: More shows that everyone can watch together
Even as TV moves further into its Age of Exploration, pushing past the historic boundaries of content, form and delivery, the new fall season strengthens the broadcast networks’ noticeable return to their roots: family-inclusive programming. Sun, 9/21
Jacques d’Amboise helps lift PNB dancers to ‘a higher place’
An interview with famed dancer Jacques d’Amboise, who worked closely with George Balanchine at New York City Ballet, and is now coaching Pacific Northwest Ballet’s dancers in the season-opening “Jewels.” Sun, 9/21
Book review
‘Dr. Mütter’s Marvels’: bringing medicine out of the dark ages
In “Dr. Mütter’s Marvels,” Christin O’Keefe Aptowicz tells the story of Thomas Dent Mütter, a dedicated American physician who helped advance humane practice of medicine in the 19th century.  Sun, 9/21
Book review
‘Excellent Sheep’: creating a corps of academic zombies
Ex¬Yale professor William Deresiewicz’s book “Excellent Sheep:The Miseducation of the American Elite,” is a condemnation of eliteAmerican colleges and universities and their role in shaping students intowhat the author fears are hyper¬focused academic drones with a cookie- Sun, 9/21
Quick takes on 23 new fall TV shows
A roundup of some of the new television shows premiering this fall on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and other networks.  Sun, 9/21
Sept. 21 TV Picks: Téa Leoni on the new ‘Madam Secretary’
TV picks for Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014, include the season premiere of “Madam Secretary” on CBS, “The Strain” on FX and “Masters of Sex” on Showtime. Sun, 9/21
Sunday Best: Courtroom chic on ‘The Good Wife’
A look at the sartorial style of CBS’ legal drama “The Good Wife,” which returns for its sixth season on Sept. 21.  Sun, 9/21
The List: 10 songs with ‘fall’ in the title
 Sun, 9/21
‘Personal’ and ‘What If?’ top best-sellers lists
Lee Child jumps to the top of best-selling list with “Personal.” Sun, 9/21
‘The Long Way Home’ top seller at Parkplace Books
Louise Penny and Daniel James Brown have brisk sellers at Parkplace Books. Sun, 9/21
The Week Ahead: Sam Smith, David Mitchell, and Bug Blast
The week of Sept. 21 brings singers, artists, Antonin Dvorak celebration. Sun, 9/21

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Transistor Sister remakes vintage computer parts as circuit chic
At the hands of Seattle’s Transistor Sister, vintage computer parts get a new life as tech-chic jewelry. Sun, 9/21
Waist trainers mark return of the corset, for better or worse
Women in search of hourglass shapes are foregoing personal comfort and donning corset-like devices that supposedly whittle their midsections, despite numerous reports that they can bruise internal organs or cause breathing problems.  Sun, 9/21
On Nutrition
7 steps to an anti-inflammatory diet
Nutritionist Carrie Dennett offers tips for minimizing chronic inflammation — including satisfying your sweet tooth with small amounts of dark chocolate.  Sun, 9/21
The People's Pharmacy
Acetone breath from a high-fat ketogenic diet
People’s Pharmacy on a side effect of a high-fat diet; memory loss and cognitive impairment as possible statin-related side effects; and coconut oil as a personal lubricant. Sun, 9/21
Fit & Fun
Celebrate the first phase of the Yesler Swamp Walkway
Free festivities will feature a Cajun band, food and guided walks of the early stages of the connection to a trail system along the Lake Washington shoreline. Sun, 9/21

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Travel & Outdoors

The big paddle along Kauai’s coast
An all-day kayak trip along the Hawaiian Island’s wild Na Pali coast.  Sun, 9/21
Kayaking ‘up the lazy river’ on Kauai
Get a taste of rural Hawaii on an easy paddle along the Hanalei River. Sun, 9/21
Surf and ‘ocean scooter’ on Oahu
Surf and ocean-scooter  Sun, 9/21
4 Hawaiian islands, 4 big fall events
Visitors can head to surfing competition, slack-key guitar festival, coffee festival, and an all-local food/crafts festival.  Sun, 9/21
Airlines crack down on ‘mileage runs’
Some travelers take very long flights on low-priced tickets to earn frequent-flier miles and elite status.  Sun, 9/21
GeoQuiz: What seas does South Korea border?
 Sun, 9/21
Seeing Seoul: Museums, temples, markets and excellent food
Exploring the historic and old-fashioned side of Seoul along with the ultra-modern side of the South Korean capital.  Sun, 9/21

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Leonard Pitts Jr. / Syndicated columnist
What is and is not child abuse
I don’t believe all spanking is abuse, writes syndicated columnist  Sun, 9/21
Editorials: Questions to ask candidates before the November 2014 election
Voters themselves can find plenty of opportunity to ask candidates about important topics. Here are some questions The Seattle Times editorial board recommends voters ask, along with our explanation of why they are important. Sat, 9/20
Kate Riley / Times editorial columnist
What distinguished the best state candidates in the Nov. 4 election
The best candidates interviewed by The Seattle Times editorial board understand the scale of the McCleary challenge and understand the opportunity to better serve students, writes editorial page editor Kate Riley. Sat, 9/20
Paul Krugman / Syndicated columnist
Errors and emissions on climate change
There is new optimism about climate change and growth, writes syndicate columnist Paul Krugman. Sat, 9/20