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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Local News

Seattle weighs ‘game changer’: millions more to help homeless
Seattle officials are exploring ways to solve the city’s homelessness problem, but finding the money is a challenge. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 01:42 PM
Washington Supreme Court shifts burden in rape cases
The Washington Supreme Court says the state cannot require rape defendants to prove that an alleged victim consented to escape conviction.In a 6-3 decision Thursday, the justices reversed what they described as the court’s “incorrect and harmful” earlier rulings Thu, 10/30
Environmental groups sue over impact of reactor on Columbia
Three environmental groups are suing a state agency over the impacts of the Northwest’s only commercial nuclear power plant on the water quality of the Columbia River. Thu, 10/30
Federal Way State Rep. Roger Freeman dies at 48
Federal Way State Rep. Roger Freeman, 48, died Wednesday morning after battling colon cancer. He remains on the Nov. 4 ballot. Thu, 10/30
Source: Murder-suicide that killed 3 linked to abuse accusation
The 11-year-old Seattle girl who was killed Monday night, along with her mother and grandfather who had shot them, had written a blog post that said “this touching thing has been going on for a long time. This is the time when my grandma finds out.”  Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 01:33 PM
Anti-violence activists charged in vicious attack
Two "Stop the Violence" organizers allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition. Thu, 10/30
Sawant revised tax package for Seattle transit
Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant wants to raise the parking tax and enact an employee head tax to pay for transit. Wed, 10/29
State poll finds schools, gun laws top voters’ concerns
School funding and gun laws are the top issues for voters in a new KCTS-9 Washington Poll. Despite a big money battle over climate change in Legislative races, that topic ranks low on the poll’s list of voter concerns. Wed, 10/29
Jerry Large
Research aids the discussion over guns
More balance in debate over guns could lead to better policies. Wed, 10/29
Shells near Bertha from settlers, not tribes, official says
Those shells inside tunnel machine Bertha’s repair pit likely came from commercial oyster shuckers, not native tribes. Work may resume soon. Wed, 10/29
Tulalip Tribes: Some Native kids dread school because of threats
In a statement issued Wednesday, the Tulalip Tribes said threats made against tribal children have some dreading the return to school after Friday’s deadly shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High. Wed, 10/29
Judges hold state in contempt for jail waitlists
Washington judges have begun holding the state's health services agency in contempt and are ordering sanctions for each day the state fails to provide competency evaluations and treatment for mentally ill people held in county jails. Wed, 10/29
Record Northwest crop of sweet cherries
An unusually hot summer didn't stop Northwest growers from hand-picking their largest-ever sweet cherry crop this year. Wed, 10/29
How to report complaints of possible election fraud
Longtime federal prosecutor will investigate complaints of Election Day fraud.  Wed, 10/29

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Maine in standoff with nurse over Ebola safeguards
Maine health authorities struggled to reach a compromise Thursday with nurse Kaci Hickox that would keep her away from other people, in the nation's most closely watched clash between personal freedom and fear of Ebola. Thu, 10/30
Fearing Ebola? Doctors say get a flu shot
Fever? Headache? Muscle aches? Forget about Ebola -- chances are astronomically higher that you have the flu or some other common bug. Thu, 10/30
Sweden recognizes Palestinian state; Israel upset
Sweden on Thursday became the biggest Western European country to recognize a Palestinian state, prompting a strong protest from Israel, which swiftly withdrew its ambassador from Stockholm. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:25 PM
Guard troops sent to site of Hawaii lava flow
The National Guard is deploying troops to a rural Hawaii town as lava makes a slow crawl toward a major road and threatens to further isolate the community that got its start during the lumber- and sugar-plantation heydey. Thu, 10/30
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay'
The public declaration, in an essay written for Bloomberg Businessweek, makes Tim Cook the highest-profile business CEO to come out as gay. Thu, 10/30
Dying woman, 29, completes ‘bucket-list’ Grand Canyon trip
Brittany Maynard, who has advanced brain cancer, has said she plans to take advantage of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act and end her own life Saturday, though she could change her mind Thu, 10/30
Viral video documents New York street harassment
A video recording the comments a woman hears as she walks around the nation's biggest city is a testament to the pervasiveness of street harassment women face, its creators said. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Chevy makes the best of exec's nervous speech
Shortly before 9 a.m. on the day after the worst night of his life, Rikk Wilde got the phone call from his big boss at General Motors. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 02:54 PM
Giants' win turns violent, revelers turn on police
The celebration in San Francisco's streets following the Giants' World Series victory started off peaceful but quickly turned raucous and violent, as revelers vandalized police cars and businesses and pelted officers with bottles. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:25 PM
Relatives suspected poisoning in family's deaths
Relatives of five Utah family members found dead in a locked bedroom last month suspected the deaths weren't accidental, and revelations that poison likely killed them confirmed their suspicions, according to a statement released Thursday. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:25 PM
Senate control could turn on 2 independents' moves
After millions of Americans vote next week, it's possible that one or two men will decide which party controls the Senate. Thu, 10/30
Thomas Menino, Boston's longest-serving mayor, dies at 71
Thomas Menino, whose folksy manner and verbal gaffes belied his shrewd political tactics to govern as Boston's longest-serving mayor and one of its most beloved, died Thursday. He was 71. Thu, 10/30
Wait for daughter's body ends on her 17th birthday
Hwang In-yeol and his wife waited seven years to have a child, and then she was born on Oct. 29, 1997. After a ferry disaster in April that killed her and 303 others, the couple waited again for nearly seven months to see Ji-hyeon's body. The vigil ended Wednesday when divers retrieved their only child's body on her 17th birthday. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Fearing uprising, Iraq militants hunt ex-police
The Islamic State group wanted to send a warning against anyone who might plot against its rule. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 02:17 PM
Wal-Mart tests matching prices with online rivals
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is considering matching online prices from competitors such as, raising the stakes for the holiday shopping season. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:25 PM
FTC accuses Gerber of false claim on baby formula
Baby-food maker Gerber is being accused by the government of claiming falsely that its Good Start Gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children. Thu, 10/30
Halloween canceled as police continue manhunt
The ongoing manhunt in northeastern Pennsylvania for the suspect in the deadly state police ambush last month has scrapped plans for trick-or-treating Friday and what would have been the 50th anniversary of a beloved Halloween parade. Thu, 10/30
Jeb Bush swipes at Hillary Clinton in Colorado
In a possible preview of a 2016 presidential race, former Florida governor Jeb Bush took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Wednesday evening as he stumped for Republican candidates in the vital swing state of Colorado. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 02:58 PM
Mexican governor confirm 3 US siblings found dead
The governor and chief prosecutor for a northern Mexico border state confirmed on Thursday that three Texans missing for more than two weeks were found dead near Matamoros a day earlier. Thu, 10/30
Prosecutor: Grand jury tweet in Brown case hacked
A tweet earlier this month suggesting insider information on the grand jury investigating the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown was the result of someone hacking a woman's Twitter account, St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch said Thursday. Thu, 10/30
Russian deliver space station cargo after US flop
The company behind the dramatic launch explosion of a space station supply mission promises to find the cause of the failure and is warning residents to avoid any potentially hazardous wreckage. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:20 PM
Small Iraqi peshmerga force enters Syrian town
A vanguard force of Iraqi peshmerga troops entered the embattled Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey on Thursday, part of a larger group of 150 fighters that the Kurds hope will turn back an offensive by militants of the Islamic State group. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Spain OKs 'Google Tax' demanded by news publishers
Spain's parliament has approved new intellectual property laws that allow news publishers to charge aggregators each time they display news content in search results. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 02:18 PM
Sri Lanka says no hope finding mudslide survivors
Hundreds of desperate Sri Lankan villagers dug with bare hands through the broken red earth of a deadly landslide Thursday, defying police orders after a top disaster official said there was no chance of finding more survivors at the high-elevation tea plantation. Thu, 10/30
Suge Knight, Katt Williams charged with robbery
Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were arrested and charged with robbery Wednesday after a celebrity photographer reported the men stole her camera last month. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:20 PM
Brutal winter set to hit war-torn eastern Ukraine
Dark tunnels in the basement of a bombed-out hospital in the eastern city of Donetsk lead to a makeshift shelter. Opening the door hardly alleviates the gloom, for the only lighting inside is the flicker of handmade oil lamps. Thu, 10/30
Rocket explosion setback for commercial space
Crews searched for scorched wreckage along the Virginia coast Wednesday in hopes of figuring out why an unmanned commercial rocket exploded in a blow to NASA's strategy of using private companies to fly supplies and, eventually, astronauts to the International Space Station. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
A Headless Ranger? Mystery at Colonial burial site
Sleepy Hollow has the legend of the Headless Horseman. Does a community 150 miles farther up the Hudson River have a Headless Ranger buried in an unmarked cemetery from the 18th century? Thu, 10/30
Q&A: Did the Fed's $4 trillion experiment work?
The $4 trillion experiment is over. Thu, 10/30
Court orders for Texas pastors' speeches withdrawn
Houston city attorneys have withdrawn subpoenas that sought speeches and other information from five pastors who publicly opposed an ordinance banning discrimination of gay and transgender residents, the mayor said Wednesday. Thu, 10/30
Dems rush to save suddenly vulnerable incumbents
Desperate Democrats are rushing to save suddenly vulnerable House incumbents, even in states where President Barack Obama cruised to double-digit victories, amid fresh signs of Republican momentum less than a week before the midterm elections. Thu, 10/30
Elaborate FBI repairman ruse shown in videos
Wearing a lapel camera and posing as an Internet repairman, an undercover government agent walked into a luxury villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and recorded everything he saw as part of a major international gambling bust. Thu, 10/30
Hawaii lava flow is slow, gentle yet unrelenting
Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, moves gradually and persistently as she deposits lava across the Big Island of Hawaii. People in the small town lying in its path say the lava will reshape the community yard-by-yard as it slides toward the ocean. Thu, 10/30
Residents: Islamic State group kills 30 Iraqi men
Islamic State group militants lined up 30 men in western Iraq and shot them dead Wednesday, an official and residents said, the latest mass killing carried out by the group since its advance across the country. Thu, 10/30
Showdown imminent over nurse's quarantine in Maine
State police plan to monitor the movements and interactions of a nurse who vowed to defy the state's quarantine for health care workers who treat Ebola patients, but troopers cannot take her into custody without a judge's permission. Thu, 10/30
Sri Lanka says no hope finding mudslide survivors
There was no hope of finding survivors after a mudslide tore through a tea plantation, a Sri Lankan disaster official said Thursday, amid widely conflicting reports about how many people had been buried alive under the mud. Thu, 10/30
Rocky U.S.-Israel relations stumble into name-calling
Israeli politicians spent most of Wednesday responding with outrage and concern to an article in The Atlantic quoting a senior U.S. official calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “coward” — and using a more colorful but vulgar synonym that starts with “chicken.” Wed, 10/29
Girls' jihadi quest stirs Muslim communities' fear
The strange journey of three suburban Denver girls who authorities say tried to join Islamic State militants in Syria has many in their close-knit east African community worried about whether their own children will be the next to be lured to terror. Wed, 10/29
DNA from toilet leads police to burglary suspect
Police in Albuquerque say a man suspected of a $250,000 heist should have flushed the evidence he left behind. Wed, 10/29
Egyptian forces demolish homes for buffer zone along Gaza border
The border clearing came as authorities have signaled a growing determination to expand their security reach throughout Egypt, to counter militants, they say, but also to crush outbreaks of ordinary dissent, rights advocates say. Wed, 10/29
Galway Kinnell, Pulitzer-winning poet, dead at 87
The Beats were contemporaries of Galway Kinnell, as were adherents of the New Criticism, with their emphasis on the formal analysis of structure and meaning. But he was inclined to go his own way, developing a lyrical style influenced by the past. Wed, 10/29
Health-care-overhaul doubts ease for insurers
The nation’s biggest health insurers entered last fall cautious about a major coverage expansion initiated by the health-care overhaul. But a year later, these challenges are starting to appear manageable, and investors see much less uncertainty ahead. Wed, 10/29
Jet on Navy training mission crashes, kills pilot
A jet on a military training exercise crashed into an agricultural field near a Southern California Navy base Wednesday, killing the pilot, authorities said. Wed, 10/29
NYC hatchet attack called terrorism, but why?
The FBI, which normally takes the lead on terrorism investigations, has offered no similar assessment to the New York Police Department’s view that hatchet-attacker Zale Thompson should be viewed as a terrorist. Wed, 10/29
Court tells UK man: Nudity is not a human right
A British man who spurns clothes has lost a legal bid to have public nudity declared a human right. Wed, 10/29
'Hoarders' psychologist testifies at murder trial
A psychologist who stars on a reality TV show testified at a murder trial that a California man accused of killing an animal control officer had a hoarding disorder and could have reacted violently to anyone trying to take away his many animals. Wed, 10/29
Holder: Ferguson police need 'wholesale change'
Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that there was an obvious need for "wholesale change" in the Ferguson, Missouri, police department. Wed, 10/29
Israeli leader lashes back at harsh US criticism
Israel's prime minister said Wednesday that recent verbal attacks against him from the United States were merely because he was "defending Israel" and vowed to carry on with his policies despite the vitriolic rhetoric. Wed, 10/29
New Mexico deputy in shooting pleads not guilty
A New Mexico sheriff's deputy accused of fatally shooting a fellow deputy following an argument at a hotel has pleaded not guilty. Wed, 10/29
NYC hatchet attack called terrorism, but why?
What police have labeled the latest act of terror in New York City didn't involve an international conspiracy, a high-profile target or a bomb -- just an unemployed loner wielding a hardware-store hatchet on an unremarkable street. Wed, 10/29
Ohio veteran found guilty, fined over pet ducks
An Ohio Army veteran who says his pet ducks help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression has been convicted of a minor misdemeanor for keeping them. Wed, 10/29
Police: Man decapitates mother, is killed by train
A man with a history of psychiatric problems decapitated his mother, dragged her lifeless body into the street in front of their home and then killed himself by walking into the path of a nearby oncoming train, police said Wednesday. Wed, 10/29
Police: Man in zebra print dress robbed bank, held
A man accused of wearing a zebra print dress while robbing a New Hampshire bank has been arrested. Wed, 10/29
Policeman who asked to smell woman's feet arrested
Houston-area authorities say they believe a school district police officer who pulled over a motorist and then asked to smell her feet may have made similar demands of others. Wed, 10/29
Pope maps out personal (and progressive) policy
Pope Francis has made some of the most important policy speeches of his pontificate in recent days, catching up for lost time following months of attention to bureaucratic reform and the turbulent meeting of bishops on family issues that just ended. Wed, 10/29
Suge Knight, Katt Williams charged with robbery
Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were arrested and charged with robbery Wednesday after a celebrity photographer reported the men stole her camera last month. Wed, 10/29
Suit: Breasts burned at Philadelphia hookah lounge
A woman says her breasts were burned by hot coals as people danced around a stripper pole at a Philadelphia hookah lounge. Wed, 10/29
Woman in zombie costume charged twice with DWI
Police say a woman wearing a zombie costume and makeup was charged with drunken driving twice within three hours after attending an upstate New York bar's "zombie prom" party. Wed, 10/29
Zambian president dies after long illness
Zambian President Michael Sata, once dubbed "Mr. King Cobra" for his sharp-tongued remarks, has died in a London hospital after a long illness. Vice President Guy Scott, a white Zambian of Scottish descent, became the country's acting president Wednesday, making him the first white leader of a sub-Saharan African nation since 1994 when South Africa moved to majority rule. Wed, 10/29

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Business & Technology

NEW - 01:38 PM
Boeing sees rocket blast hastening end to Russia-engine reliance
 Thu, 10/30
NEW - 01:28 PM
Starbucks shares slip after quarter’s sales miss projections
Sales in U.S. stores grew 5 percent on the company’s efforts to attract more later diners, but analysts had estimated a 6.2 percent increase in same-store sales. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 01:23 PM
For-profit programs face 'gainful employment' rule
For-profit colleges with graduates unable to pay back their student loans could soon face scrutiny by the federal government. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Big gain in Visa drives Dow average higher
Solid quarterly results from a range of big companies helped send the stock market slightly higher Thursday. The standout was Visa, whose 10 percent jump helped tug the Dow Jones industrial average up nearly 200 points. Thu, 10/30
Average US 30-year loan rate up to 3.98 pct.
Average U.S. long-term mortgage rates arrested their five-week decline this week but the benchmark 30-year loan remained below 4 percent. Thu, 10/30
As Fed ends bond buys, Yellen to expand influence
When the Federal Reserve announced the end of its landmark bond buying program Wednesday, it also signaled the start of something else: Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:26 PM
Strengthening US growth reflects help from Fed
The U.S. economy powered its way to a solid annual growth rate of 3.5 percent from July through September, outpacing most of the developed world and appearing on track to extend its momentum through this year and beyond. Thu, 10/30
Stocks mostly gain after Fed ends stimulus
World stock markets mostly rose Thursday, taking in stride the Federal Reserve's announcement it will end a stimulus program that was as massive as it was controversial. The dollar strengthened after the U.S. central bank hinted at an eventual interest rate hike. Thu, 10/30
Applications for US jobless aid tick up to 287,000
The number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, but remained at historically low levels that signal a strengthening job market. Thu, 10/30
Alibaba gets a foothold in Seattle
Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group has opened a recruiting office in Seattle, but won’t divulge its plans. Wed, 10/29
Top Amazon ad exec leaving at end of week
Lisa Utzschneider, vice president of global-advertising sales at Amazon Media Group, had reportedly been recruited by Yahoo. Wed, 10/29
Markets may see volatility as Fed ends bond buying
Now that the program is ending, some turmoil is expected in financial markets. That’s because the effort was designed to encourage investors to drive investors into stocks, commodities, corporate bonds and other less-certain bets that have risen in value since the 2008 financial crisis. Wed, 10/29
Local satellite firm upbeat despite destroyed rocket
Planetary Resources, the Redmond asteroid-mining company whose first test satellite was destroyed when an Orbital Sciences rocket exploded Tuesday, says its next spacecraft is slated to fly about a year from now. Wed, 10/29

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Larry Stone
As Smoak era ends with Mariners, reflecting on what never was
To be a Mariners’ fan is to live in mortal fear of every discarded prospect blossoming into stardom in another uniform. It doesn’t happen quite as often as you think, but it sure seems that way because of a few spectacular examples. Justin Smoak could be another one. Thu, 10/30
Seahawks happy to bring some smiles to Marysville-Pilchuck players
“They seemed like, for a moment in time, they forgot about everything that happened and everything that was going on and were able to enjoy the moment and take pictures and smile and laugh and have a good time,’’ Richard Sherman said of Tuesday’s visit. Wed, 10/29
Seahawks rookie Brock Coyle will get the start at middle linebacker
Brock Coyle, who’s gone from undrafted free agent to the roster of the defending Super Bowl champions, is slated to get the start at middle linebacker on Sunday against the Raiders. Wed, 10/29
Sounders to face Dallas in MLS playoffs
Vancouver loses 2-1 to FC Dallas. Seattle opens Sunday night at Dallas. Wed, 10/29
Hau’oli Kikaha wants to get in on UW’s defensive scoring binge
The Huskies have forced 16 turnovers (10 fumbles and six interceptions) this season and returned six for touchdowns, breaking a school record dating back to 1951. “I’m waiting for mine still,” Hau’oli Kikaha said jokingly. Wed, 10/29
Joe Maddon likely next Cubs manager
Joe Maddon, who exercised an opt-out clause in his contract last week to leave the Tampa Bay Rays, has reached a lucrative agreement to manage the Chicago Cubs. Wed, 10/29
Robert Griffin III closer to starting for Washington
Robert Griffin III will make his return Sunday “if he shows he can handle the workload” in practices over the next two days, according to Washington coach Jay Gruden. Wed, 10/29
Five prep football games to watch this week
Playoff spot at stake when Tahoma meets Jefferson Wed, 10/29
Head to northern Puget Sound for hatchery chinook salmon | Fishing report
Northern Puget Sound and the east side of Whidbey Island open this Saturday, where anglers should expect decent action for hatchery chinook. Wed, 10/29
Isaiah Thomas scores 23 in Suns debut
Isaiah Thomas scored 23 points in his Phoenix debut, Marcus Morris matched his career high with five three-pointers and the Suns dominated their season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers 119-99 on Wednesday night despite Kobe Bryant’s 31 points. Wed, 10/29
NCAA sets Todd Gurley’s return for Nov. 15
The NCAA announced Wednesday that Todd Gurley, once a leading Heisman Trophy contender, must sit out until Nov. 15 for accepting more than $3,000 for autographed memorabilia and other items over a two-year period. Wed, 10/29
Neighbors Eastlake, Skyline vie for better seed in KingCo 4A
Rivals meet for No. 2 seed and a home playoff game. Wed, 10/29
Prep football game of the week: Previewing Beamer vs. Kentwood
Chance to host in Week 10 up for grabs for Titans, Conquerors Wed, 10/29
Giants, Madison Bumgarner beat Royals, 3-2, in Game 7 of the World Series
The Giants claim their third title in five seasons behind Madison Bumgarner’s five innings of near-perfect relief in a 3-2 win in Game 7 of the World Series. Wed, 10/29
Roger Federer, Andy Murray advance
Roger Federer of Switzerland was made to fight all the way by local favorite Jeremy Chardy before reaching the third round of the Paris Masters on Wednesday, while Andy Murray of Britain moved one match away from qualifying for the ATP Finals. Wed, 10/29
Washington volleyball sweeps past USC
Huskies run record to 22-0. Wed, 10/29
On the Air
 Wed, 10/29

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Movie review
‘Nightcrawler’: Jake Gyllenhaal's performance is strange, mesmerizing
Jake Gyllenhaal gives a strange and mesmerizing performance in the thriller “Nightcrawler.” Rating: three stars out of four. Thu, 10/30
Restaurant review
Shiro’s: How does Seattle’s most talked-about sushi spot hold up?
In a “Second Helpings” review, our restaurant critic revisits Shiro’s Sushi — now without Shiro — to see if it lives up to its reputation. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 01:32 PM
Theater review
‘Blood Countess’: a tale of a vampire vamp
Seattle playwright Kelleen Conway Blanchard's new horror fable “Blood Countess” is about a mythical vampire countess. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
Movie review
‘Citizenfour’: a gripping look at Edward Snowden, surveillance
A review of “Citizenfour,” an absorbing and thrilling documentary on how Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the National Security Agency, leaked documents on the agency’s top-secret surveillance programs. Rating: four stars out of four.  Thu, 10/30
‘Sumo-size’ Rolling Stones art book to cost $5,000 — and up
There’s a $5,000 collectors’ edition; art editions at $10,000 each; and six separate ultra art editions, the first of which has sold out and was said to have cost either $15,000 or $20,000. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
Movie review
‘Whiplash’ is an acting tour de force, and all that jazz
The jazz-based film “Whiplash” stars Miles Teller as a student drummer and J.K. Simmons as his malevolent teacher. 3 stars out of 4. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 01:20 PM
Theater review
Some merrymaking, little romance in ‘Twelfth Night’
Seattle Shakespeare Company’s latest version of the comic romp “Twelfth Night” makes a little merry, but fizzles out on romance. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:22 PM
Taylor Swift gets a Bronx cheer as NYC Ambassador
Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift! The locals are kvetching about you already. Thu, 10/30
Orson Welles' last film may finally be released
Orson Welles's last film may finally be nearing release after decades as one of cinema's most storied unfinished creations. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:15 PM
Movie review
‘Art and Craft’: Portrait of an art forger
A review of the documentary “Art and Craft,” which delves into the strange history of Mark Landis, one of the most prolific art forgers in the country. Rating: 2.5 stars out of four. Thu, 10/30
Movie review
‘Before I Go to Sleep’: Promising premise fades away
A review of “Before I Go to Sleep,” starring Nicole Kidman as an amnesiac who must relearn her identity each morning. Rating: Two stars out of four. Thu, 10/30
Theater review
‘Dogfight’: Macho games, tender romance at ArtsWest
“Dogfight,” a musical based on a 1991 film about the tentative romance of a young Marine and a waitress, plays at ArtsWest through Nov. 22. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
Movie review
2014 Sundance Film Festival shorts: 2 programs kick off
Two programs of short films from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival — one program animated, the other live-action — are a mostly successful batch of high achievement. Rating: three stars out of four. Thu, 10/30
Halloween fun for little ones and grown-ups | Weekend Preview
Activities for the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2014, include Costume Carnival at Seattle Children’s Museum, Dia De Muertos at Seattle Center and Capitol Hill Historical Ghost Tour. Films opening include “Nightcrawler” and “Whiplash.”  Thu, 10/30
Oct. 30 TV Picks: ‘The McCarthys’ series premiere
TV picks for Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, include the new “The McCarthys” on CBS, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” on ABC and “Parenthood” on NBC. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 03:20 PM
Wanted in US, Roman Polanski questioned in Poland
Prosecutors in Poland questioned filmmaker Roman Polanski on Thursday at the request of U.S. prosecutors who are seeking his arrest on charges from 1977 of having sex with a minor. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
Movie review
‘Missionary’: Thriller gets into trouble after first kiss
A movie review of “Missionary”: Mitch Ryan is well-cast in the title role of this Southern Gothic thriller about a murderous religious fanatic who gets involved with a lonely single mother. Rating: two stars out of four. Thu, 10/30
Weekend Highlight
Honoring the dead with joyous celebrations
Dia de Muertos, Nov. 1-2, Seattle Center; Dia de los Muertos, Nov. 1, Phinney Center, Seattle; and Dia de los Muertos Ofrenda Exhibit Opening and Celebration, Nov. 1, El Centro de la Raza, Seattle. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
At a Theater Near You
In the mood for big-screen aliens, zombies and monsters?
Some events during the week of Oct. 31: Longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker comes to the Seattle Art Museum for screenings of “Black Narcissus” and “Raging Bull”; the “Into the Black: Great Outer Space Films” series begins at SIFF Cinema Egyptian; and more. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 02:50 PM
No Bollywood at this festival, but plenty of compelling films
The Seattle South Asian Film Festival starts Friday, Oct. 31. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 03:05 PM
Movie bargains
Here are some movie theaters offering discounted ticket prices during the week of Oct. 31. Thu, 10/30
Orson Welles' last film may finally be released
Orson Welles's last film may finally be nearing release after decades as one of cinema's most storied unfinished creations. Wed, 10/29
'House of Cards' actress Norment dies
Actress Elizabeth Norment, who portrayed the secretary to Kevin Spacey's hard-driving politico Frank Underwood in the Netflix series "House of Cards," has died. She was 61 years old. Wed, 10/29
Community calendar: festivals, fairs and more
A detailed, categorized calendar of events all over Seattle and Western Washington, Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2014. Wed, 10/29

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Ciscoe Morris
Q&A: Problems with beautiful clivia and beastly liverwort
Garden writer Ciscoe Morris on how to encourage the Amaryllis relative clivia to bloom and how to attempt to eradicate the stubborn moss relative liverwort. Thu, 10/30
NEW - 06:15 AM
Dear Carolyn
Let last will tell in-laws they won’t get your kids if you die
Your decision on who will and who won’t raise your kids in the event you die doesn’t need to be shared in advance with all of the above. Thu, 10/30
UPDATE - 02:00 PM
X-ray shows sick tortoise swallowed turtle pendant
The source of a sick tortoise's discomfort became clear after a south Florida veterinarian took an X-ray: The animal had swallowed a turtle pendant. Thu, 10/30
A ‘Frozen’ Halloween is in the forecast
Costumes drawn from the movies “Frozen” and “Maleficent” are among the most sought-after in Seattle and on the Eastside this Halloween season.  Wed, 10/29
Man's own dog helps police bust him on drug charge
Police in central Alabama say a man's own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge. Wed, 10/29

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Travel & Outdoors

‘Transition time’ offers gorgeous alpine hikes, but be careful out there
Team up with an experienced hiker if you’re not one, for a glimpse of Northwest grandeur.  Wed, 10/29

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Editorial: In 45th District race, look past the political spin
Contrary to a suggestion in a campaign ad, state Sen. Andy Hill’s budgets prioritized education at a level not seen in decades. Wed, 10/29
Editorial: The Times recommends to approve Highline Public Schools bond measure
Voters should approve the bond measure to fund school improvements in Highline Public Schools. Wed, 10/29
Guest: Compassion needed to tackle youth justice in King County
Detention is just another word for lack of imagination, writes guest columnist Michael Lanthier. Wed, 10/29
Thomas Friedman / Syndicated columnist
Vietnam’s lessons in Iraq and Syria
Destroying the Islamic State will be hard, because it’s not just riding on some jihadi caliphate fantasy but also on deep Sunni nationalist grievances, writes syndicated columnist Thomas L. Friedman. Wed, 10/29